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Communal Harmony And Peace,
Address By A.G.Parekh
at RTM Nagpur University,


Friends, Good Morning.

I would like to start the things by the word Humanity. This is the prominent creature of this globe and inhabiting every nook and corner of the earth, has different color and ethnic groups. They live as family, society and community, state-wise and nation-wise. In addition to this, man has many other qualities which make him very much different from other habitants of the earth. But that is not my subject right now. I want to share with you here about the harmony among humanity on any sound ground. My subject and study remains the Guidance and Reflection we get from the Nature which is supreme and error-free, powerful and Almighty. I hope you will allow me to put here my views in this way.

Friends, we are created-beings and let us first search that, whether our Creator treats all human beings equally, or HE discriminates them on the basis of religion, community, caste, color, creed, language, gender, community and nation! Every sane person will admit that the Nature does not make any discrimination on any such ground.

Let us search the relation between you and me. According to latest discoveries in human genes, DNA of all human beings is common up to more than 98 percent. It is a scientific fact that all human beings are derived from a single live cell. We can find this in a text of a scripture claimed to be from the heavens and is still present in its original revealed language till today. I refer here.

“O mankind, indeed WE have created you from a male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes, for your identity only. Indeed the noblest among you according to your Creator is one who is most deeply conscious of his character and morality, which will fetch for him nobility on the day of the final accounting. Behold, your Creator knows all the matters and is aware of all the events.”

So by this verse, every human on this globe, regardless of his cast, creed, gender, color, language, religion and nationality has the relation with the other. This is the very first and vital aspect whenever neglected, the earth experienced human blood shed on different petty issues. I admit here that unfortunately the biggest reason found for the bloodshed in human history is religion. Lets us see it from a different angle. Is it possible for us to have a uniform breed of humans in color, gender and shape? The answer will be a big NO. The reason is that it is the Nature, who determines. Whether it is possible for us to put the entire humanity on a track of single religion? Once again, the reply will be no, as it is destined by Nature, the Supreme. So why the difference of religion among us is not accepted as a natural phenomena! If our Creator wished such uniformity in religion, it would have been very much possible for HIM to do so. The Divine Wisdom says on this issue in chapter 76 verse 3 after narrating that commonly HE provided every human being, inputs like hearing and vision with common sense to apply with the mind to work on and heart to decide:

Chapter 76 Verse 3

“Verily, WE have shown every human the way: (and it rests with him to prove himself) either denier of facts of this life and life to come or prove himself grateful accepting the realities and act nobly.”


A very interesting thing I would like to state here that there are very few religions on the earth, but every religion has numerous sects in it, quite confronting each other.

Friends, I am also attached with a movement called Peace for Progress. Any progress in this world is impossible without peace. By a single glance, we can easily observe that there are a complete peace and tranquility with utmost discipline in all the objects of Nature. It is obvious from the study of an atom having a world of neutron and proton. And it is obvious from open eyes to look to the space above us. It has a very strong and clear signal for us to accept that peace is Natural and uproar is against Nature. Can we survive without being in line of Nature! There will be once again a big NO.

The Nature Supreme likes peace and discipline in an individual’s life, and according to my studies of The Qur'an, directly in its original without any human interpretation, I assure you that the whole volume teaches how to achieve peace by which one can achieve the eternal peace in the life to come.

Respected audience, we have to admit that a century before, no one out of us was here. And after a century, out of us, none will be here on this globe. It is very much clear that we came from somewhere, we have to stay here for a time prescribed for us by Nature Supreme, and we have to go back. Where our final destination is? This question is taken in details in The Qur'an and I hope it will be better to study rather to listen to it from me.


For our benefit and survival on this planet, it is obvious that we should be friendly with the Nature. The Nature wants us to survive peacefully on this earth with other tribes, societies, communities and nations. Similarly, the Nature does not discriminate humanity on such petty grounds. Then what right do we have to discriminate between man and man on communal grounds!

We can never bring uniformity in this world in any way. We can not change the course of Nature. There ever will be different communities, religions and nations in the world. Diversity in itself is not bad. It exists in nature like the differences in weathers, landscapes, beasts, birds, etc. Similar diversities exist among human beings like differences of colors, languages, traditions, customs, castes and of course, religion. It is impossible for us to bring uniformity in any of these divergent traits. What we need to do, is to search out the ways of our peaceful coexistence in this world.

I have come across a few more injunctions in the Final Testament to counter this menace of communalism. Here I quote a few from it for ready reference.

Chapter 4 verse 135:

Chapter 4 verse 135

“O Muslims! Be ever steadfast in upholding equity without partiality, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of ALLAH, even though it is against your own selves or your parents and kinsfolk. Whether the person concerned is rich or poor, ALLAH's claim takes precedence over both the cases. Do not follow personal inclination, lest you not be just. And if you will try to distort or refuse to testify, indeed ALLAH is aware of all that you do!”

In Chapter 5 verse 2, it is said:

Chapter 5 verse 2

“……And do not let ill will to any people incriminate you, just because they blocked your way to Inviolable House of Worship in Makkah, so that you act aggressively. And cooperate in virtue and piety. And do not cooperate in sin and aggression. Be conscious of ALLAH, indeed ALLAH is severe in punishment!”

And in Chapter 5 verse 8:

Chapter 5 verse 8

“O Muslims! Stand out firmly in your devotion to ALLAH as witness to fair dealing, and let not the ill will of anyone lead you into the sin of deviating from justice. Be just and impartial: this is closest to being God-conscious. And remain conscious of ALLAH: verily, ALLAH is aware of all that you do.”

The verses heavily condemn all such undue partialities and favors on the basis of community. They also forbid taking harsh actions even on the basis of wrongs of the enemy. Partiality, disdain, chauvinism and fanaticism is called a non sense act, the unbelievers use to do. It is said in Chapter 48 verse 26:

Chapter 48 verse 26

“Whereas the unbelievers harbored in their hearts a stubborn disdain and fanaticism, due to their senselessness …….”

Apart from communities, it is also very much natural that there will be various kinds of religions in this world. The Holy Qur’an says so and I quote 6/107.

Chapter 6 verse 107

“If ALLAH had so willed, they would not have been polytheist! And O Prophet (p.b.u.h), WE have not appointed you to watch over their doings, nor are you responsible for their conduct.”

Further it is said in verse 10/99:

Chapter 10 verse 99

“And if your GOD had so wished, every one on earth would have accepted the faith! Then, will you force mankind to become believers?”

Throughout the globe, we all live in communities, although the definition of word community changes from time to time and area to area. These insignificant differences are misused by the vested interests as an instrument to create conflicts. The worst of the conflicts are between religious communities. It is strange that religion, which should be a binding factor, ironically, since ancient times, much of the human blood has been shed on religious grounds only. How can I say it a religion which discriminates humanity on any ground, preaches hatred and encourages violence?

Friends, when I studied the Qur’an directly in its heavenly original language, without going through the wishful commentaries, my findings are very much different. I want to share some of them with you here. In the concluding part of the Qur’an, a small chapter named Al-Kafiroon appears which guides its believers how to deal with Kafirs. Most people know how the word Kafir is often misused for Non-Muslims. I don’t want to go in its oft-repeated details. I just want to recite it here so that every body could know what kind of world the Qur’an wants.

Chapter 109

In these verses, the Prophet (p.b.u.h) is commanded to proclaim to all the Kafirs that he had conveyed the heavenly Messages. Some are adamantly rejecting it. The Prophet is instructed not to compromise on ideology. The Kafirs are also not in a mood to accept the realities. Then the Creator of Kafirs HIMself instructs the Prophet in the last verse to declare:

Chapter 109 verse 6

“For you, your religion, and for me, my religion.”   (Verse 109/6)

Respected audience, I have never seen any brief statement like this, which gives a golden principle for humanity to survive peacefully, with total freedom and choice of religion. Of course it appears in the concluding part of the Qur’an, while in the beginning itself, in the very second chapter, verse 256 declares:

Chapter 2 verse 256

“There must not be any compulsion in religion…..”

People of intellect who have gathered here, know very well that today; we have religions heavily mixed up with politics, cultures and customs. The fundamentals and the originals are no more available to the public. Hatred, pride and prejudice prevail. Human dignity and values are at the bottom. I can say that this is the root cause of communalism. I call upon the people to lift themselves above the rituals, myths and dogmas prevailing in every religion. I call to study the heavenly Revelations in their original form, without a prejudiced mind and without any agent in between.

However, how to achieve peace is the million dollar question in front of us! It seems to me that due to time, we could not justify the issue right now, but of course the viable point for us tonight is that, let us unanimously resolve here that, we will try our best to keep the spirit of peace, tranquility and non-violence in us, in our society, in our polity.

Lastly, I would like to mention a verse which I can say that a master-key for achieving peace. It appears in chapter 41 verse 34 & 35:

Chapter 41 verse 34

Chapter 41 verse 35

“Good and evil, negative and positive, cannot be equal. So try to ward-off negative with positive. Then only you can notice that how someone who was a foe, will become a fast friend!"

“This is not given to any but those who keep patience in all kinds of adversities…… !”

So The Qur'an teaches to be positive in every testing and provoking situation with patience. Similarly, it condemns all kinds of atrocities and bloodshed in most stern words by determining the value of a single human being in the words appearing in 5/32:

Chapter 5 verse 32

“With this very first murder on earth, WE ordained…. that if anyone kills a human being, unless it be for punishment for murder or for spreading mischief, disturbance, riot and corruption on earth, it shall be as though he has slain all mankind; whereas, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he has saved the lives of all mankind….”

So when every kind of blood-shed and disturbance on earth is so serious a matter at the Creator of the Universe, how HE will tolerate those who are causing bloodshed and want to disturb the earth!

The tragedy is that most of the persons recite the verses but do not understand the message. Let us try to ponder the heavenly message directly for our own peaceful survival and promote with the best possible manner.

I feel my community is human beings; my race is the race of Adam and Eve. I belong to my country by birth and I belong to my LORD by HIS revelation. I am Muslim by my choice and I am thankful to you all as you have listened to me patiently.

Thank you very much.