Perfectly Matched Partners
Holy Qur'an 78/31 to 40
Dear viewers, may peace, tranquility, serenity, harmony, and Salaams of The Almighty God on all. May I extend you the same greetings in Arabic! Assalamo Alaikum wa Ramatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
Come; Let us seek guidance from the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the last and final words of the One and only God, especially from the concluding verses of Chapter Naba that contains Divine guidance for the whole mankind. Let us endeavor to shape our public and private life, all our social and commercial dealings and our day-to-day family life in accordance with the high morals preached and practiced by the Holy Prophet who led an exemplary life in tune with the Divine Commandments. If we want to achieve eternal success, if we wish to attain salvation, if we want to win the favor of our Lord on the Day of Judgment, we need to discover the knowledge and wisdom and the eternal truth transmitted through every Ayah of the Book of our Lord, the Lord who is the Wisest, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent, the Self Sufficient. He is unique unto Himself; He has no equal; He needs no partner, He is unmatched, unparalleled, His power is absolute. His bounties are limitless. HIS supremacy is unchallengeable.
We pray to our Lord, who is ever watchful, to protect us from all the inner and outer evil instincts, from self-conceit, obduracy, envy, jealousy and all other devilish tendencies. Amen!
We firmly believe that the one who finds refuge with the Lord, no power on this earth can do any harm to him or her. And the one who earns the wrath of God will find no shelter anywhere, of any sort.
We feel no hesitation in admitting that all our earthly dictions fall short of conveying the messages contained in the celestial words of Almighty God revealed from the Heaven above. We Know that we cannot scale the unfathomable depth of original words of the Qur’an. Still we make efforts to overcome the self-erected barriers; seeking help from the Benevolent Lord let us try to comprehend the message in our own language. May God Almighty help us in our humble efforts!
“Verily, for the God-conscious, for the righteous, for the careful people, there are supreme fulfillments and beautiful rewards in store.
“Luxuriant Gardens, blooming vineyards. And splendid companions, well and perfectly matched, ideal partners, complementary at every level.
“And abundant happiness, overflowing joys.
“Nothing unjust, unpleasant, and sub-standard will they face in the paradise, nor any thing fictional, away from reality.
“All this will be a reward from your Sustainer, a generous gift, a great recompense,
full of grandeur in accordance with The Glories of The Al-Mighty Sustainer
and according to HIS calculations.
“He is the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and all that exist between them, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. He will reward as much as there will remain nothing to ask.”
“On that Ultimate Final Day, the Spirit, all the souls, all the angels, even Gabriel will stand in ranks, none shall have in their power to raise their voices unto Him, none can intervene or argue with Him, except to whom The Most Gracious will permit, and he will have to say only what is right and just.”
In spite of all the material progress and development made in the history of human civilization, the humanity, at large, has always cultivated inexplicable notions and superstitious beliefs about the course of action after death and the eternal life. Indeed the events to be followed after death are beyond human comprehension. In the absence of any other source of information, the heavenly revelation of Almighty graphically as well as rationally presents before us the phenomena of Heaven and Hell. And we cannot, But draw a moral to save our self from the torment of Hell Fire and seek the way to please our Lord in order to attain and enjoy the wholesome pleasures of Paradise.
It is the noticeable feature of the Qur’an that it makes a clear division between the right and the wrong, between the truth and the falsehood. This is the most powerful telescope that today itself, it brings before our eyes, the tomorrow. We need to develop the vision to identify the right path and begin, today itself, the endeavors to save our self and our near and dear ones from the catastrophic tomorrow. The success of future depends on the preparation of the present. Act today, right now. Increase the consciousness of the Omnipresent God. Lead a life as He commanded. Let the fear of the Almighty prevail over all other considerations. Our deeds and actions should be in conformity with The Heavenly Words of Almighty God, as it is said in 2/177
“True decency, piety, morality and honesty does not confine in turning your faces towards the east or the west –
but truly virtuous is he who firmly trust in ALLAH, and sensible to the accountability on the Day Last, and believe in the angels, and the revelations, and the prophets.
“And truly pious is he who, for the pleasure of his LORD, spends his wealth on the near of kin, the orphans, the deprive ones, the needy ones, the travelers, and those who ask help, and in freeing one from the burden of debts and bonds.
“And truly pious is he who establishes prayers and pays charitable dues, and keeps commitments when commits.
“And keep patience in hardships, crisis, and panic times.
“Such are those who have proved themselves true. And it is they, they who are practically conscious of their LORD.”
Usually we have our own designs and likings for the works we deem good. Our Lord wants in us the morality and soundness in character, with devotion and dedication, charitable works in the society with priorities in mind.

Our Lord wants required developments in our personality. HE likes man of character with firm conviction, accountable, beneficial to his own race of humanity. HE likes a man, whose religion is not restricted only to certain rituals, but who follows the Commandments in its true spirit. His course of action should not be designed by any man-made philosophy. He should follow the Universal Code of Conduct enshrined in the revelations every time. The Last Prophet, on whom the God Almighty revealed The Holy Qur’an, presented before the world, its practical example.

If we are willing to submit to the will of our Creator, and live a life in accordance with the heavenly list, Almighty God promises the eternal and lasting favor. So glorious is the honor and so magnificent are the rewards, no brain in the world has ever thought of it, no ear has ever heard of it.
The verse informs the faithfuls who led an honest life and successfully passed the test in the hereafter, that he will enjoy the permanent bliss and perfect life by every corner. So will be the perfect ness, that there will be most perfectly matched spouses. Perfect in every respect like age, elegance, beauty, intellect, manners and etiquettes and so on.
But it is not unconditional. To achieve these unending luxuries in the eternal and permanent life, the conditions have been very briefly laid down in verse 103/3:
“The men of perfection, totally devoted and faithful, doing righteous deeds pleasant to the LORD, for them are the blessings and bliss, and beautiful resting abode.”
In this imperfect world, the people who have lived patiently with their imperfect partners, only to seek the pleasure of their Lord, who tolerated every odds, who had always been positive in response to a negative, controlled their feeling and emotion to the last limit, God Almighty will certainly forgive them and permit them to enter the paradise with evergreen gardens and bountiful luxuries. They will not be provided anything sub-standard, but perfect and wonderful. They will have all their desires fulfilled, a life of pleasure and enjoyment. Naturally their spouses would also be perfectly matched with all dimensions. There will be eternal peace and contentment. No feeling of ill-will, resentment, envy or jealousy. As our Lord states in verses 56/25 & 26.
“No empty talk, unjust, unpleasant, and sub-standard thing and no kind of sin they will observe in the paradise. There will be all kind of eternal peace and tranquility flowing high.”
“(All this will be) a reward from your Sustainer, a gift in accordance with (HIS own) reckoning.” (Chapter 78 verse 36)
Now the question arises: what is the calculation of our Creator? HE Himself informs us in His Book in verse 70/4.
“With our Lord a day is equal to 50 thousand years as we calculate on this earth.”
Indeed our measuring scales are inadequate. It definitely cannot count what God Almighty promises as unlimited favors. We know that our earth revolves around the sun and thus we count our day and night by its one rotation in 24 hours. When we face the sun it is day on our side of the earth and if it moves in the opposite direction it brings darkness or night. It is clear that in the space on the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune the calculation will be different.
In all our simplicity, we pray to Almighty God to increase our rewards manifolds - 60, 70 or 80 times more. Thus we put a limit to the unlimited blessings, bounties, benignity, generosity, compassion, kindness and favors of the Most Merciful and Most Benevolent God. We should seek the blessings of God according to His unlimited grace, according to His exalted status, according to His absolute power and infinite Divinity. We should always hope and invoke His grace and mercy. HE is the Creator of the Heaven and Earth and all that is in between. HE is the Lord of the east and the west; HE is the Master of the Universe and all that it contains.
O our Lord, our Master, we know our limitations, our meanness. We are in need of your grace for every moment of our life. We ask for all your favors. Let your blessings cover our humble self. Forgive us for all our misdoings. Save us from the Hell fire. And allow us to enter the gardens of Paradise. Amen!
“O ALLAH! Show us the truth as the truth, and make it easy for us to follow it. And show us the falsehood as falsehood and make it easy for us to abstain it. O ALLAH! Show us things the way they actually are.”