Value of life
Holy Qur'an 81/1 to 9
Peace and harmony in all its manifestations and attributes be on all of us. May GOD ALMIGHTY shower HIS mercy and blessings on us! We hold high regard for all our viewers and expect you to reciprocate the same. We greet all our esteemed viewers with Assalamoalekum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

We pray to our Creator who is our Master, our SUSTAINER to open our mind and heart so as to receive the Divine Guidance from the Last and Final Revelation of the One and Only GOD.


Let us now ponder over the verses of chapter 81 to find out the pearls of wisdom lying therein. And try to mould our life, our day and night, our personal, marital, social, and commercial affairs in harmony with the GOD Commandments, and taking inspiration from the life of the Last Messenger, Mohammed (s.a.w.s) who was an embodiment of the Qur’an, who led an exemplary life with high standards of morals and dignified conduct. May our Lord help us in this endeavor.


Before reciting the heavenly verses, we pray to our Lord, Who is ever watchful, to protect us from all the inner and outer evil instincts, from self-conceit, obduracy, envy, jealousy and all other devilish tendencies. Amen!


We firmly believe that the one who finds refuge with the Lord; no power on this earth can do any harm to him or her. And the one who earns the wrath of GOD will find no shelter anywhere, of any sort.

We know that the Heavenly message of the Almighty GOD revealed on the immaculate heart of the Messenger of Humanity through Archangel Gabriel, which was recited the first time by Holy Prophet before the humanity, it is not at all possible for any human being to render the charm, grace, eloquence and depth of the original verses in any language of the world. We are only making an effort to be as close to its real meaning as possible, which is again impossible without the help of our Lord.
“When the sun with its gleaming light is folded up.
And when the stars lose their luster.
And when the mountains are made to vanish.
And when the full term pregnant she-camels are left untended.
And when all wild beasts are brought together.
And when the oceans boil over.
And when the soul will be coupled with body.
And when the infant girl buried alive, shall be asked - for what crime she had been slain.”
The sun is a powerful unit of the Universe known to the human beings. It is regarded as a vital source of light and energy. According to a recent research, the sun supplies 4 million horsepower energy for a square mile area of the Earth. The sun is essential for the sustenance of physical life on this earth. But a day will come when this great generator of light and energy will be deprived of all its power and energy!

When these beautiful galaxies of stars will be cast away. When these imposing mountains will lose their strength and weight. They will be swept away as if never existed before. The whole Universe will witness a great disaster. Every thing will be destroyed. It will be the day when all living and non-living creatures will see a live demonstration of the might of their Lord. It will be the DOOMSDAY, the Day of Destruction and Devastation. The Almighty GOD, who created the Universe with a Big Bang, will wipe out the entire Universe with an even Bigger Bang.

It will be a horrible scene; all his creatures will be terribly frightened, awfully watching the complete wreck of this transitory world. And it will all happen all of a sudden, without any warning. The Lord of the worlds says in HIS Book in verse 7/187.
“…...Momentous will it be in the heavens and the earth; only all of a sudden, will it fall upon you….”
The period when the Holy Qur’an was revealed, she-camel used to be regarded as the most precious possession among the Arabs. A full term pregnant she-camel was dearer to them than their own life. In normal times, they guarded it as the most valuable treasure. But the Day of Destruction would be such a shocking occurrence that, the entire humanity will be running helter-skelter, leaving all their valuable possessions behind, desperately looking for a shelter. In his effort to escape, he would not only give up his worldly possessions, but also even abandon his children, parents and all near and dear ones. And so the she-camel, the most valuable thing, would be left untended like other precious belongings. But where is the route to escape?
The All-powerful GOD declares in His Book in verse 75/11 & 12:
“Not at all: no escape, no refuge! On that Day, the only abode shall be with your LORD!”
There would be no place to flee? All through Heaven and Earth it is only His writ that runs large. No one can defy HIS command today. You have to stand in front of your Lord. Today you will be questioned for every act of your life on the earth. Why did you senselessly destroy the resources that I provided for the benefit of the entire humanity? Why did you suppress my other creatures? Why did you misuse your intelligence, power, and wealth to dominate other people instead of contributing to their betterment? Today you have to compensate for all your misdeeds.
Today I have brought together even wild animals along with the humans for justice. For your personal pleasure, for your vainglorious sports, why did you disturb the ecological balance? If you have committed wrong against any of my creatures, you will be brought to justice now. I am the Creator of the Universe; I am the Dispenser of Justice, the Wisest of all Judges, I am the Best Ruler, I am the Supreme Authority. I will do justice even with the wild beasts whom you killed merely for sports and enjoyment!
The animals I decreed lawful to you were to be slaughtered in My name alone. Why did you sacrifice them at the altar of false gods and goddesses? Did they all have any role in their creation? If we commit such irrational acts, should we be able to answer all these questions on the Day of Judgment? It is time, we can reform our selves now or we have to face the serious consequences.
The next verse says:
“And when the oceans shall overflow!”
When the oceans, which now do not cross their limit, will boil over and destroy all landmarks. What would be our fate? Now instead of going into the details of the nature of destruction, we should rather use all our wits to protect ourselves from the wrath of our Lord, drawing lesson from the miniature samples of Tsunami.
In the next verse of the Chapter ALMIGHTY GOD says:
“And when the soul will be coupled with body.”

Obviously a man seems to be a component of body and life which has heavenly origin. In spite of so much progress in the field of science, the nature and characteristics of soul remains a mystery. Today our knowledge about human soul is as incomplete as it was in the beginning of this world. Truly our Lord declares in HIS Book in 17/85.

“And they ask you about the spirit! Say: ‘The soul is one of the commands of my LORD; you have been granted very little of its knowledge.’”
When a man dies, his soul moves out, while his body decomposes into the earth. The same spirit will be revived back with a new structure and he would be interrogated how he had spent his life on this earth, whether he was beneficial for the mankind or played mischief on this planet!
The next verse brings forth even more striking subject.
“And when the infant girl buried alive, shall be asked - for what crime she had been slain!”
The Book of our Lord is universal. Its communications are not directed to a particular community inhabiting a particular land. It is applicable to all communities, for all ages. Now the man does not bury his female-infant alive, to get rid of all her moral obligation, as did the pagan Arabs. He is living in an age of knowledge and enlightenment. He has made remarkable progress in the field of Science and technology. But his beastly instinct is still alive! But being a so-called civilized man, he does not believe in adopting the crude methods of the old ages. So he does it in a sophisticated manner. And so we see the life of a girl-child terminated in the womb of the mother under false excuses, once it is established that she carries a female child. So what is the difference after all?
Right from the day of conception, an embryo has life. The Lord proposed life, and we terminate it with the help of modern technology. Will it all go unnoticed by our Lord? Do we have any right to interfere in the authority of ALMIGHTY GOD? ALMIGHTY GOD has given a clear command in HIS Book in 17/31.
“And do not kill your children for fear of poverty: WE provide sustenance for them as well as for you also. Verily, killing them is a great sin.”
Just imagine the plight of a man, when his unborn daughter would ask his father and mother for what crime she was killed? If this menace of killing innocent lives goes on unchecked, it will lead to the premature destruction of life on this earth. How precious and respectable is the life of a human being in the sight of ALMIGHTY GOD can be gauged from verse 5/32.
“From the moment of first killing on the earth, WE ordained, and WE revealed unto the children of Israel, that if anyone slays a human being – unless it be for man slaughter, or for mischief on the land, it is as though he slew all man…..”
Every individual would be accounted for what he has done, not for what others have done. And so we must set our own house in order. Always prepared to give our account. Instead of bothering about the approach of other people, we need to make sincere efforts to lead a dutiful life. May GOD Almighty accept our humble efforts? O our LORD! Give us all that is good for us. O our LORD! Forgive all our sins and grant us an abode in the evergreen gardens of Paradise. Ameen!