Impressions left by man
Holy Qur'an 82/1 to 12
Dear viewers, May the peace and blessings of ALLAH be on all of us! May the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe shower HIS bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth! We pray to Lord to shower HIS mercy, peace and prosperity for all the human beings, Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
Before rendering these verses into English we want to make it clear that the translation of the original wordings of Heavenly Revelation in letter and spirit is not at all possible in any language of the world. It is only an attempt to be close to what these verses signify! What is the message transmitted through these verses? What is the underlying instruction for all of us, for the entire humanity? May the Lord of the worlds help us in our humble efforts!
“When the sky is burst into pieces. And when planets are strewn around. And when the oceans burst beyond their bounds. And when the graves are overturned. Every human being will (at last) comprehend what he has sent forth and what he has held behind (in this world).”
The beauty of the Universe has always fascinated the human beings. The ever-expanding blue sky over head, the glittering sun, the cluster of twinkling stars, the rising and falling waves of the ocean and the beautiful landscapes temporarily cast a spell on human minds, and they tend to believe that this world is an everlasting place. The cycle of day and night makes them think that their own life will never come to an end. It will only keep changing its forms. And they want to enjoy their earthly life to the hilt.
But the reality is not far to seek. The average use of human intellect, the recurring natural calamities causing death and destruction can make them realize the transitory nature of this world.
Even the modern research and discoveries in the sphere of natural sciences have pointed to the fact that all the things, living or non-living that we see in this world are bound to the law of decay and destruction. The scientists now admit, that the energy of the sun will exhaust one day, that all the planets in our solar system are moving in some unknown direction and they will all break up one day.
Now let us examine these hypotheses in the light of the Holy Scripture send down by our Lord. The Holy Qur’an does not deal with mere hypotheses. It categorically defines the facts, the impeccable truths, simple and reasonable. Thus the Book informs us that the Universe with all its features and fixtures will lose its momentum on a fixed time. Without any prior warning, it will be fragmented with a powerful blast. As the GOD Almighty says:
“…… It will come upon you all of a sudden……” (7/187)
“….It is the biggest catastrophic event that would bring about the end of this world….” (7/187)
But are we really serious about it? Have we made any preparation to face this predicament? Perhaps not!!! Thus our Lord says in verse 21/1.
“Closer and closer to mankind is coming the Great Day of their accounts: but still they remain heedless to it and tend to neglect it.”
This chapter begins with the frightful description of the tragic event that would wipe out the entire humanity from the surface of this world at the appointed hour. At a single command of GOD every creature will meet its death. We do not know how many creatures, how many species GOD has created in the Universe. We do not know how many planets are rotating in the space. And what kinds of species are living there. We only have a little knowledge of our own solar system. Our magnified telescopes fail to reach the end of the ever-expanding space. The study of the Milky Way and discovery of any new planet further reminds us of our humbleness and the Glorious and Magnificent Status of our Lord. Indeed words are insufficient to recount the Greatness of our Rabb and to enumerate HIS bounties of creation.
Any serious study on the nature of all HIS creations leads us to conclude that they all have been created with a planned graduation. They will continue to exist as long as HE wills. But as HE HIMself declares that HE would destroy them all in a moment with a powerful tremor. Only HE will remain, unaffected, undisturbed, unperturbed, the Immortal One.
HE would then reassemble all HIS creatures with a big bang. In what shape, size and form, only HE knows, we do not know. We only know that HE has the power over all things and HE can do anything HE likes.
“Behold, HE has the power over all.”
Time is immaterial to HIM. HE needs no machine, no industry to create. Whenever He desires to create anything He only commands ‘Be’ and so it comes to existence. The recent advancement in the field of science has further strengthened our belief in the creative power of our Lord. Nothing is difficult for him; nothing is impossible for Him. He can create heavens and earth in a blink of our eyes.
The next verse invites human intellect to ponder over his own fate.
“Every human being will (at last) comprehend what he has sent ahead and what he has held behind (in this world).”
Our daily life, our actions day and night, our ins and outs, our attitude in crowd or in solitude, our words and deeds, everything is on the record with our Lord. Howsoever careless and unaware we may be, but Our Lord is not.
What will be the impact of our one word, one dialogue, one piece of writing, one speech, we cannot estimate, but GOD has certainly made an elaborate arrangement to record, in camera, every moment of our life.
In verse 58/6 GOD ALMIGHTY says
“…..ALLAH has kept account of it, while they have forgotten….”
If we create disturbance on this Earth, if we make the life of millions of innocent people a living Hell, do we think we could escape the punishments? If we create trouble for the future generations, by a small mischief in the present, will we not bear the consequences? Our Lord is Just. He is the Master of the Day of Judgment, He is the Best Judge, His judgment is flawless and His decrees are infallible.
Then in the next verses GOD ALMIGHTY says:
“O man! What has deceived you concerning your so Generous LORD! The LORD Who has Created you, fashioned you and proportioned you in its due just. And the LORD gave you face and shape, whatever HE willed for you to have.”
If we realize the munificence and generosity of Our Rabb, we will be inclined to seek HIS Bounties. We will crave for HIS favors. And we will receive HIS blessings in abundance only if we are grateful to Him. But alas! Man is often inconsiderate to GOD’s favor on him. He openly defies HIS commands. And shamelessly follows his own iniquitous desires.
Man is the best of all creation. His own structure testifies the master craftsmanship of Our Lord. He passes through certain stages to come to this world, and they are ample proof of his objectivity and neutral status
GOD ALMIGHTY says in verse 95/4:
“Verily, WE have created man in the finest stature.”

Another verse 3/6

“It is your Creator, the Almighty GOD, who shapes you, forms you and provides you face in the wombs (of your mothers) as HE wishes. There is no GOD other than HIM, the Almighty, the Truly Wise.”
Then HE says in the next verses:
“Nay, the reality is, O mankind, (by your acts, deeds, attitude and approach,) you deny the Judgment Day! While verily, over you, there are appointed watchful. Noble ones, maintaining records, as well as they know all your actions!”
And these scribers who are appointed by their Lord to record the actions of every individual that comes to this world. They are perfect in their noting. They are maintaining it from his first action to the last without faltering. This record would be thrown open on the Day o f Judgment. The coming verses describe the whole sequence.17/13
“And WE have fastened every man’s deeds to his neck; and on the Day of Resurrection, WE shall bring out for him a book which he will find wide open;”
This is the system of our Lord. HE has devised a flawless mechanism to maintain a perfect and error-free record of every individual from the beginning of this world to the Last Day. How can we who are conscious of our Lord remain indifferent to it?
Those who are wise, those who are sensible and serious in respect of their eternal life, they must make an in-depth study of the Book of their Lord and reform their own personality, their life style, their time management as desired by their Master. We should make a self-assessment of our own personality. We should go through, our own records and rectify all the errors crept in it. The heavenly Guide Book is available with us. It will definitely help us to distinguish between right and the wrong. A course of reformation, the process of purification of our inner self as prescribed in the Book of our Lord will guarantee our success not only in this world, but before our Lord on the Day of Accountability. May GOD show us the right path and enable us to reform our self. Aameen!