Art of Speech

Holy Qur'an 33/70, 71
We wish all our viewers and audience peace, tranquility and prosperity. Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu
It is an assurance that we harbor in our heart, a feeling of respect, dignity and good wishes for all mankind. We pray to the LORD of the Universe to shower HIS blessings and bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth! May the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, guide all human beings to the right path! Aameen!

Now we come back to the Last Book of the LORD of humanity to reform and develop our actions, emotions and deeds as endorsed by our Creator in HIS Book of Guidance. It will not only make our life worthwhile on this earth but guarantees a grand reception in the Hereafter. Professing and testifying the Oneness of our LORD, we strive for purification and perfection of our own life by emulating the character of the Last Messenger, Muhammad (s.a.w.s) who is the role model for the entire humanity.

Dear Viewers, No other course on this earth can promise a more comprehensive development of our personality than the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s).
Today we shall go through verses no. 70 & 71 of chapter 33, and find out what message do they carry for us. May the LORD of the universe guide us to the right path. Aameen!
Before rendering these verses into English, we want to make it clear that the translation of the original Revelation that comes directly from The Creator of all is not at all possible in any language of the world. It is only an attempt to be close to what these verses signify. What is the message transmitted through these verses, May the LORD of the worlds help us in our humble efforts!

“O faithful! Remain conscious of ALLAH, always speak relevantly, ALLAH will set right your deeds, and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys ALLAH and HIS Messenger, has already attained to a great success.”

Man is undoubtedly the most wonderful and valuable creature of GOD ALMIGHTY. The quality that distinguishes him from other living beings is the power of speech. Man is superior to other creatures because ALMIGHTY GOD has bestowed upon him intelligence, the power to think in terms of logic and reason and the power of expression. Man can express a very wide range of ideas, experiences, and emotions through speech. The structure of his hands is so designed that he can hold pen and express his feeling on paper as well. GOD ALMIGHTY states in verses 55/3, 4:
“ALMIGHTY GOD has created man and taught him mode of self-expression.”
In the first verse of chapter 68 our LORD further says:

“Consider alphabet N and the pen, and all that they inscribe!”

The power of speech and the ability of writing down his achievements make the human being a progressive creature. Now this power, the art of speaking, is a precious gift from our LORD and we need to know how it should be used. When and where and to what extent? In response to any query, we should neither be very talkative nor be silent. A moderate approach and a fair-deal are expected from a balanced personality. In verse 31/19, Our Sustainer commands:
“And be moderate in your pace, and keep low your voice. Indeed most unpleasant voice is the voice of a donkey...”

We should always keep our voice under control, speaks politely according to the best standards of human speech, neither very loud, nor very timid. Use of decent language earns a respectable place in the society. A man of conviction should never lose his dignity and speak gently even if the opponent has crossed the line of decency. A soft-spoken person who does not hurt any one with his tongue becomes amiable in the society. The desire to win an argument often culminates into an emotional outburst. Even while arguing, we should never cross certain limit. Addressing others gracefully increases our own respect among the people. All these golden traits add charm to our personality.


Those who have a daily-basis contact with the Book of ALLAH, come across several others such precepts that need to be imbibing in their character. These principles if followed in all sincerity will develop our personality, ensure a respectable place in the society and brighten our prospect of earning ALLAH’s pleasure as well.

Heated arguments create bitterness in the atmosphere and destroy the feeling of mutual respect. Rude talks often result in acrimony, and give an impetus to hostility. It changes the complexion of the friendly gatherings. The seriousness is replaced by insolence and tension, which creates rifts among the people. Instead of any constructive development, destructive tendencies creep in. A feeling of rancor sets in our heart, and gradually takes the shape of animosity. It all happens when the forces of disruption overpower us. Our avowed enemy, the Satan, is always trying to divide mankind. He secretly sows the seed of discord among the fellow beings. He keeps on instigating us to tame our opponents by superimposing our point of view. Ego, pride and vanity are our soft targets, which often remain exposed to evil forces. Let us be watchful, as our LORD has warned us in HIS Book in verse 17/53:
“Tell to MY slaves that they should speak politely. Indeed Satan provokes discord among men. Indeed Satan is open enemy for mankind!”
If we react cautiously to the sensitivity of the situation, we will notice a considerable decline in conflicts and quarrels. Even serious disputes can be sorted out if the negotiations are held in an atmosphere of harmony and reciprocity. Differences in opinion, in an intolerant society, often lead to great conflicts. Even trivial matters, if not handled gracefully, complicate the situation, which eventually results in loss of time, money, and a feeling of distrust

The stability of family life rests on the two important pillars, husband and wife. If they could create a feeling of mutual respect for each other, as Commanded by The Most Merciful GOD, and exercise restraint while debating any issue, the rate of divorce will come down drastically in our society. In fact, most of the conflicts originate from the unbridled use of tongue. This is the most important weapon of Satan against humanity. Now it is our moral responsibility to put up a strong resistance against the impulsive attacks of evil instincts.

In fact, the Most Compassionate GOD wants us to observe all restraint and behave gently even while interacting with our enemy, or if he happens to be the enemy of Our LORD. For example, the Pharos of Egypt. And thus we see GOD ALMIGHTY dictating HIS Messenger Moses and Aaron to maintain the protocol of an emissary while delivering the message of GOD to the Pharos, and inviting him to the way of our LORD. In verses 20/43, 44 GOD ALMIGHTY says:
“Go both of you, O Moses and Aaron, to the Pharaoh: verily, he has transgressed all bounds of equity! But speak to him in a gentle manner, perhaps he may accept admonition or fear ALLAH.”
How Graceful is our GOD! HE wants HIS messengers to follow the good social norms even during a dialogue with his own enemy. As it often happens, a graceful discussion may have a sanguine effect on the opponent. Chances are there that he may realize his mistake and amend his ways.

The whole episode contains an important lesson for us. In our day-to-day affairs, in our discussions at home, or while dealing with our co-workers at our working places, business establishments, offices and factories, we must maintain the decorum of speech. Charity begins at home, and so first of all we need to reform our own self and bring it up to the standards set by our LORD in HIS Book.

Normally people believe in paying ‘tit for tat’. They treat other people as they are treated. But the ALLAH’s Messenger (s.a.w.s), the Best Model for Humanity, in one of his tradition is reported to have said:
Huzaifa narrated that the Prophet (s.a.w.s) said: O believers, don’t be like those people who practice tit for tat, don’t feel that if people will do good to us, we will also response them goodly, and people will do wrong with us, we will also treat them wrongfully! You should be committed to your LORD and prepare yourselves that if people will do wrong to you, you will not respond negatively, you will not do any wrong to them.”

Going by the above reported narration, if people treat us impolitely, the men of conviction are expected to maintain the standard of conduct as enshrined in the Divine Book and preached and practiced by the Prophet of ALLAH.

Besides our interaction with friends and foes, and our fellow beings, the Book of ALLAH specifically reminds the believers to treat their parents with utmost respect and affection. In verse 17/23 ALLAH reminds us:
“Your LORD has ordained: ‘You should worship none but ALLAH. And behave nicely with your parents. Whether one or both of them attain to old age in your care, never say "Uff" to them, nor scold them, but address them in terms of honor.”

In the light of these verses, every one of us needs to re-check his relation, his manners and his treatment to his parents. The power of speech, which is a beautiful gift from our Creator, can be a creditable possession, if it is used judiciously to entertain the people, and not to hurt the sentiments of our fellow humans. It would make our personality appealing and our speech would have a charismatic effect on others. We would also be earning good rewards in the life to come. A blatant misuse of this human faculty would not only create unending problems for us, but also we would be causing irreparable damage to our prospects in the eternal life.

We pray to our LORD to enable us to make the best use of this precious gift in line with the divine injunctions. Aameen!