Focus on Your Aim

Holy Qur'an 17/19-20
We wish and pray for all our viewers a blissful and prosperous life, with dignified provisions and all good things in this world. May the peace and blessings of GOD ALMIGHTY be on all of us! May the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe shower HIS bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth! With these solemn sentiments in our
heart we greet all our viewers with:
It is an assurance that we harbor no ill-will in our heart, but regards, reverence and good wishes for all mankind. Now we take recourse to the Last Book of our LORD in order to reform and develop our actions, emotion and attitudes in conformity with the Divine Book of Guidance. It will not only make our life worthwhile in this world but also assure infinite achievements in the Hereafter. We profess and testify the Oneness of our LORD and strive for purification and perfection of our own life while pursuing the high ideals set by the Last Messenger, Muhammad (s.a.w.s).
Dear Viewers, Today we shall ponder over verses 19 to 21 of chapter 17 of The Final Testament, revealed by The God ALMIGHTY, named The Qur’an, and find out what message do they carry for us.
It is just impossible to translate the glorious words of GOD ALMIGHTY in our earthly language, which has many limitations. And so here is only an attempt to be close to the contents and spirit of the original verses and to search out the way, in the light of GOD’s commandments that guarantees success of both the worlds. May the LORD of the worlds help us in our humble efforts!

“And whoever desires the good of the life to come in hereafter, and strives for it with all his best, and he is a man of truth, such are those whose efforts shall appreciated by ALLAH.

It is the bounties of your LORD. WE bestow freely on all these as well as those. (In this world), your Sustainer's bounties are never confined to one kind of man. See, how WE have bestowed (on earth) more on some than on others: but (remember that) the life to come will be far higher in degree and far greater in merit and bounty.”
All this world’s is a fleeting show. There is a mad race going on in this world. We are running after illusions. Every individual has his targets identified, and he strives, struggles and goes all out to achieve them. We hold this world dear to our hearts passionately; and pursue the pleasures of the present material life.
Accumulation of earthly goods became the chief aim of our life. But those who have their eyes fixed on the ever lasting pleasures and treasures of Hereafter, they endeavor hard for moral and spiritual good rather than the worldly prosperity only.
We are also one of the units of this intriguing world. We cannot achieve any positive result if we adopt a negative attitude, that is, if we disregard our own self. The life in this world is not a bed of roses or a playful dream. It is a serious affair. It demands multi-dimensional endeavors. In our earthly sojourn, we pass through various stages of our life. We set targets to achieve, but, whether we realize it or not, these targets keep on changing consciously or unconsciously at different stages of our life.
We can also observe that there are many who lead an aimless life. Either they have no goal, or they remain indecisive in finalizing their target. Still they are a part of the race. Sometimes we feel that unconsciously we are also becoming a part of this great circus.
If somebody suddenly inquires of our aim in the life of this world, perhaps we won’t come out with a clear answer. This amply proves that we have not so far seriously set a target before us.
What is this attitude? What kind of life we are living? What type of personality we are nurturing? When we are traveling in a car or train, and some one inquires, “Where are you heading for?” We, in response, blurt out with minutest details of our destination, clearly and forcefully. Can we explain with equal consciousness and clarity, the destination of the journey of this world? Undoubtedly we are a confused lot. And we know that a confused mentality cannot achieve any significant success.
It is never too late. This is the time we ponder over it. Review our past actions, and plan for the future. Make a serious introspection of our inner self. What would be our fate once we depart from this world? Rightly stating, this world is not the final destination of our long journey. It is only a stop over. Once we realize this fact, it will help us in proper adjustment of our priorities. Once the cobweb of confusion is blown away, we will gain clarity in our thoughts and actions.

The world abounds in charming illusions. They tempt us at every stage of our life. Some people remain captivated by these unreal phenomena. And they have no time to think of anything else. Now the question is: if we attain these momentary pleasures, how long will they be with us? They will last only for a short time, only as long as we breathe our last! Now what would be our fate thereafter? If we seek the help of our Creator, HE has given its answer 14 centuries back in HIS Holy Book.

HE says in verse16/96
“All that is with you in this world is bound to come to an end. But what is with ALLAH, is everlasting. And WE will surely give those who were patient in adversity, their reward, in accordance with the best that they ever did.”
All that the world offers – wealth, splendors, name, fame and even the empire, will soon pass away with our last breathe. In verse 3/185 GOD ALMIGHTY clearly states the transitory nature of all the bounties and honors of this world.
“Every human being is bound to taste death: and only on the Day of Resurrection will you be requited in full (for whatever you have done) - whereupon one that shall be drawn away from the hell-fire and is made to enter the garden of paradise will indeed have gained a triumph. And the life of this world is nothing but an enjoyment of self-delusion.”
Is our experience different from what our LORD has said? Certainly not. Now we must admit that focus on these mean targets will spoil our chances of high achievements. We will be losing the huge profit of the eternal life in exchange for these earthly amusements.
We need to reorient our mind and heart, and develop our capacity to understand, so that we could differentiate between short-term gains and long-term profits. We should realize that we need to reset our targets.
Instead of making this short and temporary life prosperous, we should concentrate on the targets suggested by the Commandments of our LORD, in order to be successful in the life to come. Let us remind ourselves the guidelines as given in the Holy Scripture for our personal purification:

GOD ALMIGHTY says in verse 17/19 to 21:

“And whoever desires the good of the life to come in hereafter, and strives for it with all his best, and he is a man of truth, such are those whose efforts shall appreciated by ALLAH. It is the bounties of your LORD. WE bestow freely on all these as well as those. (In this world), your Sustainer's bounties are never confined to one kind of man. See, how WE have bestowed (on earth) more on some than on others: but (remember that) the life to come will be far higher in degree and far greater in merit and bounty.”

One who changes the course of his life, makes ceaseless endeavors to achieve the success of the ever lasting life, even at the cost of worldly gains, with a pure, untainted belief in the Divine Powers of GOD, ALLAH will not let his efforts go waste. Although in this world, ALLAH showers his favors on all, the faithful and the disbeliever, the just and the unjust, the deserving and the undeserving at HIS behest. But the spiritual unending rewards are reserved for the pious souls, rank far higher in dignity and worth than the transitory ones.


Being faithful ones, our priority should be to care and strive sincerely for the good of the Hereafter. For the life to come is far higher in degree and far greater in merit and bounty. If we are loyal to our Creator and follow his commands in all sincerity, we will have peace and contentment in this world, and our LORD will immensely reward us in the life to come. GOD ALMIGHTY does not reject the endeavors of the truthful ones but gives full credit for every act of righteousness.

We firmly believe in what our LORD has promised in verse 21/94:
“And one, whoever does deeds of righteousness and is truthful, his endeavor shall not be disowned. Certainly WE record it in his favor.”
But all such efforts should be motivated by a desire to please the LORD Almighty. We should be cautious as evil temptations may spoil our prospects. As our LORD says in verses 53/36 to 41.
“Is man have not acquainted with what is said in the revelations came on Moses! And of Abraham, the man of commitment! It was said in all, that no body will bear the burden of sins of another. And every one receives only what he made efforts for. And his efforts will be cross examined. Then he shall be requited for it with the fullest requital.”
To ALLAH everything is known and HE will take account of it. There is no action, word, thought, motive, or predilection, however big or small, but is accounted with HIM. HE is the Perfect Evaluator, and the Best Examiner. No atom in the Universe can hide itself, nor run away from HIS reach. On the Day of Judgment, the humanity will stand before the LORD for the final reckoning. Every individual will be accounted for his deeds, good or otherwise, and the judgment will be delivered.
The Prophet of ALLAH (s.a.w.s) has dexterously summarized the situation in one of the Ahadees which urges the faithfuls to make pre-emptive preparations for the Last Day. As there they would not get any opportunity to amend for. We find in the books of Ahadees the narration:
“Fortify the ship, as the ocean is quite deep.”
“Shed off your burden of sins; for the valley is quite difficult to cross.”
“Have plenty of provisions with you, for the journey is quite long.”
“Be sincere in your approach, as the invigilator is ever watchful.”

This is the time to review our thoughts and actions, acts and deeds, attitude and style, appreciation and depreciation. We need to embrace every opportunity to please our LORD so that every passing moment brings us closer to GOD ALMIGHTY. Let us improve our inner and outer behavior.

We still have the opportunity to shape our personality in accordance with the Divine teachings. What we need to do is focus all our attention on the ultimate target. Let us keep in mind the loss and gain of our coming life in all our day to day activities. Let us be sincere to achieve the High Destiny – the pleasure of our Creator, our own spiritual good, the salvation and Maghfirah مغفره of our self. Let this process be a life long effort with full concentration. No divergent views but a single point agenda. Let us not miss the bull’s eyes. Let us not allow our endeavors go pointless as our LORD has warned us in verse 92/4:
“Your striving is certainly for divergent ends!”

Now how can we achieve this target? Any student of science knows that if the sunrays are concentrated through a magnifying glass on a piece of paper, it catches fire. Why? Simply because the glass help concentrate the scattered rays on a point. Would that we adopt the same spirit and centralize our attempt through the lens of the Divine Revelation. In this struggle to achieve the eternal success, HE will also grant us HIS bountiful rewards in this world, while the infinite pleasures of the eternal life remain fully assured with our Most Benevolent LORD.