Holy Qur'an 23/78 & 79
We wish and pray for peace, serenity and tranquility for all our esteemed viewers and a blissful and prosperous life, with dignified provisions and all good things of the world. May the peace and blessings of ALLAH be on all of us! May the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe shower HIS bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth! With these noble sentiments in our heart we greet all our viewers with:
It is an assurance that we harbor no ill-will in our heart, but regards, reverence and good wishes for all mankind. Now we take recourse to the Last Book of The LORD of the universe, in order to reform and develop our actions, emotions and attitudes in conformity with the Glorious Qur’an, the Divine Book of Guidance. We profess and testify the Oneness of The LORD and strive for purification and perfection of our own life, while pursuing the high morals set by Muhammad (s.a.w.s), the Last Messenger of ALLAH.
Dear Viewers, no other course on this earth can promise a more comprehensive development of our personality than the teachings of our own Creator in HIS Revelations, and the System of HIS Messanger (s.a.w.s) who has set the highest standard of piety and righteousness.
Today we shall ponder over verses 78 & 79 of chapter 23, and find out what message do they carry for us and for the humanity at large!
It is just impossible to translate the glorious words of GOD ALMIGHTY in our earthly language, which has many limitations. And so here is only an attempt to be close to the contents and spirit of the original verses, and to search out the way in the light of GOD’s commandments that guarantees success of both the worlds. May the LORD of the worlds help us in our humble efforts! According to my understanding, the meanings will be:
“(O Mankind! Don’t forget that) it is your LORD who has Created for you the faculties of hearing, sight, feeling and understanding. Yet how seldom are you grateful! And HE, it is Who, has caused you to multiply on earth; and unto HIM you shall be gathered.”
GOD ALMIGHTY has Created innumerable creatures that inhabit this Earth. But man is the supreme and most wonderful creature of The ALMIGHTY. Some creatures live in forest away from human habitats; others live in sand or water. Of all creatures, men live in close proximity of the domestic animals. Then there are birds that fly in the sky. In what way are these creatures different from men? Though they have many features like men. They have ears to hear and eyes to see. But there is much difference between man and these creatures.
Unlike them, GOD ALMIGHTY has empowered man with various faculties that distinguish him from other creatures. To top it all, HE has bestowed upon men the power of reasoning and judgment. It does not matter whether his ears are big or small, his eyes tiny or enormous. They function as two important antenna, the feelers that receive signals and supply data to his brain, where this information is processed. The deductions are then analyzed by his mental faculties like power of reasoning, common sense, his experience and intelligence. After evaluating this data he draws final conclusions. This qualification is special to man. It has not been discovered in any other creature so far. And this is the secret of all progress man has made over the ages
If we keenly observe we would realize that we owe all our strength, skill and intelligence to our SUSTAINER only. HE gives us all that we ask for. In addition to worldly goods, man is endowed with special qualities like vision, hearing, and common sense. Now considering all these favors of our LORD, what should be our degree of gratitude? Is mere an oral articulation is enough? Do we ever realize that we as a mankind are guilty of gross ingratitude to our LORD? Is it sufficient to say ‘Thank You, our GOD’? Do we not owe a more sincere appreciation of infinite favors of our Sustainer?
Let us use the common sense and all human faculties, to find out how we can truly express our gratefulness to our LORD! Along with it, we must seek guidance from the much more precious gift of our LORD, that is, the Divine Light from the LORD of the Universe. We feel it better to ask our LORD, the standards to express our gratitude.

The Scripture revealed by HIM informs us as the ancient history of the Middle East is also witness to the fact that before 965 B.C. GOD has blessed one of HIS Prophet, Solomon, with a powerful kingdom. If we wish to learn what is gratitude, and how it should be expressed, we shall see how Solomon, the great ruler of such a glorious kingdom expressed his gratitude to GOD Almighty.

In verse 27/19, we find a description of Solomon submission to his LORD:
“The great king Solomon became more humble and said: ‘"O my Sustainer! Inspire me so that I may forever be grateful for those blessings of YOURS with which YOU have graced me and my parents, and that I may do what is right (in a manner) that will please YOU; and include me, by YOUR grace, among YOUR righteous servants!’”

ALLAH made Solomon a king of power and authority. He had knowledge of birds, beasts and plants. He was just, pious and wise. His kingdom included all kinds of desirable gifts and with true gratitude he referred them all to The LORD, the true Source of all gifts. He prayed that his power and wisdom and all other gifts may be used for righteousness and for the benefit of all around. Can there be any better way to express one’s gratitude!!!


If the worthless creatures like us remain grateful to GOD with all our will, heart and soul, it is not something that would benefit GOD ALMIGHTY, for HE is high above all needs! It will only benefit a man’s own soul and ensure for him higher grades in the Hereafter.

In appreciation of the favors of our LORD, we should utilize all our wealth, energy, strength and abilities for such activities that would receive the approval of our Creator. Although the Holy Qur’an gives us a list of noble deeds to earn the good pleasure of our LORD, we only recite here a few verses from chapter 93, wherein, through the Prophet, the humanity at large is exhorted to express their gratitude by way of a three-point programme.
“Therefore, treat not the orphan and have-not with harshness. And never repulse him who asks help. And recollect whatever the bounties of your LORD you have with you.”
Before these commands, GOD ALMIGHTY makes a reference to HIS special favors conferred on man. Now the man is expected to perform these noble deeds as an expression of gratitude for the favors received. The most important duty enjoined upon us is to take care of those who are deprived of any natural attribute. From his birth to maturity, a man passes through a delicate phase; he remains a feeble, helpless entity, totally dependent on his parents for his basic needs. He also needs human affection and love. His normal growth is not possible without paternal affection and the kindness and sincere love of his mother. ALLAH in his Infinite Mercy has given man both means of subsistence since his birth. But sometimes HE purposely deprives some of the infants or teenagers one or either of the parents. But then GOD ALMIGHTY has instructed the entire society to be receptive to them, and welcome these innocent creatures with open arms. If we look in a wider sense, the word yateem connotes all those deprived of some natural assistance that is in some want or another.
Can there be any better expression of our gratitude for GOD’s provisions than to acknowledge the true source of the bounty that is ALLAH and share all the gifts with HIS other creatures when the need arises. The deprived ones deserve special attention and care, so that they may not feel a sense of deprivation.
The second important point is “Do not repulse the one who asks for
something.”Here the thrust is on polite behavior with those who come with petition, or who have to ask for something. They may be genuine beggar or ignorant people asking for knowledge. They should never be greeted with contempt and scorn even when alms or assistance is given to them. For, charity has no moral value without sympathy and love. The petitioner is in distress. He has come to us with a hope that we will provide some support to him. His stretched out hand is an expression of his helpless position, and our supremacy over him. Now as a grateful servant of ALLAH it is our duty to our fellow men to be kind and helpful to those less privileged in any respect than ourselves.

In the modern age, man, in all matters, is guided by the instinct of professionalism. The evil power often insinuates the believers and creates apprehensions in doing right deeds. The wrong distributions of wealth, inflation, the greed of usury, are day by day widening the gulf between the rich and the poor. People are often apprehensive that their noble gestures may be misused by the vested interests. They may even be right. For there are idle, sturdy, professional beggars, who are mere parasites on society. Still the Divine Injunction directs us not to repulse them or treat them harshly. It would be better if we adopt the attitude as suggested in verse 2/263:
“A kind word and the veiling of another's want are better than a charitable deed followed by hurt; and ALLAH is Self-Sufficient, Fore-bearing.”
For ALLAH is not in need of our charity to relieve those really in need. In fact the source of all bounties and goodness is ALLAH, and to HIM Alone we owe all the gifts we enjoy in life. Thus we have no right to hurt or insult the recipient of charity. Not even a reminder or reference of the act of charity is to be made. It is our discretion and judgment whether we give or not, but GOD does not allow us to hurt the sentiments of the poor and the have-nots. On the contrary, a grateful man should feel happy and content that GOD ALMIGHTY has not placed him in such pathetic situation.
And the third point to express the gratitude is “And recollect whatever the
bounties of your LORD you have with you.”
If GOD ALMIGHTY has generously showered HIS bounties on us, it is our duty to make that bounty spread far and wide, and utilize it in sincere and real services to humanity.
Man by nature is acquisitive. He cares less for what he has acquired. He is always raising the cry
He realizes the real value of his possessions only when it is snatched away. And so we
need to recount and remember GOD’s innumerable favors on us because we all receive our LORD’s gifts and grace in some degree or the other. It also reminds us of an interesting anecdote: Once a man came to Caliph Omar Ibne Khattaab and sorrowfully exclaimed that there was no one in whole of the Arab as poor and penniless as he. Hazrat Omar asked him whether he was ready to part with both of his eyes if the latter paid him a million Dinars. The man turned down the offer immediately. Caliph Omar then went on demanding different organs of his body, but he did not agree to any bargain. Thereupon Hazrat Omar reprimanded him for being so ungrateful to his Creator. Truly, in spite of receiving so many favors of our LORD, many of us too, behave like the ignorant vagabond.
This anecdote positively contains a moral for us. In modern times, there is a market for human organs. According to a recent market survey, a normal human being carries no less than a value of twenty million Rupees. It is correct to say that all men are not wealthy enough, but then none is absolutely worthless! It is a common trait of men that we only ‘pine for what we have not’, and rarely feel grateful for what we have. If we feel gratitude, we will know the worth of our own personality. But the situation with the majority of us is different. As Our LORD in verse 34/13 says:
“……..and (remember that) few are the truly grateful among MY servants!”
The unending desire for luxuries and the feeling to get better of others does not let a man to think what his basic and vital needs are! In verse 14/34 GOD ALMIGHTY says:
“And HE constantly provides you everything which your very nature keeps asking for. Truly, should you count the blessings of ALMIGHTY LORD, you could never compute them. And verily man is most persistent in wrongdoing, and man is stubbornly ingrate.”
We must realize that all our supplies flow from GOD ALMIGHTY. It is GOD who gave us caring and loving parents, family members, lawful and dignified provisions, knowledge and common sense, favorable weather and environment. HE continues to shower HIS Blessings from the sky above, and the earth below. Do we really appreciate all these favors of our LORD?
We should not only be grateful to our LORD, but also to the society, the surroundings, and every person who comes in contact, who does even a smallest favor to us. A smile should be reciprocated with a broader grin and a feeling of gratitude in heart. Such a sonorous change in our behavior and attitude would bring a great development in our personality and life.
According to a tradition of the Prophet:
Mal-lam yashkurin-naasa lam yashkurillah
“One who is not grateful to other people, never can be grateful to ALLAH.”
If we imbibe these qualities in our character, it would bring two-fold advantages. It will enhance the grandeur of our personality, and earn excellent rewards in the Hereafter as promised by our LORD. In the verse 14/7 our LORD says:
“And The LORD proclaimed to mankind: ‘if you are grateful, I shall certainly give you more and more; but if you are ungrateful, verily, my chastisement will be severe indeed!”
Let us be grateful to ALLAH for HIS plentiful favors all through our life, day or night, morning or evening. Let it be a heart-felt gratitude that would make our life worthwhile in this world and also result in greater success in the life to come.
O our LORD! give us all that is good for us. O our LORD! forgive all our sins and grant us an abode in the evergreen gardens of Paradise. Aameen!