Life, Death & Ressurection!

Holy Qur'an 21/30

We wish all our viewers and audience peace, tranquility and prosperity. Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu
It is an assurance that we harbor in our heart, due deference, dignity and good wishes for all mankind. We pray to the LORD of the Universe to shower HIS blessings and bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth! May the CREATOR and SUSTAINER of the Universe, guide all human beings to the right path! Aameen!
Now we take recourse to the Last Book of the LORD of humanity to reform and develop our actions, emotion and deeds as endorsed by our CREATOR in HIS Book of Guidance. It will not only make our life worthwhile on this earth, but guarantees a grand reception in the Hereafter. Professing and testifying the Oneness of our LORD, we strive for purification and perfection of our own life by emulating the character of the Last Messenger, Mohammed (s.a.w.s) who is the role model for the entire humanity.

Today we shall go through a 30th verse of chapter 21 of the Holy Qur’an, and find out what they signify! May our LORD guide us to the right path, and help us to come to the right conclusion. Aameen!

I have no hesitation in accepting that it is impossible to translate the Heavenly Verses fully in any other language of the world. It came from the Mighty Throne of ALMIGHTY in Arabic. According to my understanding of the verses of the Qur’an, I try to come close to its translation and its spirit with the supplication that our LORD will bestow HIS succor and support upon us to understand it.

“Those who deny the truth, are they not aware that the heavens and the earth were once, one single entity, which WE then parted asunder! - And WE made out of water every living thing! Still, will they not accept OUR Might and believe in?”

Scientists and space researchers accept that whatever they have observed in space till date, with the help of their institutes and their hi-tech instruments, know only as much as a drop of water in the vast ocean. In the Qur’an we find many verses which call the humanity to study and explore the contents of the space. It not only increases the knowledge of a person, but he also realizes the Might of his CREATOR, Who is the Lone CREATOR of all that exist on the earth, sky and anywhere in space.
In the verse of Holy Qur’an just recited and translated, GOD ALMIGHTY says that the whole Universe was one, and HE provided it with different shapes of planets, stars, galaxies, sun, moon and the earth. Modern science now presents us a Big Bang theory, which was revealed before by the same CREATOR Who caused that Big Bang, and shaped the things into existence. It is not just said for the sake of knowledge, but it shows the Might and Power of our CREATOR. It also proves that the Holy Revelation is from none other than the CREATOR and INVENTOR of the Universe. How humanity came to know about this 14 centuries back when they did not know even the areas, continents and oceans of the earth they were living?

Such verses are not meant to indulge in worldly pride. However, one should be frightened to know the Might and Powers of the CREATOR, and should accept his own meanness in front of The LORD of the Universe. Such verses should create in us humbleness, morality and fear of our LORD. Can we ever think of creating such things which account for the cycle of the Universe? No! Never!!

We know that the Big Bang theory depended on the Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity presented in 1915. Obviously it might have happened millions of years ago, which we have realized in the 21st century, a century known for scientific explosions. But the LORD of the Universe has mentioned this in HIS Last Revelation more than 14 centuries ago. By this, it may be the will of the ALMIGHTY LORD that mankind should take encouragement in discovering the space. It also gives pinching evidence to the humanity that The Qur’an is not a man-made book. That’s why we find many verses in which ALMIGHTY GOD says that even Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) did not author this, rather he repeatedly and emphatically proclaimed:
“…I only follow what is revealed to me….” (verse10/15)
This Book’s source is none other than The LORD Who brought the earth and the other planets into existence, may it be by the ‘Big Bang’ explosion or else. By this, HE proves that HE is the Lone CREATOR of each and every atom of this Universe. Moreover, HE is systematically taking care of each and every creature on this earth and the Universe. HE Sustains them and looks after them. Man, therefore, instead of executing upon his discoveries, should realize his position in the Universe. Though discoveries put one in a superior position, still can’t we realize these opportunities given to us by the Holy LORD? So, a man should know his responsibilities. Those who are having with them the Last Revelation, should feel their duty to convey The Messages of the Qur’an to other fellow beings. They should convey it to them in its totality. They should hold their wishful commentaries.

And those who have scientific knowledge, should also turn to this Heavenly Source of information. Science with Heavenly information would progress much faster and deeper. The knowledge will be more beneficial to humanity. Scientist will feel their responsibilities towards the humanity. Moral values will be introduced in the society. Sheer materialism and mad race of arms can get to rest. It is a tragedy of human kind that from ancient times he is producing arms and ammunition to kill his own brothers and sisters. No other creature on earth did this ever. Why we think in terms of destruction to harm the humanity, when we are not in a position to give life to the minutest creature on this earth?

Further, the Great CREATOR says in the Qur’an that HIS Creativity is not over at any time. In verse 51/47 it is said:


“And it is WE, who have built the Universe with OUR creative power; and, verily, it is WE, who are ever expanding.”

No doubt, the man is the best creation of the CREATOR, but HE informs us not to take pride of it. Not to forget that ALMIGHTY GOD Creates many things which are more complicated than man himself is! In verse 40/57 of the Holy Qur’an HE says:
“Greater indeed than the creation of man is, the creation of the heavens and the earth: yet most men do not realize.”

According to space science, the Universe is continuously and in a disciplined manner, steadily increasing. What is important for us, is the moral lessons from such knowledge. We should realize the Might, Creativity and Powers of our LORD. We should develop concern for other human beings and a spirit of justice and equity. How and why the CREATOR will allow us to be wicked and inhuman with other human beings?

We should also admit that The Qur’an is not a book of science, but it is the source of Divine Guidance from the CREATOR of the Universe which shows the humanity its own fate. On a fateful day, the Universe will be destroyed with a bang, as it was created with a bang. That will be the Dooms Day. Once again the CREATOR will reshape it according to HIS will, and will bring us back into being. In old times, people may feel this as an impossible thing. But the modern man cannot deny this fact. With the development of modern science, the door of the knowledge is open for every person about the Nature and space. He knows the Might of the Nature. He will not deny the Powers of the Nature. Then, how can he deny the powers of the ALMIGHTY? The Qur’an, by presenting such undeniable evidences from the space and from the body of human himself, calls the persons of intellect, to be conscious enough to their duties, in their lifespan on this earth. Man should know his own capacity. We may talk about a king or a common man, but he should not forget his mean-ness. Man should not forget how he was created. In the Holy Qur’an, the CREATOR many a times told us to look back to our own creation. In verse 86/5 to 8, HE says:
“So man should consider how he has been created! Secretion coming from between the back-bone and the ribs. Surely, The CREATOR is able to bring the man back to life.”
We do not know exactly how many millions of years before, the Big Bang occurred. Instead, we can learn many positive lessons from this discovery. As described by the cosmologists and space scientists, immediately after the Big Bang, protons (+ve charge) were born; As a result of a proton and neutron combination (+ve charges and neutral particles) nuclei were formed. After million of years of Big Bang, heat was subsided by a proportioned level and pace. Proton and electron combination resulted in hydrogen atoms. This scientific information also cannot be claimed as final and certified. Since 1929, this theory has been further studied, and discoveries are still at large. Because of the absence of helium gas in the atmosphere, many more truths are coming to light. But from this, we can surely learn a two-fold lesson.

First of all, that the powers of the CREATOR of the Universe are unfathomable, incomputable and inconceivable for any of HIS creatures.

Secondly that if HE wishes to destroy the entire Universe, HE can easily do this with just by a blow. And with a blow, within a fraction of a second, HE can recreate it in a shape and design of His own. Similarly, HE can once again get back to life the entire humanity. Both of these lessons we learn from the book of ALLAH. Another lesson which ALLAH mentions in the Holy Qur’an 39/68
“And the trumpet will be sounded, and all created-beings of the heavens and of the earth will fall down senseless except for whom ALLAH may wish. And then it will sound again - and lo! All will stand, watching (the happenings).”
We know that The CREATOR is so Mighty and Powerful, that HE can finish all the things with a bang, and can Create the things once again with a bang. It must be the duty of those who are custodian of the Last Revelation, to provide this vital information from the heavenly revelation, to the space scientists and to the rest of humanity. So that with the combination of modern science, and Divine information from the CREATOR of the Universe, humanity may resolve their problems on earth, and may change their evaluation of life and its use. The humanity may become aware of the final part of their life to come.

A blend of Science and Heavenly Revelation can solve the problems of humanity facing in this modern era. We hope that our worldly life can become more beautiful and peaceful. Man of intellect and knowledge can attain the pleasure of the life to come.

The purpose of our life on this earth can also be ascertained, which is very clear that we were non-existent. We have been brought into existence and we are bound to go back to the CREATOR. In very simple words The CREATOR informs us in verse 10/56:
“ALMIGHTY GOD Alone Grants life and Deals death; and unto HIM you all must return.”
The CREATOR creates and shapes every thing most perfectly and proportionately. Why HE will create the humanity just without any purpose? Is this world and its habitants are useless? Should they pass their life aimlessly? Human, the successor of the earth, should pass the life just like other beasts of the earth? No, it can’t be!! Are these questions not relevant for today’s humans who are just running after materialistic world without any conception of another life? Our CREATOR says in verse we are reciting once again.
“O mankind! Do you think that WE Created you uselessly without any purpose! And that you would never be returned to US for accounts?”
We can understand by our common sense that, we have to study the Final Testaments of our CREATOR. We do not know when that time will come, but definitely the death is sure. When, where and how is out of our hand and choice. But it is sure that our return ticket is very much ok. With all our powers, science and intelligence, we can not avoid it. Our CREATOR says in verse 56/60.
“WE have decreed death to you all, and nothing can prevent US to do so.”
Then where is our abode? Where is our final destination? What will happen with us there? Can we and our science reply these vital questions? We are bound to ask this to our CREATOR because even the hi-tech technology which we have, can’t answer these questions. And The LORD says in verse 23/15 & 16.
“Then, surely, you have to die; and then, verily, you shall be raised from the dead on Resurrection Day.”
So once upon a time, we will be brought back into being finally. That will be our final part of life. We are here just for test whether as a human being, enjoying all the boons of the earth, we were careful and conscious about our duties. The purpose of our creation and its period at the earth is explicitly said in verse 67/2 of the Holy Qur’an:
“HE is the LORD who has created death as well as life, so that HE might test you, who is best in conduct. And (make you realize that) HE Alone is ALMIGHTY, Most Forgiving.”
It is our test whether we fulfill our responsibilities or indulge in pomp and splendor? Do we prove ourselves useful and beneficial for other human beings, or treat all the amenities supplied to us as our own and for our own? Do we feel our possessions our own or feel ourselves trustee of it?
What are the duties? What will be the reward for perfect performance and what will be the punishment for failure? I ask you all to refer to all such questions to the Divine Revelation from our own CREATOR. Everybody will get very clear and explicit answers. Now there is only one Revelation left on this earth in its heavenly original language. It is the Holy Qur’an, full of wisdom, very much present in its original basic text, historically proven, available at every place on the earth. It is human heritage. No single community has the right on it. It addresses every human being of all the times. Only we have to do some striving for it as we strive for our livelihood. It will not be more than that, and I am sure, we will get the MASTER key for our successful life.
We should have a day to day touch with the book of our MASTER to get day to day guidance for various problems we face everyday. This is the safe road to salvation. This can improve our worldly lives. And also this is the only key to success and welfare in the final term of our life to come. This also shows that Our CREATOR is most Merciful with us. HE has revealed the Divine Guidance. Just what we have to do is to ponder on it and mend our ways, style and approach.
May the ALMIGHTY help us to achieve the success of this world, and the eternal success of our life to come. Aameen.
Thank you very much.