Creation in Pairs!
Holy Qur'an 36/36
Dear audience, may the CREATOR and Sustainer of the Universe shower HIS bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth including we all! I convey this into Arabic. Assalamo-alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-Barakatuhu.
We should accept the reality and proclaim that our CREATOR, our SUSTAINER, our LORD is One ALMIGHTY GOD. HE is the single and alone Master of the entire Universe. HE is the only CREATOR, rest of the things are created beings. It is HE Who has designed the smallest particle found in the Universe; it is HE Who has created the biggest matter found anywhere in the space. With HIS command begins every natural process and every natural cycle. The Universe moves as HE wills. HE Alone deserves all our admiration and adoration. HE is the Alfa; HE is the Omega. HE is the Beginning; HE is the End. HE is the Apparent; HE is the Inherent. HE is the Most Compassionate GOD ALMIGHTY. HE revealed the Holy Qur’an on HIS last Messenger, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) that continues to radiate guidance for the mankind till the Doomsday. The Holy Qur’an is the fountainhead of all virtues, the beacon of righteousness, and the guiding light for the entire humanity. It neither contains any confusion, nor any contradiction. No doubt, no puzzle, but as clear as crystal. It is self-explanatory with highest standard of clarity and eloquence.
We need to have a day-to-day contact and a direct approach to this Book, a live connection. Let us be receptive to its signals, and let our brain receive a neutral and unbiased reflection over the points it raises for every thinking mind. The Divine Light will enlighten our heart and soul; it will change the course of our life, our day and night, our private and social life. It will shape our present and lead towards a bright future. It guarantees success for all who believe and remain steadfast, not by oral announcement, but by noble deeds as commanded by the Omnipresent ALMIGHTY GOD.
Let us start this process with the recitation of verse 36/36 of the Holy Qur’an.
The fact one should accept that it is impossible to translate exactly the heavenly wordings into other language. We can only make a humble effort to be close to its spirit, essence and connotations. May our LORD help lus in our endeavor, Aameen! According to my understanding, the meanings would be:
“Limitless in HIS Glory is HE, Who has created the pairs in whatever the earth produces, and in men's own selves, and in that of which, (just now) the mankind has no knowledge yet.”
Now we know that, in the plants of the earth, there are pairs of male and female. The Great CREATOR has mentioned this fact in HIS Last Revelation in the verse just recited which was revealed more than fourteen hundred years ago. We do not know how many more things our LORD has created in pairs. Our till date scientific achievements endorse that micro-organism like bacteria and viruses are also in pairs.
Whatever research has taken place in science and technology, we can claim that each and everything has its counterpart. Flowers, plants, fruits, vegetations, grains, pulses, animals, sea life, birds, insects, viruses, bacteria and many more are found in pairs. Lot of things we still consider single, there is every possibility of their pairs being discovered with the progress of science in future.
We hope the modern scientists would gain insight the revelation of the Great CREATOR. And we hope the custodians of the Last Revelation gain entry into the modern science, so the mankind may be able to avail its positive results. It will also help the entire world to acknowledge the Greatness of The One and The Only CREATOR who has no counterpart, no parallel, no partner, and no mate in HIS LORDship and qualities. Although HE has created HIS creation in pairs, but HE HIMelf is The One and The Only One.
HE further informs us in verse 51/49 of the Holy Qur’an:
“And of everything have WE created in pairs, so that you may reflect.”
When the CREATOR says that HE has created everything in pairs, then we should ponder upon our earthly life which is by each and every angle, incomplete. It does not have perfection or completion. There are many limitations in it. We do not get full justice in this world. The oppressed do not get their rights. The tyrants roam freely. Millions suffer for a single person’s ego, arrogance, pomp and grandeur. Many a time the oppressor manages to salvage him from the clutches of law. Even if he is brought to laws of land, at the most, we can pronounce one time death penalty upon him. We don’t even reach one-thousandth part of his due punishment. We are unable to provide justice to all concerns.
Let us see it through another angle. If a person kills another person, for which he has no right, then we can punish him with the death penalty only once. But we are totally incapable to compensate the sighs and moan of that man’s widow. We can not father his children who became orphan. And we can not provide his aged parents, the love of their own kin.
Has the CREATOR of this world set it only for a person, to follow his own desires, and that none may be able to punish him for his misdeeds? Is this world made in order that millions of the children of Adam are being oppressed and nobody is there to redress their grief?
So the question arises that when there will be total, complete and supreme justice? If absolute justice is not possible here in this world, then where this is possible? It is obvious that this world is incomplete. Where is its completing part? The answer is very much clear. It is in the second and final part of our life. We call it hereafter. There will be absolute justice. Every one will be fully compensated. Every creature will get punishment in accordance to the severity of his crime. And everybody will be awarded according to his nobility. And this final and eternal part of our life will start from the moment we slip into the death zone!!!
If only we could realize and pay heed to the final part of our life, we shall gain insight. We will become conscious of our duties. We will abide ourselves with the law of the Great Nature. We shall be conscious of our lives to come, which has no end.
How our final part of life is going to start, is the fundamental question for us now. We do not have the laboratory for its research. We have to ask this question to the CREATOR of all that exist in the Universe. We have to ask this question to the Owner of the Universe. We have to ask this question to The One Who has the Power on life and death.
Does HE reply us? Yes, many times, in many of HIS Heavenly Revelations, HE has clearly informed the humanity well in advance, right from the first pair of humanity ever came on the earth. Fortunately the humanity still has one of the Revelations in its GODLY wordings. It is The Holy Qur’an. And the answers of all our queries are already in it.
In it our CREATOR has very precisely and perfectly informs us about our origin and of course our return or end of the journey also. HE also informs us how we are supposed to live the life on the surface of the earth. HE also informs us that the return is destined by HIM and none can escape or change the course.
HE says in verse 56/60 of The Holy Qur’an:
“WE have (indeed) decreed that death shall be (ever-present) among you. There is nothing to prevent US.”
The most important question arises in our minds that which journey do we commence with death? Where we are bound to go and what matters we will have to deal with?
Here we have to apply the logic which is a boon to humanity. Here we should search out the final part of the life by our reasoning and mind. Here we have to search out the complete and fully perfect part of the life, which is the life after death.
If only our understanding grew to such an extent that by using our logic, reason, and the source of knowledge sent down by our CREATOR, we could be successfully search out the reality behind. Our CREATOR informs us in verse 2/281:
“And be afraid and conscious of the Day on when you shall be brought back to ALMIGHTY CREATOR, whereupon every human being shall be repaid in full for what he has earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly.”
We know that a conscious person can avoid many unseen losses. Should we not be conscious about our life? Can we afford this carelessness? Can we feel ourselves free from Laws of Nature? Can we afford lawlessness? How can we assume that the King of Kings, The Great Master, The LORD of the entire Universe will allow us to be above the law?
Can we assume that the Perfect CREATOR Who manages all our needs, will not inform us about the law and order? Can we assume that The Merciful LORD has not fore-told us about our future? No, this is not the case. In every age, our LORD has sent Divine Guidance in the form of heavenly Revelation. Prophets and Messengers were appointed, as and when needed, in all the age, in every part of the world, to educate the humanity about the Natural Law and inform them their Doom.
Apart from this system, ALMIGHTY GOD has made an inbuilt system within every human being as HE Alone is Perfect Artisan. HE informs us about this of HIS Wonders in verse 90/8 to 18 of the Holy Qur’an:
“Have WE not given man two eyes, a tongue and a pair of lips? And WE made known to him both the ways (good and evil, positive and negative)? But the man has not attempted to ascend the steep path. And what will make you realize which that steep path is? It is freeing of one’s neck from the bondage, burdens and oppression. Or feeding some one, in the days of starvation, may he be orphan, destitute and deprived one near you, or of a needy, poor or beggar, down to dust. Then the man should be among those who are faithful, and who enjoin upon one another patience in adversity, and enjoin upon one another compassion. Such will be the people who will attain to righteousness (and will be declared successful in the test of life).”
Now very humbly we should thank our CREATOR for such vital information provided to us from the heavens. We should be thankful to our LORD and learn a moral lesson from HIS Revelations. We should surrender ourselves to our LORD, the CREATOR and Master of each and everything. We should realize our position in this vast world. We should be very conscious about our end. We should be careful for our life to come after death. We must develop understanding and reasoning for it.
Our LORD expects us to give response to HIS Commands according to our conscious and we should abide by the Natural Law and according to our conscious. Such vital information is described in every revelation from the beginning of the world. Alas, in every era of human history, we misunderstood it, devalued it and kept ourselves ignorant of it. Another woe is with us that we lost its original spirit and kept it out of our active life. Many thanks to our CREATOR that the last Revelation is intact till today in its original form. It is The Holy Qur’an revealed on Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s). I humbly call to the humanity regardless of their cast, creed, gender, color and nation to explore The Qur’an once again, and address their personal, social and economical matters only to gain the success in this life and the eternal life to come.
According to the Divine Code provided in The Final Testament from The LORD of the humanity, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) spent his life. His Sunnah, the day to day life will remain a practical part of The Book and a Role Model for the humanity to come till the last day of the Universe.
Let us not forget to plan today, for our second and final part of life. Whatsoever the life we are spending here, we have to be very careful about our attachment with the Divine Law of Nature. We should not act against our conscience. We should not involve ourselves in selfish desires and lusts. We should not act boastfully. Humbleness and service to other habitants of the earth is the key to success.
Our LORD has provided us the Code of Conduct in very precise manner. I will quote here a verse from The Final Testament, 2/177
“True decency, piety, morality and honesty does not confine in turning your faces towards the east or the west –
but truly virtuous is he who firmly trust in One ALMIGHTY GOD, and sensible to the accountability on the Day Last, and believe in the angels, and the revelations, and the prophets.
“And truly pious is he who, for the pleasure of his LORD, spends his wealth on the near of kin, the orphans, the deprive ones, the needy ones, the travelers, and those who ask help, and in freeing one from the burden of debts and bonds.
“And truly pious is he who establishes prayers and pays charitable dues, and keeps commitments when commits.
“And keep patience in hardships, crisis, and panic times.
“Such are those who have proved themselves true. And it is they, they who are practically conscious of their LORD.”
Now we should follow the Divine Law according to its sequence. We should realize its importance. We should put trust in our LORD Supreme. We should be conscious enough that we have to face HIM on The Day of Final Judgment. We are answerable to HIM for all our acts, deeds, utterances, omissions, commissions, behaviors and conduct. We should fruitful to the society and environment in which we are surviving.
May the LORD help us in all our endeavors. Aameen.
Thank you very much for patiently viewing.