Movement of Heaveny Bodies in Space!
Holy Qur'an 36/39 & 40
Dear viewers, I pray for peace, mercy, grace, bounties and blessings of The ALMIGHTY GOD for you and all. By pronouncing Arabic words Assalamo Aliakum Wa Rahamatullahe Wa Barkatuhu, I abide that I will keep respect and regards about your well being and hope to be responded with similar feelings.
Let us start the process to get the direction for ourselves from the heavenly source of guidance, the Guide Book of the Lord of humanity for the humanity as The Final Testament, revealed 14 centuries ago on His Last Messenger, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s). Our aim is to achieve success in this life, and the eternal life which will start from our worldly death. We know that without the help of our CREATOR, who is The Master of the entire universe, we could not achieve this. So we exalt the Glory of The GOD ALMIGHTY ALLAH who is One and only One, He needs no partner, no son, and no deputy. He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Unmatched and Incomparable.
Let us recite and ponder on verse 36/39-40 of the Holy Qur’an. But before this, we seek refuge of our CREATOR to protect us from all our evil impulses and from all outer evil forces. We are sure that if our Lord provides us refuge, none can harm us. And whom ALLAH does not provide security; there will be no place of refuge and sanctuary for him.
Today’s modern science delves deep into different aspects of the world where many wonders are discovered everyday. From the stars in the sky to the minutest creatures on the Earth, there are wonders in every object of Nature regardless of its size or content. From common man to great scientists, everyone is amazed of it. Urge for knowing more and more is ever increasing. However, the world must not be so, if we are not aware of various facts which the Last Heavenly Testament has prophesized 1400 years ago. Let us begin with an open heart and mind to know what our own CREATOR has stored for us in this world.

Let us ponder over verse 36/39-40 of the Last Heavenly Revelation of our LORD Supreme.

The wordings are heavenly and have unmatched charm and eloquence. It is not possible to correspond it exactly. According to my understanding, the meanings would be:
“And for the Moon, We have determined its phases which it must traverse, till it becomes like an old dry, curved date-stalk. Neither may the Sun overtake the Moon, nor can the night usurp the time of day, since all of them float through space in accordance with the laws of their CREATOR.”
ALMIGHTY GOD has already arranged the basic needs of the mankind prior to sending the first pair of human beings on this Earth. The CREATOR has imbibed in human beings the intellect to utilize all the resources of the Earth and objects of the Nature for his needs. Days and nights pass regularly giving a relaxing and boosting sense to all. It is one of the essential needs of the human habitation to keep and maintain the records. A calendar is the origin of the need to keep records of months and years. We know that from ancient times, man calculate a month, which consists of 30 days, and a year of 12 months. It was not from himself, but his CREATOR destined it and informs him in verse 9/36:
“Indeed, the number of months according to ALMIGHTY GOD is twelve months in a year. This was destined by The ALMIGHTY when HE created the heavens and the Earth…….”
With the advancement of the modern science, we know precisely that the exact period between one full Moon and the next is 29.5306 days. This we call a lunar month. By this natural, flawless and error-free natural cycle, destined by the CREATOR, it became possible in all the ages that mankind can calculate months, years and learn how to keep accounts. It is a great sign of the CREATOR of the universe. The ALMIGHTY wants us to ponder over such natural objects and its courses to get the directions for our own development, the development on which material world thrives. The Final Commandments invite us to contemplate upon the movement of the Moon such as verse 2/189.
“They will ask you (O Prophet) about the new Moon. Say: "For the mankind, it indicates the period like months and years including the yearly pilgrimage……”
The Moon has a radius of 1,738 kilometers and reflects less than 1/10th of the light of the Sun. The Earth moves on its axis and revolves around the Sun in a very accurately destined fashion given by the CREATOR. So is the Moon, very precisely, according the nature and shape provided to it by The CREATOR, moves around its axis and revolves around the Earth. The phases of the Moon are destined in accordance to the movements of all the three planets. The light of the Moon is not its own but it is the reflected light which it gets from the Sun. The Moon, its courses and light have many influences on land and oceans. With the starting of lunar month, we observe its bright portion, which increases gradually with unmatched beauty. And within two weeks of the crescent, we observe a full bright and beautiful Moon. By the development in science, we know much about the Moon, its temperature, its soil and many more details.
In contrast of the Moon, the Sun is programmed by The Lord with quite different character. It is like a red hot balloon full of heat and energy. But once again, it has its own limitations destined by The CREATOR Who says in verse 36/40.
“Neither may the Sun overtake the Moon, nor can the night usurp the time of day, since all of them float through space in accordance with the laws of The CREATOR.”
The Earth, the Moon and the Sun, all of them are very obediently performing their duties laid upon them by The CREATOR. They are proving themselves to be very beneficial to the humanity by many many ways. Can we make them to function like this? Or do we have any ‘modern equipment’ with us to make them do so?
By their very precise movements, the humanity is flourishing on the Earth - enjoying the fruits. Do they follow our orders or they are destined for this by One and Eternal ALMIGHTY?
The Earth is nursing the humanity relentlessly like a mother without any selfish motive. It is not only fulfilling the orders of its CREATOR but also functioning on HIS order. Are we, in any way, responsible for this behavior? NO! Not at all!

Are these signs not enough for us to recognize the Might of the CREATOR, HIS planning, HIS design, HIS powers, HIS Glory and HIS Supremacy!!!

It is very easy for us to understand that all these are rendering their services to the humanity by the injunctions of the CREATOR who is One and only One. Human beings have countless needs for their survival. We enjoy the boons and bounties of our CREATOR. How many bounties are there, can we number it? Or can we just imagine the Glory of the ALMIGHTY? Our SUSTAINER says in verse 14/34:

“And The GOD gave you everything your nature could ask for. And if you try to count favors and Blessings of ALLAH, you would never be able to number them. Indeed man is most persistent in wrongdoing, stubbornly ingrate!”

Is it not true that on every stages of human development we got the basic required source of Nature very much present in the Earth and we utilized it? Can we not safely assume that we are meant for this globe, and the Earth is meant for us? According to The CREATOR’s Final Testament, The Holy Qur’an 2/29:
“It is HE, the CREATOR who has created all that is in and on the earth for you O mankind…..”
With our common sense, we can easily assume that we are a special creation among all other creations of Earth and all objects of Nature we observe day and night. It is the special Mercy which our LORD has pronounced on the human beings. It had been told in the Holy Qur’an in verse 17/70:

“Indeed WE have conferred dignity on the children of Adam, and borne them over land and sea, and provided for them sustenance out of the good things of life, and favored them far above most of OUR creation:”


So, now it should be confirm to us that the humanity is a special creature. We know that for every creature, The CREATOR had destined to function and accorded their duties.

HE informed us in verses 87/2 & 3:

“And it is The CREATOR, Who creates (every thing), and thereupon forms it in accordance with what it is meant to be. And HE, who determines the nature of all that exists, and thereupon guides it its functions.”

When the ALMIGHTY CREATOR has determined all the small or big creatures, HE guided them their duties and functions also. Had HE not done it with the humanity? Any flaw never happens with HIM. HE says in verse 76/3:
“Verily, WE have imbibed in man the understanding of the way, either be grateful or be ungrateful.”
Every moment of our life, we enjoy countless bounties of our Lord. Neither a planet in this Universe, nor any creature we observe, can even dare to transgress the orders of its CREATOR, except we humans. Man is fond of transgressing, and follows his own lust and desires. It is high time for us to change our attitudes, styles, evaluations and devaluations. We have to be humble and obedient. We should be careful towards our duties laid down by our CREATOR. The ALMIGHTY LORD had sent down HIS Commandments only to remind the humanity. HE revealed it in all times of human history and at all places where humanity resides.
Unfortunately the humanity missed the essence of it by the passage of time. There are many books claimed as scriptures on this earth, but we are not its heavenly original wordings today. The only heritage of this kind, the humanity still has, is The Holy Qur’an, intact, unchanged, unaltered, till date which is proved by eminent personalities time and again, including the famous universities of the West. Now, it is high time to come in terms with the revelations of ALLMIGHTY and study it without any deliberations.
Now, the delay can prove fatal as we don’t know what will happen with us the next moment or the next day. Natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons, tornado, land slides, cloud bursts, floods, excess rains are the disasters of the day. We have also seen that even a ‘super power’ cannot be spared of it. These are all to let us realize that we are not the master of the world, but there is One Master who is ruling us. HE is Super Supreme in HIS Powers. HE is unchallengeable. We cannot shun this with all the developments which we have achieved in this world so far. All of a sudden a tsunami washes us badly or an earthquake causes irreparable damage. We should realize our limitations and helplessness. Why we often forget this and behave arrogantly on earth? Why we should not surrender ourselves with devotion and dedication to our Master? Why we prefer to live a life, without the fear of accountability?

It is high time for us to realize this and surrender ourselves with all our ill-wills, pride and arrogance to the Most Powerful, Great ALMIGHTY LORD, Master of the Universe, in Whose Mighty Hands rest our lives and death. Nothing in the Universe, however small or big, can even dare to transgress against the Command of its LORD. Why we often transgress and indulge in inhuman practices, irrational thoughts, immoral activities, pride and ego! We should realize where we are heading. I conclude this with this supplication, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) used to ask:

We should rather agree upon the submissive life our LORD has chosen for us. This only remains a safe way for us to survive peacefully on the earth and enjoy the fruits in our coming life. We should submit ourselves, our style of action, our fashion of thinking, our spirit, our belongings, our capabilities, completely to our LORD. We should submit ourselves, to become totally obedient. We should not ascribe any divinity other than our LORD. Our ethics, our morals, our manners, our etiquette should be tuned in accordance with the Messages of our CREATOR, so that our LORD may be pleased with us.
“O our LORD! Show us the truth as the truth, and make it easy for us to follow it. And show us the falsehood as falsehood and make it easy for us to abstain it. O our LORD! Show us things the way they actually are.”