Vegitation & Cattle!

Holy Qur'an 27/60
Dear viewers, May peace, tranquility, serenity, harmony, and Salaams of The ALMIGHTY GOD on all. May I extend you the same greetings in Arabic! Assalamo Alaikum wa Ramatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
Come; Let us seek guidance from the One Who Created us, and Sustains us day and night. The One Who supplies us all our needs regularly. Guidance is also our vital need. HE has constantly bestowed down revelations in all the ages, for the guidance of the humanity. Out of it, the Last and Final Testament has remained in its Original till date, and that is The Qur’an.
Dear viewers, we know that human life on this earth is constantly affected by his immediate surroundings. The forces of nature, the climate, temperature, water, air and many such things become so much a part of his life that any change above moderation, uproots his entire existence.
The rising and setting of the Sun, the water cycle along with the formation of clouds, the falling of rain and growth of vegetation are so vital to his survival, if pondered upon, inevitably compel man into accepting the control of a Being, a Supreme Super Power, Who Created all this, and Who controls and balances these forces of nature! Man’s inability and helplessness, in spite of tremendous scientific advances to control or divert these natural occurrence, subconsciously make him surrender to that Being called The ALMIGHTY GOD. The Qur’an calls man’s attention in Chapter 27/60 in these words.
It is not humanly possible to correspond the exact meaning of these Divine Verses in any earthly language. My humble attempt to get closer to its meaning is:
“Is there anybody else who created the heavens and the earth? Is there anybody who sends down for you life-giving water from the skies? For it is by this system that WE, The GOD ALMIGHTY, causes gardens of shining beauty to grow - whereas it is not in your power to cause even one single of its trees to grow! Could there be any divine power besides ALLAH? Not at all! But in humanity there are people who swerve from the path of reason!”
We know that for the very survival of human life, oxygen, water and food are essential. The plants play a key-role in keeping the balance of these three things, without which we cannot survive. Besides these, plants kingdom dutifully keeps the balance between all the gases of the atmosphere, controls the atmospheric temperature, provides the food for the human being also.
The human body cannot directly take the energy from the sun and transform into food. However, it is the plants which are designed in such a way that they make their own food with the help of sunlight. It is this food which is prepared by taking sun’s energy which not only human beings devour, but also feed their cattle with it.
There is a well developed system is plants which is responsible for making food with the help of solar in the form of sunlight. The process is taken up in a well organized systematic miniature factory is scientifically termed as “Photosynthesis”, which is an error free system. Let us look into the “miniature factory” and examine the intelligent design and see what is in store for us to learn from it, so that our faith on ALLAH is further strengthen that there is none other than ALLAH, who is the only CREATOR and no one can create anything.
Up till now around 5 lakh types of plants are discovered to be growing on this globe. Every plant differs from the other and has got specific characteristics. These plants are responsible for keeping ecological balance on this earth. When compared to animals, the plants multiply in large number and that too easily.
Sometimes, it is sufficient to just put a branch of plant under the soil which develops into a new plant. It has got all the characteristics in its cell and DNA which causes it to grow. The encoded characteristics in DNA or genes are not only responsible for the shape and size of the plants, but also for its color, fragrance of its flowers, taste and sweetness of its fruits etc, under a controlled system. In “Genes”, it is the complete “package” in the form of “blue print”, which ensures duties of the roots to absorb water and minerals and that of leaves to make food with the help of sunlight by the process of “Photosynthesis”.
Who keeps the essential code in the cells which ensures all the functions with so much perfection? Indeed it is ALLAH the CREATOR, WHO not only created everything, but also sustaining and maintaining them with so much perfection and ease. To take a lesson from it and to keep us focused; HE mentions in chapter 36/33 & 34 of HIS Scripture.
“And the mankind have a sign of OUR power to create and to resurrect, in the lifeless earth, which WE make alive, and out of which WE bring forth grain, whereof they may eat;”
“And WE made gardens of date-palms and grape-vines to grow thereon, and cause springs to gush-forth within it,”
A small sprout, which covers tiny set of leaves in it, breaks the loud of soil above it, and appears on the surface of the earth against the gravitational force. The rout part always penetrates into the earth, and the shoot grows in the opposite direction above the surface of the earth. They have to grow in opposite directions as they have to perform different functions assigned to them by their CREATOR, ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
The shoots of the plants are made up of light sensitive cells, which force it to grow towards light. However, the root cells receive gravitational signals by their sensitive cells, driving them towards the earth to spread within it and to perform duties assigned to them.
If the shoot does not get direct sunlight, then it grows towards the sunlight. This process is termed as “Phototropism”. The plant never gets confused, as roots spread on their decided target inside the earth in a systematic way.
The system is so much perfect and error free in which every part is performing duties assigned to it so perfectly. The question arises, who controls and looks after as to whether specific part is doing work assigned to it or not? Who is that Creator? Who has created them? Does there creations have some purpose or not? What are the other creations of the Creator? If HE would have not created the skies and the earth, then is there anybody parallel to HIM, who could have created them? Anybody with wisdom and with intellect would say or would affirm that GOD ALMIGHTY is unparallel, unmatched, Supreme, and Matchless, Who has created everything and no one can create it. HE is the One Who revealed upon in HIS Final Testament and questions the mankind in chapter 31/11.
“All this is ALLAH's creation: show ME then, what others than HE, may have created! Nay, but the evildoers are obviously lost in error!”
These plants and trees and their flowers and fruits, their leaves and branches, are they created just to decorate and exhibit this world? Or are they created with some purpose? Are they created to favor the other creations or to benefit other creations? What is its purpose? The CREATOR ALMIGHTY says in chapter 2/29:
“HE, it is who, has created for you O mankind, all that is on earth…….”
Then HIS creation which is called ‘Man’ is he the owner of this earth? Does this ‘Man’ is not created by somebody without any purpose? The answer to all these questions is there with, the One Who not only created the mankind, but also made him successor of this earth. The earth, the sky and creatures which are known to him and which are not known to him are serving him. If in this chain, one or few links would have been missing, then was it possible for mankind to exist on this earth?
We should think further that our Sustainer has kept so many signs in the form of plants and trees, to learn and take a lesson from them. With the progress of scientific discoveries, so many signs which were not known earlier are getting revealed to us.
The tree gives us shade and protects us from sunlight in summer, and relieves us from intense heat and maintains the environment. But we carelessly, rather mercilessly cut the tress for our own greed, without any plan of its future growth. Yes, we may use its timber for our needs, but how we can waste it mercilessly! Now, is it not clear to us that the creation and planning of these trees are done by a Perfect Designer and Creator, with due consideration of the needs of the mankind.
Whether in Jungle or in city, the existence of trees attracts a sensible person to ponder over the Ayah of the Last Book, the Holy Qur’an, which addresses the whole mankind as revealed in chapter 56/63 to 65.
Our LORD asks:
“Have you ever considered the seed which you cast upon the soil?”
“Is it you who cause it to grow- or are WE the cause of its growth?”
“Were it OUR will, WE could indeed turn it into chaff, and you would be left to wonder and to lament.”
Is it not very special design of the CREATOR, Creating the heavens and earth with all their qualities and scattered man and animal on this planet? If our LORD did not keep all these functions in them, then was it possible for us to get the desired things out of it? Will all these bounties to mankind go unnoticed by us? Do we feel that we are not answerable to the CREATOR for such favors? Now our logic asks us that what should be the expectation of our LORD in return of all these bounties. Let us see it in chapter 40/61.
“…….Behold, ALLAH is indeed limitless in HIS Bounty unto mankind - but most of them are ungrateful.”
It is our gratitude, our humbleness, our devotion, our faithfulness which is expected. Our LORD is calling our attentions that we should be thankful to our Sustainer in chapter 55/13.
“So which bounties of your LORD will you deny?”
The Sustainer has created the plant kingdom and assigned them functions also. Is it possible for us to water all the plants and trees growing on this earth? In this scientific era the scientific revelations should strengthen our recognition of powers and capabilities of our SUSTAINER, by knowledge of the plants and trees which were not known to us a few centuries before.
The roots of the trees penetrate into the soil and form a network, till they discover water deep into the soil. Then, the process of absorbing water and minerals from the soil continues. The water and minerals thus absorbed are then parted to every branch and every leaf of the plant though they are located many meters above the ground level. Who has caused the roots to pump the water to such a height? In a big tree tones of water is pumped by the plant and released into the air in the form of water vapor to keep the surroundings cool. In our country, coconuts which are located many meters above the ground level are filled with about half liter of water.
Who has pumped the water to such a height? Then after such revelation, why we do not feel HIS Might and apprehension? A Red Maple tree pumps and transpires 200 liters of water in the atmosphere every day, which is evaporated in the form of water vapors. We should be thankful to our SUSTAINER, Who is the Sustainer of the Maple tree also. This way the water droplets continuously reach every part of the plant and then form leaves they are released in the form of atmosphere in the form of water vapors and this process leads to the formation of clouds which in turn result in rains which is sent down by our Sustainer.
“So which bounties of your LORD will you deny?”
In the dense forest, due to heavy rains and closed canopy, the sunlight cannot reach all parts of the plants. In such forests the size of the leaves is enlarged, so that they can get more sunlight to fulfill the food requirements by manufacturing more food. On the contrary, in dry desert areas size of the leaves is very small, so that the quantity of water evaporated is limited to keep the required balance of water in the plants. In desert plants such as cactus, the leaves are reduced to thorns to check the evaporations of water and the green stem takes over the functions of manufacture of food with the help of sunlight.
“So which bounties of your LORD will you deny?”
The leaves of the plant not only take part in manufacturing food with the help of sunlight, but also play an important role by absorbing carbon dioxide form the atmosphere and carry into different parts of the plants. This is done with the help of small pores situated on the surface of the leaves, called stomata which open and close as per requirement. When the pores are open, they release oxygen and water vapors in the atmosphere and at the some time absorb the molecules of carbon dioxide. Thus, the pure oxygen which is essential for survival is released, and the hazardous carbon dioxide which is released by human beings during the course of respiration is absorbed, and used by leaves for manufacture of their food. Who is running this perfect exchange system, which is meeting the requirements of all the creatures every moment? HE HIMself has given the introduction in chapter 55/29.
“On HIM depend all creatures in the heavens and on earth for all their needs; and every moment HE manifests HIMself in yet another wondrous way.”
The process of photosynthesis comprises of “Light Reaction” and “Dark Reaction”. In the light reaction, chlorophyll, the green substance absorbs sunlight due to which energy rich electrons are prepared, which isolates oxygen from the water. Thus, the absorbed water breaks into oxygen, protons and electrons. After undergoing different stages, these electrons prepare Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADPH). However, in the “Dark Reaction” or “Kelvin cycle” the end product of light reaction i.e NADPH and ATP, the CO2 is reduced to organic carbon. On this earth, there is no other means, but this is the only way by which organic carbon, the most important part of life is produced.
No laboratory, however advanced in this world, can work in full harmony, co-operation and efficiency like that of the cells of the plants. The end product is glucose and oxygen, which are essential for survival of human beings and their cattle. Similarly, sunlight is directly or indirectly the source of energy to every existing soul on this earth.
Who has turned the sunlight and the food manufacturing cells of the plants, in a perfect harmony on this earth, so that the life created on this earth is sustained. In chapter 32/27 HE says.
“Are they not aware that it is WE, who drive the rain onto dry land devoid of herbage, and thereby bring forth herbage of which their cattle and they themselves do eat? Have they not the vision?”
Human beings, their cattle and whoever respires on this earth, contributes to 92 billion tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year. On the other hand plants contribute to 37 billion tons and factories to 18 billion tons of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere every year.
If our Sustainer would have not compensate this level, than the temperature of this earth would have continuously increased. Due to which glaciers would melt causing increase in water only in specific regions making desert condition in other areas. This would lead to decrease in the oxygen level causing suffocations, making the existence of life different on this globe.
“So which bounties of your LORD will you deny?”
We should be grateful to the thoughtful deeds of our LORD, Who has designed the plants to absorb hazardous gas and in return release the oxygen which is the life saving gas. Every year plants approximately absorb 129 billion tons of carbon dioxide and responsible for reducing pollution. However, remaining 18 billion tons gas is compensated by the sea by oxygen- carbon dioxide cycle.
Anybody with wisdom and scientific thoughts should exclaim and say; indeed all praise is due to ALLAH the Sustainer. Nobody is parallel to HIM. HE is beginning and HE is the end. HE is within whatever is revealed and whatever is concealed or hidden. The very proof of HIS Greatness is the earth and the skies and whatever is existing between them. None is partner to HIM. HE begets not, neither is HE begotten.
Thank you very much, GOD bless you all.