Warnings in Natural Calamities!
Holy Qur'an 67/16 to 18
I wish all the viewers peace, tranquility, harmony, prosperity and Salaams. The same is said in Arabic: Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
The exchange of this traditional Salaam is an exchange of reassurance among the persons that they harbor in their hearts, good wishes and respect for all. In its elaboration, we pray to the LORD of the Universe to shower HIS Blessings and Bounties on the mankind in general. May the CREATOR and SUSTAINER of the Universe, guide all human beings to the right path! Aameen!
Now we take recourse to the Final Testament of the LORD of humanity to reform and develop our actions, emotions and deeds as endorsed by our CREATOR in HIS Book of Guidance, the Qur’an, the final revelation. It will not only make our life worthwhile on this earth, but it also guarantees a grand reception and eternal happiness in the Hereafter. Professing and testifying the Oneness of our LORD, we strive for purification and perfection of our own life by emulating the character of the Last Messenger, Mohammed (s.a.w.s) who is an ideal role model for the entire humanity.

Today we shall go through a few verses of chapter 67 of the Final Testament, The Qur’an bestowed by our own LORD, the LORD of the Universe. Let us find out what the verses signify and how we can apply it for own benefit and development! May our LORD guide us to the right path, and help us to come to the right conclusion. Aameen!

It is impossible for mankind to correspond the eloquence and articulacy of the heavenly wordings. However, we make an attempt so as to come closer to the meaning and spirit of the Heavenly Scripture. May our LORD help us in our endeavor. According to my understanding, the meaning would be:
“Is the humanity so confident that HE, Who is in the heavens, will not let the earth swallow you up by a mighty earth quake?”

“Is the humanity so confident that HE, Who is in the heavens, will not let loose against you a deadly storm wind? Then only you would realize how true MY warning was?”

“And indeed generations passed aforetime did not pay heed to MY warnings. Then how terrible was my punishment!”
ALLAH the SUSTAINER and CREATOR of this universe has sent the first pair of humanity, Adam and his wife on this earth with the intellect, how to use all the resources available in best possible way. We know that the human progress is most amusing among all the creatures. The intellectuals know that the successor of this earth, the man is utilizing these resources in the best possible way.
The human race started flourishing and continued processing with the use of intellect and wisdom bestowed upon them. From a single pair, they started multiplying with a steady pace spreading in various geographical areas in search of their needs and are known by various tribes. The mankind was sent here for a test and one pre-requisite condition for this test was to accept the Ultimate Truth and follow it in its best possible way. On the other hand, counter evil forces were also given complete freedom to put their efforts against it. So that, man with his understanding, wisdom and common sense should identify the Ultimate Truth and attain faith upon it, and by remaining faithful in his life, put all his efforts to get success of here and hereafter.
If we see and ponder upon the shape of the planet earth, on which children of Adam are given a temporary place to live upon, then only we will realize and accept the Great Artisan and will instantly praise our CREATOR for such a wonderful creation. The earth which is a part of Solar system is moving around the sun and upon its axis with a great speed. In the past, it was thought that the earth’s crust, located under its surface is solid and stationery. But recent and modern science has proved that under the earth’s crust, there is something which is living and mobile. About 25 years before, while researching volcanos, the scientists have put forth the theory of plate tectonics.
According to plate tectonics theory, earth’s surface is made up of 50 to 80 kilometers thick group of plates, which are floating above the lava. The size and positions of these plates keep on changing continuously. The speed of their movements is similar to the speed of growth of human finger nails which is about 1 cm to 10 cm per year.
In the middle of the oceans, the sea-beds are getting prepared continuously. The new sea-bed comes into existence when the hot lava touches or comes in contact with cold sea water.
Owing to the vastness of the ocean, it becomes essential for these plates to keep on moving. These plates can move away and can come close to one another. The other reason for movements of these plates is described by Japanese Professor Seiya Uyeda, who is regarded as the expert of plate tectonics. She described that extreme cold oceans slab which is under the control of gravitational force is continuously sinking in the subduction zone. Due to which, plates of one region cause other plates to move. Till to day, it is a challenge for scientists to come to any conclusion about the driving force which keeps these plates moving.
Here arises a question that who has the control on the movements of these plates? Mankind? Absolutely not. Any other creature? Again certainly not!! Then who he is?
It is HE, the Sublime, the Supreme, the GOD of the entire Universe, the Best Designer, the Best Creator, and the Best Artisan who creates every thing most perfect and error free. The One who Created from a microscopic atom to the vast sky, and imparted in all of them their functions. HE Alone is the Master, the Owner, the SUSTAINER of all the creatures. It is HE, who has put life into every living organism. It is HE who plans, organize and orders to the plates of the earth to move as HE wish.
HE HIMself introduced us in HIS Final Testament, the Holy Qur’an in the beginning verses of chapter 87:
“Extol the Limitless Glory of your Sustainer's Name, the All-High, All-Powerful. Who Creates every thing in proportion and perfection and determines its nature and guides the function of creation.”

Thanks to modern science, we came to know that the earth, being volcanically and tectonically active, is proved to be live and mobile. The tectonic plates can cause mild tremors if they move away from each other. On the other hand they cause severe earth quakes when they come closer to each other.

The CREATOR of tectonic plates, the CREATOR of the earth and its quakes asks us a question in verse 17/68 of HIS Final Testament. Surely we are the aware of all these underground movements of the plates of the earth, and also suffer heavy losses due to its abnormal movements.
“O Humanity, are you confident that ALMIGHTY GOD let not the land to swallow you up, or let loose upon you a deadly storm wind. Thereupon, you would find none to be your protector?”

The answer to this question from any sane person will be, no our LORD, no our CREATOR, we can not feel ourselves secure and safe from such natural calamities. None can save us from such disasters, not even our modern scientific developments.

Now there arises a question in our minds that, is there any way to get safety and security from such disasters! Let us find out with our intellect, with our minds and let us seek the help of the CREATOR and MASTER of the universe Who manages all the underground activities of the planet we are habituating. We may call him by any name. Even we can call HIM by Nature, the error free and most perfect, as HE is the cause of all the causes, HE is the source of all the resources. Every-time we fail to find out the cause. And there rests the answer, the Last Cause of all the causes, which we call, The Nature.
Our present, developed and progressed era, itself is the witness to the fact that we are helpless against the natural calamities. We cannot escape from the clutches of death, even if we get prior information of it. Even the most developed countries are also helpless against natural calamities such as Tsunami, Tornado, Typhoon, Volcano and many more.
The question came in our minds to search out the safety measures from such disasters, needs a home work. By our scientific developments, we just can say that it is due to the movements of the plates under the earth. But by our intellect, we can understand that the plates are moved by the Creator of the universe.
On the basis of our conclusion, we should think that while our CREATOR is Most Merciful, Most Benevolent to us, Who has created and given us best design, Who has opened all doors of progress upon us, Who has ordered all other creatures of this earth to remain surrendered in front of mankind and remain supportive, then why HE sends such natural calamities upon us? Does HE sends it randomly without any reason, or there are some reasons behind it? HE describes the reason in HIS Final Testament in chapter 11 verses 102:
“And such is the chastisement of your LORD when HE seizes the habitation in their evildoing: verily, HIS punishing grasp is grievous, very severe!”
So the cause, the reason rests with us only. Our tyranny, our selfishness, our lawlessness, our oppression, our coercion, our cruelty, our brutality, our violence, our atrocity, our crimes, our blood-shed, our shameful character, our immodesty, our obscenity, our dishonesty and many more prevailing in our societies. Then we have to face the calamities described in 29/40:
“Each of them we seized for their sins. Some of them WE sent a hail-storm against. And some of them were overtaken by a sudden mighty blast; and some of them WE let the earth swallow-up. And some of them WE caused to drown. And it was not ALLAH who wronged them, but it was they who had wronged themselves.”
About 50 millions years before, Himalaya ranges and plateau of Tibet came into existence due to collision of Indian sub-continent and other regions of Asia. The 8,854 meter high Himalaya is the result of collision of tectonic plates. Who makes the tectonic plate to colloid? Whose planning is this? Is He other than The GOD ALMIGHTY?
We witness the ways of destruction by natural calamities like Tsunami, tornado, typhoon, earth quakes through media. Aircrafts and space crafts disappear from the screen all of a sudden. Scientists are busy in searching the causes, but many times could not find out any clue.

Due to oceanic trimmers, the ocean floor bends towards one side due to which sea water moves inside for a few minutes and then with tremendous speed it returns towards the sea shore. Due to its tremendous power these waves can dislodge a ten storied building from its place and make it float on the surface of water.

Many times our reconstructions and rehabilitations leave no trace of the disaster to ponder for the coming generations, although it remains in history books. And many times, the LORD of the Universe keeps the traces to ponder, to consider, to take lesson, to reform, to apologize, to bow down, to correct our wrongs to reflect upon which HE describes in chapter 22 verses 45 & 46:
“And how many habitations have WE wiped out while they were doing wrongs! They tumbled down on their roofs, their water resources have been abandoned, and many lofty castles and palaces lying unoccupied!”
“Have the mankind not traveled around the earth, letting their hearts and minds to reason with, or their ears may thus learn to hear! Indeed it is not the eyesight become blind, but blinded is the hearts which are within the chests!”
When we visit the remnants of the old civilizations and dynasties, question should come in our mind that what went wrong with these powerful civilizations. Why their castles, their minarets, their stadiums, their architecture and their fine art, their sculptures, their monuments, their carvings, their shrines are remaining here, and where they went? Why they vanished from here?
They were super powers of their times. Their remains confirm their magnificent existence. We don’t have to go far away to find out such remains, as they are very much around us, in every continent. Due to their remains, the tourism industry is also flourishing. Pyramids of great Egypt, great Roman civilization, Persia, greats of the sub-continent like Mohan Jo Doro in Pakistan. In India there are Ajanta, Ellora, forts and monuments of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi, old and new and lot of others. These are all on the surface of the earth, but we don’t now how many are under the oceans and how many are beneath the earth like the civilization just discovered by the satellites buried in the dead desert of Saudi Arabia.

What was the cause of destruction of these powerful civilizations now vanished from the surface of the planet? We can get the answer by applying our own faculties of hearing, our own vision and our intellect as it is asked, us to apply in the verse recited earlier

“Have the mankind not traveled around the earth, letting their hearts and minds to reason with, or their ears may thus learn to hear! Indeed it is not the eyesight become blind, but blinded is the hearts which are within the chests!”
One common favor which is bestowed upon us by our CREATOR without any discrimination is the vision, hearing and the use of common sense and intellect. However, generally we don’t use these faculties and follow the prevailing corrupt system for our personal petty gains. In the Qur’an in the last part of verse 11/116, one shocking news is there.

“…….but the wrong-doers pursued the luxuries which were given to them, and thus became criminals.”
We usually let the corrupt system go without notice. Sometimes we also become part and parcel of it. Those who know also avoid involving themselves and don’t feel any moral responsibility of their own. And here rests our own destruction due to the system. The suggestion provided to us to avoid our personal loss in these conditions is given in the Divine Heavenly Guidance in chapter 11/116, just recited.
Are all these calamities which makes the civilizations vanish from the earth comes all of sudden, or there is warning system from The Great Nature? We find its answer in verse 126 of chapter 9:
“Do the mankinds does not see how they are being tested once or twice in each year, yet they turn not in repentance, and they take no heed!”

We pray ALMIGHTY ALLAH that, however short may be the rest of the life, HE should always keep us connected to HIS Holy Book. We pray ALLAH to guide us to understand correctly and easily this Great Book, to enlighten us, to make us self conscious and to fill our hearts by HIS fear, so that before we breathe our last, we will be able to ask for HIS forgiveness.

Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.

Whether it is an individual or a group or it is a family or a whole society or it is a region or a country, it is enough for a sensible person and society that he rediscovers himself, his way of life, its purpose and objectives and ponders upon its results. He should do introspection and try to find out his own mistakes as well as collective mistakes. He should correct himself before the earth’s trimmers and earth quakes and before the strong winds which transforms into Tornado take a toll of him. He should ponder upon the tragic end of previous super powers who crossed all the limits of morality. He should learn and take a lesson from the rulers of the super powers intoxicated by the power and wealth, who were rendered helpless.