Cell Communication in Human Body
Holy Qur'an 30/8

Dear viewers, may the ALMIGHTY GOD shower HIS Blessings and Bounties on all of us! With this prayer in our heart, we welcome you all, with the traditional greetings Asalamoalekum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatohu, which is again a prayer invoking peace, serenity, tranquility and the Divine Blessings and favors, for the well being of all humans inhabiting this globe. And the same blessings we call for all those on our right and all those on our left at the end of every Salat or Namaaz, so that till the next prayer, the effect of positive feelings for all the people around us remains in our heart and mind.

We need to go through this Divine Book every day, with a receptive state of mind, apply common sense, logic and reasoning over it’s verses, which are compact and at the same time with clear meaning and understandable message. It’s contents are not confined to any particular theme, but contains the foundation for an entire system of life. It has the Divine Power to purify our heart and soul, bring a vital change in our thinking process, and ensure a remarkable success in this life and the next world. We start this process with the recitation of chapter 30 verse 8.
It is impossible for mankind to correspond the eloquence and articulacy of the heavenly wordings. However, we make an attempt so as to come closer to the meaning and spirit of the Heavenly Scripture. May our LORD help us in our endeavor. According to my understanding, the meaning would be:

“Have the Men never contemplate and ponder over their own selves! ALLAH has not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them without purpose and a time period set by HIM! Still there are many people who deny the truth that they are destined to meet their Sustainer!”

We know that the most significant discovery in the human history is communication technology. In the shortest possible time, today we can get and exchange information and data using Internet. But surprisingly, researchers and scientists today confirm that communication and transfer of data within the cells of the human body is by far the fastest, that Man can ever imagine or comprehend! Cells are the basic structural and functional units of the human body and there are many different types of cells like muscle, nerve, blood, and so on. Its functional capabilities are so complex that Man could not make anything near to it.

In the body, particularly the “nerve cells” of brain and the “optical nerve cells” of eyes have the fastest communication system. Right from the first cell ever created, they are performing their duties without error. Is it possible for us to count the creatures on the earth, or the stars and galaxies in the space? In all these creations, a human body in itself is the most wonderful creation of The ALMIGHTY CREATOR.

Everyday, our observatories discover new wonders in the Universe. And our medical science also finds new wonders in the human body every now and then. All these discoveries we come across are wonderful in themselves excellent and with great precision. CREATOR The Great says in HIS Last Testament, the Holy Qur’an in chapter 41 verse 53.

“Indeed WE The ALMIGHTY shows the mankind our undeniable signs in the horizons, and within their own bodies, so that it become clear to them that these messages are indeed the truth. Is it not enough for the mankind that your Sustainer observes every event and witnesses everything?”

The Universe is ever expanding. Our observatories are recording new wonders of the Nature every passing day. The perfection in the creation of all the beings we observe. We know that we have no role in it. Neither we have any role in selecting our own face and its shape. It applies to our other physic also. ALMIGHTY LORD put this for our consideration in chapter 3 verse 6.
“HE is The Creator who shapes your faces in the wombs of your mothers just as HE wishes. There is no divine being except HIM. HE is the Almighty, the Truly Wise.”
Similarly we observe the space, the sun and the moon, the clouds and the rain, the beasts and the cattle. The perfection in the design and creation of all these have undeniable signs of GOD ALMIGHTY. still we do not realize it in its true spirit. We do not find any flaw in its designing and creation. And we also know that no other than the GOD ALMIGHTY created all this. HE is matchless, unfathomable, and HIS existence is undeniable. HE asks the question to the humanity in chapter 31 verse 11 of the Holy Qur’an.
“These are all the creations of GOD ALMIGHTY. Now show me what others have ever created! Rather the evildoers who feel divinity and power in others are obviously in error!”
We know, although very little, that in our body, the cells play an important role. And we also know that Proteins present in the human cells play an important role in the communication system of the body. Out of approximately 30 thousand different proteins present in the human body, the complete functions of only 2% are known to us so far. There are antennae present on the membrane of every cell, which receive the message signals from the hormone molecules. There are power stations located exactly under these antennae, which decodes the messages received by the antennae. The message reception depends upon three points. Firstly, it is the antennae, the second is the body of the cell and thirdly, it is the tail.
The antennae of these cells are similar to the dish antennae. However, surprisingly every antenna is designed to receive a particular message, to make it sure that massage signal cannot be received at wrong place. Who has created these minute cells with so much perfection? Who has set up such a perfect communication system in these minute or micro cells? It is revealed in chapter 40 verse 64.
“…….Such is your GOD ALMIGHTY O mankind. So all the Glory is for ALLAH Who is the Sustainer of all the worlds!”

For every movement of our body, billions of cells in our body, packed with advanced technology, carryout the work of transfer of complex messages. In the functioning of these cells, a shut down for only a moment, the whole communication system would fail resulting in the death. How such a large number of cells are continuously performing their duty without any control.

Different modules of human cells relay signals continuously with great precision like broadcasting and telecasting signals although these signals are unmatched as they are very accurate. In chapter 37 verses 165 &166 The Creator of these cells quotes them in these words:
“And indeed we too are well arranged in ranks and indeed we too extol the limitless glory of our Creator!”

The functioning of the signals can be understood by the example of two hormones, namely insulin and glucagons. Both are opposite to each other, and responsible for balanced sugar level in the blood. One increases the blood sugar level and the other one decreases it. This result in keeping the sugar level in balance, or else any imbalance will cause abnormal sugar levels in blood, which can be fatal, leading to death!

Is this not a clear sign of the perfect planning and designing of our Creator? Then why we should not submit ourselves to our CREATOR Who is such a perfect Planner, Who is ALMIGHTY, Who is unchallengeable, unparallel and Master of the whole Universe. It is obvious that even a cell or a vast ocean or a vast heaven, all are utterly surrender to the orders of their Master, and executing the duties with devotion. The Creator has assigned duties to all of HIS creations. Every one is functioning accordingly which is said in chapter 30 verse 26 of the Final Testament.
“Every being and every thing that is in the heavens and on the earth; belongs to ALLAH Alone, and all the beings are devoutly obedient and surrendered to HIM.”
When HIS creation from as small as unicellular organisms to galaxies million light years away are surrendered to HIM, then why we should not whole heartedly submit ourselves to our SUSTAINER by accepting HIS commands!!
Esteemed audience, let me glorify in scientific language the greatness of our SUSTAINER. Similar to an international web, the microscopic cells too are set-up and work together in a perfect harmony. The receptors and adaptors timely cooperate with proteins and hormones. Presence of such a complex system is the proof that human machinery is an intelligent design of the perfect CREATOR.

The scientists of today are engaged in research on cellular communication system of human body. According to them, without any discrimination, without any considering of the social and economic status of any person, the organs are functioning as they are designed for. If the brain of a king or common man orders that the body is in need of sugar, it is the duty of his liver to respond immediately and supply the necessary sugar. If the tissues and muscles need more blood supply, than the heart is

given message to pump more blood, and it starts functioning accordingly. We do not find any discrimination of any level in the whole humanity in this system.
It should be accepted by us whole heatedly that The Creator treats all the mankind equally. HE has bestowed HIS bounties and gifts to every one. Every individual is bestowed uniformly with a couple of hands, legs, eyes, ears, lips, and a tongue, a brain and a heart and so on. The most vital and important thing which is responsible for our existence is the Oxygen. It is being made available to every individual without any discrimination of cast, creed, religion, culture, color, language, country, region etc. Is it not enough for us to respect and value each and every habitant of the earth!

The humanity was valued most by all the Prophets. The human values displayed and set by the Last Prophet, Muhammad (s.a.w.s) must be our ideal. He prayed for the guidance and well-being of the people who were even his arch enemies. We should act on it and propagate it, so the humanity get relaxed from hate, hatred, prejudice and discrimination on the basis of cast, color, nationality, religion etc.

Is it not enough for us to understand the value of a human, that if only one single man would have been the habitant left on this earth, then he would have been the only beneficiary for everything thing that exists between the earth and the sky. The sun and moon would have risen for him and winds have blown and bring rains for him alone. The value of each and every human was preached, practiced and propagated by all the Prophets in their times as every heavenly revelation provide the basic in all the times according to the verse 4 of chapter 95 of the Holy Qur’an:
“Indeed WE create Men in the finest stature and best conformation.”
The more we will explore the science, we will find the wonders as well as signs of our SUSTAINER. Right now we are dealing with functions of human body in which numerous signals keep moving all the time. These signals are relayed by a cell and stimulate or activate other type of cells to perform different functions. This we don’t find with such intensity in other lowly developed creatures. Is it not the proof that man is the best designed creation of our CREATOR? Is it not the proof that we are the children & brood of Adam, the first man GOD created! Can we be the descendant of an ape? This is how it was claimed a century back while today after we had discovered the human cell and we have the system of DNA, this theory had been rejected altogether by modern day genetic science.
Comparing today’s sophisticated computers the analogy could be drawn as “The cell is a carbon-based "computer chip" that reads the environment. Its "keyboard" is comprised of receptors. Environmental information is entered via its protein "keys." The data is transuded into biological behavior by effecter proteins. The IMP BITs serve as switches that regulate cell functions and gene expression. The nucleus represents a "hard disk" with DNA-coded software. Recent advances in molecular biology emphasize the read/write nature of this hard drive”.
Dr. Gunter Blobel, the 1999 Noble Prize winner on medicine who has done research on zip code of human cells says that we know very little about working of these cells and a long period of time is required for the complete knowledge.
It is high time for the humanity to accept the Might, Glory and Majesty of the LORD of Universe, The Best Creator, The Perfect Designer, The Best Artisan only to get us in tune of the Great Nature and make our world and our life peaceful and prosper on the earth. And it is high time for our scientist to keep the touch with heavenly revelations in their original to accelerate the researches and utilize it for the benefit of the humanity at large.
It is high time for those who claim themselves the followers of heavenly revelation to let the common man study the Messages of his LORD in original so that each and every body can respond the question asked in the Holy Qur’an, chapter 55 verse 13.
“So which bounties of your LORD, you will deny O mankind and other created-beings?”
Right from the first human the CREATOR ever Created, HE developed in him a zip code for the efficiency and acceleration in communication among various cells of human body. The zip-code technology is recently discovered in computer sciences also although it is not so perfect and faster as in a human body. In human organic system, to convey messages, hundreds of amino acid molecules work to synthesize proteins and accelerate their speed.
There are around 10-30 amino acids which are used to imprint zip code in the form of a chain, which instructs as to which communication path he has to take up and which will be its receiving station. This code is encrypted on the protein like a molecular bar code. The Signal Receiving Protein (SRP) functions as a guide and show path to the newly farmed protein.
All these scientific developments and zip-code system are very recently discovered. However, the advanced technology like zip code was always present there in man right from the day Adam was created. This is in it self a proof that the One who has kept such a perfect system in human body is a Best Programmer and Best Creator. It is impossible for us to even dream such a system. HIS vision is limitless. HE is eternal and beyond all perceptions. HE is matchless. HE is Most Benevolent, Most Merciful. It is beyond our perception to see HIM, but we can feel HIS presence, HIS Might, HIS Majesty every where. HE says in The Holy Qur’an in chapter 6 verse103.
“No vision can encompass HIM, but HIS grasp is over all visions. HE Alone is unfathomable, all-aware.”
Every particle and every atom present in itself is the witness and confirms the matchless and incomparable design of ALLAH. Every particle and every atom is radiating signals of HIS Greatness, HIS Power. Everything from an atom to Himalaya, from a microscopic cell to the sky over us, we ourselves and every creature is describing the presence of the Creator. An intellectual person should apply his reasoning and take a lesson from every particle, every cell, every creature and use his valuable wisdom and sense of reasoning, decode the signals along with his belongings ,and ultimately should bow in front of his SUSTAINER, and surrender his weak existence and give up his ego in front of his LORD and pronounce and should call out:
“Indeed I have turned all my devotions and fully concentrate to HIM who brought into being the heavens and the earth, with full dedication. And I am not of those who associate others in the Might of The GOD ALMIGHTY, and ascribe divinity to others also alongside with HIM.” (Holy Qur’an, chapter 6 verse 79)
We invite the systematic reasoning minds that besides doing hard work on the research of human machinery, they should ponder over the Revelation from the Sustainer with acceptance of the greatness of ALMIGHTY. We should submit and surrender ourselves, as we should know our limitations. No one on earth can survive without HIS will and HIS help.
Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.
Additional Information on human cells!
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Nervous tissue is composed of two main cell types: neurons and glial cells. Neurons transmit nerve messages. Glial cells are in direct contact with neurons and often surround them.
Nerve Cells and Astrocyte (SEM x2,250). This image is copyright Dennis Kunkel at http://www.denniskunkel.com/, used with permission.

The neuron is the functional unit of the nervous system. Humans have about 100 billion neurons in their brain alone! While variable in size and shape, all neurons have three parts. Dendrites receive information from another cell and transmit the message to the cell body. The cell body contains the nucleus, mitochondria and other organelles typical of eukaryotic cells. The axon conducts messages away from the cell body.
Structure of a typical neuron. The above image is from http://eleceng.ukc.ac.uk/~sd5/pics/research/big/neuron.gif.

Three types of neurons occur. Sensory neurons typically have a long dendrite and short axon, and carry messages from sensory receptors to the central nervous system. Motor neurons have a long axon and short dendrites and transmit messages from the central nervous system to the muscles (or to glands). Interneurons are found only in the central nervous system where they connect neuron to neuron.
CELLULAR LEVEL - cells are the basic structural and functional units of the human body & there are many different types of cells (e.g., muscle, nerve, blood, and so on)