Wonders of DNA
Holy Qur'an 90/1 to 4
Dear viewers, we greet all our viewers with traditional salutation that is an assurance of our love and affection and a prayer for your peace and prosperity. It is a promise that we hold all our viewers in great esteem and dignity. Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
This customary greetings and prayer for peace and tranquility is meaningless unless our deeds are in agreement with our words. We, as Muslims, are duty bound to convey the message of the ALMIGHTY to mankind irrespective of their color, caste or gender, nation or region as did our Prophet (s.a.w.s). This only will assure peace and harmony in the world and lead the humanity to a prosperous and flourishing civilization. For this, we have to adopt a common agenda, only to convey the message and words of the LORD of the Universe.

In conveying the noble message our optimistic outlook, our refined behavior, and the positive reaction in the face of hostility will reflect, whether we are really sincere to what we profess. Otherwise the words will remain frozen to our lips, with no effect on our own self and the world.

Now let us see what guidelines the DESIGNER and CREATOR of the Universe has framed for our conduct in HIS Holy Book. We recite the verse no. 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Chapter 90.
Considering the depth and sublimity of the Qur’anic verses, it is virtually impossible to translate it into any worldly language. And therefore we can only make an effort to be nearer to the sense and spirit of the original text.
“Nay! Consider this city.”
“And you are native of this city.”
“And consider the father and that which was born of him.”
“WE have certainly created man (and put him) into a hard trial.”
These verses, revealed fourteen hundreds years ago. It contains startling evidence for all ages and makes a thoughtful reader accept instinctively that they cannot be the words from non other than Supreme CREATOR, WHO has unlimited powers and capacities. Every atom and all matters living or non-living is a manifestation of HIS Power and Supremacy. Man carries even within himself signs of GOD’s wisdom and power. He can also see them everyday in the universe around him. But he can recognize his CREATOR only if he reflects over all these signs. If man applies all his faculties of reason and perception, he can realize the might of the GOD, HIS unity and divinity, and then he would have no option but to shed out his ego, pride, and unfounded notions. After coming out of his arrogance and self-conceit, he may lead an honest and dignified life.
The world knows that this Divine Revelation was first heard in the region, which was better known for its pagan culture and traditions. It was never known as a center of learning. Nor did it have great civilization. But the verses of the Holy Qur’an set a revolution in their life within a short span of 23 years, and soon they were at pinnacle of all the faculties of humanity.
In those days, the world was unaware of the modern inventions of science. But the Book of ALLAH briefly but logically deals with the phenomena of human life, its birth, different stages of creation, his role in the world affairs and his departure to the next world. Along with, it also deals with many other wonderful mysteries of our nature, that have onl
Today we shall deal only with a brief verse that we recite once again:

“And consider the father and that which was born of him.”

The words are very few. But this is the distinctive feature of the Divine Revelation that it contains infinite within the finite. If we look at it from different angles, it seems that our LORD has made a mention of man, his off springs, and the parentage to think over. Now knowledge is accessible to all, and if we ponder over the words, we may unfold various implications of the verse, of course with the help of our LORD. And so we pray to the ALMIGHTY:
“O our Supreme LORD, guide us the path most straight (which could lead us to the ultimate success)”.
Today the CREATOR of this universe has unraveled many such mysteries about the earth and the space that have baffled the human minds for centuries. With the development of genetic science, the genes of man, animals and even birds, vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants have been discovered. But when these verses were revealed, they merely signified guidance, though in essence such verses always remain a subject for further research.
Today we shall make an attempt to analyze this verse from a scientific point of view. Now a medical science, after a detailed research on the structure of human body, the cells and their functions, has come to the conclusion that every man in himself is a complete human machine. Although every human being in this world possesses two legs, two hands, two eyes, one nose and two ears, but each man is different from other men in all respects. Every man is unique in respect of his creation. Not just his face, but his finger prints, his body odor and all his internal parts are different from every other person. This information has been substantiated clearly after the invention of DNA. The modern medical research about DNA has proved that the parentage of a person can be determined by DNA test. The spirals found in DNA test will match with only one man in the world who will definitely be his or her father. And the same spirals will match with only one woman, and she would undoubtedly be the mother.
So every living creature, be it human or else, is a unique creation of his MASTER. He is unmatched. It does not matter whether we find him in a lower social status, or economically backward, or being discriminated because of his color, his race, his region or nation, but he is a living example of the unending Creative Powers of the Supreme CREATOR. It is this CREATOR who is the actual owner of all that is between the heaven and the earth. HE creates every thing unique and makes no replica of any. HIS range and power of creation is unimaginable and beyond comprehension of any creature. HE is the best Artisan. No one can be compared with HIM. The Holy Qur’an states in chapter 23 verse 14:
“……. So Blessed and Glorious is ALLAH, the best of artisans!”
The ALMIGHTY CREATOR has not only made us unique, but has also assessed our value, our worth in HIS Last Book. To know what is the value of a man near his CREATOR, only a verse from the Book of ALLAH will be sufficient. HE says in chapter 86 verse 4:
“There is not a person but over him is a keen observer (for security).”
Every man is protected by GOD in many ways that he does not even know. The Creator has made the arrangements to guard and protect HIS creature from many inherent dangers. And we all know that security is provided only to those who are VIPs. This one verse quoted here makes it amply clear how important is the life of man near his CREATOR. HE cherishes him, guards him from harm, and grants him all the means and opportunities for development. This verse also reminds us that if a man is a valuable creature of GOD ALMIGHTY, we cannot disregard him.
In the fast changing modern world where new discoveries and invention are made almost every day, genetic science with the help of human cells has produced undeniable proof that every man is unique. The Designer and Maker of this excellent human machine HIMSELF declare in chapter 41 verse 53:
“Indeed WE will show the mankind our undeniable symbols in the horizons, and within their own bodies, so that it will become clear to them that these messages are indeed the truth. Is it not enough for the mankind that your SUSTAINER observes every event and witnesses everything?”
The space or horizon is full of the signs of this Great CREATOR. And HIS creature, man though small in size, also contains many signs of HIS greatness in the process of his formation, body and shape. They are the crucial evidences of HIS Creative Power, HIS greatness, HIS excellence and perfection. Can any one deny it?
It is however strange that in spite of so much scientific research and development, a large number of men fails to recognize their CREATOR. Instead of surrendering to HIS Might, they are fearlessly and openly defying HIS commands. It will certainly not do any harm to the All-powerful CREATOR, but would only entail their own doom. It is therefore necessary for us to admit the ultimate truth. We must use our senses to recognize our Rabb and surrender ourselves before HIM.
Let us now again concentrate on the same brief verse once again which we recited in the beginning:
“And consider the father and that which was born of him.”
It is amazing that in spite of so much development, the humanity is still groping in the dark, propounding baseless and misleading theories and philosophies. Man is termed as the evolutionary form of monkey. But nobody thinks how the evolution of monkey took place! It is the grace of our LORD that after the in-depth study of human cells and genetic engineering, some advanced countries have stopped teaching this senseless hypothesis. But in some Asian countries men are still evolving out of monkeys.
In the light of recent scientific discoveries, the world should have admitted the ultimate truth along with the authenticity of the Qur’an, because fourteen hundred years back, their CREATOR had informed the man in HIS Book that HE had created all humanity from a single live cell, and HE will continue to do so till the Doomsday. HE declares in the beginning of the fourth Chapter of HIS Last Book:
“O Mankind! Be conscious of your SUSTAINER, who has created you out of a single live cell, and out of it created its mate, and spread from both of them a multitude of men and women. And remain fearful of ALLAH whom you depend for all your needs, and remain careful of blood-relations (and marriage ties). Verily, ALLAH is ever watchful over you!”
It is indeed distressing that we, the custodians of this Great Book, could not convey its universal messages to the humanity spread far and wide. There is still a chance that we rise above petty issues to make this Book, accessible to all humanity. The world may or may not accept the truth. May be that the suffering humanity finds a solace in the Divine Revelation. May be that the development of science in the light of Divine Wisdom, makes this world an ideal place for our dwellings. But if they do not accept the truth, could there be anything more irrational than to reject a message, which has the power to transform the whole world?
Fourteen hundred years back, the CREATOR of this world has informed us that parentage is a solid reality. And in the recent days, science has made so much development that now we can determine the parentage of a person by DNA test. But alas! We have got a perfect system to identify the parentage of a person but failed again to recognize the Great CREATOR.
The matter does not conclude here with DNA or human cells. Now let us see how long this series of parentage is. A human body contains 100 trillion cells and there are innumerable chromosomes in these cells. The thickness of a chromosome is 10-9 m, that means a billion times smaller part of a meter, comprising one meter long chain of DNA
As the parentage of father and its linkage to Adam is a reality, similarly the parentage and linkage of the children is definite. The hereditary tendencies and DNA can never be changed. Glory be to GOD! How great is the CREATOR of this vast Universe! HE has imbibed the definite characteristics of every living being in its own self. HE declares in chapter 55 verse 55:
“So which bounties (and wonders) of your LORD will you ever deny?”
We consider ourselves a develop nation, but we cannot even dream of performing or producing anything even distinctly similar to the creative mechanism of the All-Knowing GOD. How compact! HE has implanted the complete profile of a human being in a small cell. It contains a complete record of his color, his height, his features, his behavior, his health, his organs, hair, nail, and even the odor of his body. Moreover, there is a perfect record of his lineage till Adam and the record of every individual to be born from his line in this most micro compact disc of cell that works in a watery atmosphere with so much data bank and perfectly devised system.
Amazingly, this data bank, that is DNA, is the most sophisticated and advanced system in the universe, containing elaborate information of a human body. It is present in every human body right from Adam to present generation man in same sequence and perfection. Can a human mind ever think of creating anything so compact, yet so perfect? The answer is certainly a big NO. Then a sensible man should cry out: (Holy Qur’an, chapter 36 verse 83)
“So Limitless is The LORD in HIS Glory. In HIS hand rests the Mighty Dominion over all things; and unto HIM you all will be brought back!”
Do you know that one DNA molecule present in a cell of human body contains information equal to one million pages of an encyclopedia? Our present encyclopedia has 25000 pages. But a molecule of a micro cell carries information many times more than an encyclopedia. The structure of a DNA molecule in a human cell is spiral. When it is opened, we find a slim and about one meter long DNA chain. There are 3 elements on this spiral ladder. They are sugar, hydrogen and phosphate. Then there are four organic bases of DNA codes between them.
1 Adenine
2 Guanine
3 Cytosine
4 Thymine
They are related to one another in a specific order. They are indicated by A, G, C, T, Although all these organic bases have similar functions in all human beings, yet their particular combination in each individual makes a man different from other. And looking at all these, we cannot but say: (Holy Qur’an, chapter 3 verse 191)
“……..O our LORD! YOU did not create all these things in vain and without any purpose. Exalted are YOU above such a thing. So keep us safe, from the punishment of Hell-fire!”
Every person has a distinct physical property like his height, his complexion, the color of his eyes, the fiber of his nose and ear and their shapes, the color and thickness of his hair, hemoglobin, digestive enzymes, and a lot more information is store in the related genes of DNA code.
In a DNA code, there is a meaningful sequence of 3 millions A, G, C, T, with no misplacement of even a single letter. A slight misplacement in genetic make-up may cause a hereditary disease in a person. This genetic code is highly sensitive, perfectly balanced and minutely calculated. The same genetic code is transferred from parent to son or daughter. Despite individual differences, the hereditary traits and a particular combination of DNA code are the exact identification of a person. Even after death, the DNA test of his organs or his bones can ascertain his parentage or linkage.
This is man; the model designed by the Magnificent CREATOR, the High and Mighty GOD Who creates every thing unique and also assigns it its functions. Now what should be the response of a sensible person? It should be, as the Holy Book declares in chapter 87 verse1, 2 & 3:
“Extol the Limitless Glory of your Sustainer's Name, the All-High, and the All-Powerful. Who creates every thing in proportion and perfection, and determines its nature, and guides it the function to perform.”
Ironically man today, after witnessing so many signs of God’s power, recognizes his CREATOR but his false ego prevents him from calling HIM by the traditional names. That is why he has coined different names like ‘Nature’ or ‘Great Error Free System’. We should have sympathy for such people. In fact, the religious history of this world is full of black spots. Here, in the name of religion, in the name of Merciful GOD, in the name of Permeshwar, man has been shedding the blood of his fellow humans. With the advancement of science, they have developed lethal weapons for mass killing. Today, he is in possession of hundreds of atom and hydrogen bombs, so that he might kill millions of people with merely a push of button. This warfare is mostly done in the name of national interest or religious zeal, though the real reason is false pride and materialistic greed.
The ego and pride of religious hierarchy, communalism, intolerance, violence and using religion for self aggrandizement and ulterior motives, and its exploitation for political purposes have given a bad name to religions and its exponents. So much damage has been done, that the secular minds have started questioning whether we need any religion at all! The world still abounds with people seeking the Ultimate Truth. Should we not discover the reality?
But the ground situation is that the bickering and bloodshed in the name of religion has had a disturbing effect on the peace loving masses, making them allergic to religion and all its associates. Even our new generation, unsatisfied with the misrepresentation of religion has started raising questions. So let us not make a case with terminological references and call HIM ‘Great Error Free Nature’. Those who recognize their CREATOR need not quarrel over HIS name because the Holy Qur’an commands:
“And all the attributes of perfection and finest names, rest with ALLAH alone. So invoke HIM by these, and stand aloof from all those who dispute in HIS names. They shall be requited for whatever they have been doing!”
Some people go so far in their allergic attitude that they tend to deny the very existence of GOD ALMIGHTY still in the face of DNA facts and amazing discoveries regarding the earth or the mind boggling inventions about space. But surely in the innermost of their heart, they themselves are not satisfied with what they say. They have with them some imbalanced and irrational theories or beliefs that they again do not admit publicly. They put their hopes on unsubstantial things. For such people and the whole humanity the CREATOR has put a question in HIS Last Book in chapter 2 verse 28:
“How can you deny the presence and existence of GOD ALMIGHTY while you were lifeless and HE brought you to life, and then HE will cause you to die, and then HE will bring you again to life, whereupon unto HIM you will be brought back?”
O our LORD, O our CREATOR, O our SUSTAINER, O the One Who granted us life, O the One Who will grant us death, the more we learn about Your flawless creation, the more we surrender before Your awful Might. O our LORD, we know that the knowledge of science that you have granted to us, has made it easier for us to spread Your message to every corner of this globe. O our LORD, let the peace prevail in the world and make this world even more beautiful. O Our MASTER, forgive all our sins, in the final moments of our life, when after our physical death in this mortal world, we return to you and finally when we will be resurrected for Final Judgment.
Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.