Perfection & Grandeur of our Lord

Holy Qur'an 36/37, 38
Dear audience, may the CREATOR and Sustainer of the Universe shower HIS bounties on all HIS creatures on this earth including us! I convey this in Arabic. Assalamo-alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-Barakatuhu.
We should accept the ultimate reality and proclaim that our CREATOR, our SUSTAINER, our LORD is One ALMIGHTY GOD. HE is the single and alone Master of the entire Universe. HE is the only CREATOR; other things are just created beings. It is HE Who has designed the smallest particle found in the Universe; it is HE Who has created the biggest matter found anywhere in the space. With HIS command begins every natural process and every natural cycle. The Universe moves as HE wills. HE Alone deserves all our admiration and adoration. HE is the Alfa; HE is the Omega. HE is the Beginning; HE is the End. HE is the Apparent; HE is the Inherent. HE is the Most Compassionate GOD ALMIGHTY. HE revealed the Holy Qur’an on HIS last Messenger, Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) that continues to radiate guidance for entire mankind till the Doomsday. The Holy Qur’an is the fountainhead of all virtues, the beacon of righteousness, and the guiding light for the entire humanity. It neither contains any confusion, nor any contradiction. It is absolutely clear. It is self-explanatory with highest standard of clarity and eloquence.
We need to have a day-to-day contact and a direct approach to this Book, a live connection. Let us be receptive to its signals, and let our brain receive a neutral and unbiased reflection over the points it raises for every thinking mind. The Divine Light will enlighten our heart and soul; it will change the course of our life, our day and night, our private and social life. It will shape our present and lead us towards a bright future. It guarantees success for all who believe and remain steadfast, not by oral announcement, but by noble deeds as commanded by the Omnipresent ALMIGHTY GOD.
In the world where our existence unfolds, we have never heard of, or seen an organization or administration that is left to its own devices without a supervisor being responsible for it! The CREATOR, within the system of creation, has not withheld anything that may be needed for any being, to advance and attain a fitting degree of perfection. HE has placed the necessary means and tools at the disposal of all things, and given to each part of every animate being and plant, exactly what it needs. We find a mention of this in The Holy Qur’an chapter 87 which I would like to quote with sincere reverence due unto ALMIGHTY GOD and I seek HIS refuge from all sorts of evils in the attempt………..
“Extol the Limitless Glory of your Sustainer: The Glory of the All-Highest, Who Creates every thing, and thereupon forms it in accordance with what it is meant to be, and Who determines the nature of all that exists, and thereupon guides it towards its fulfillment.”
The Glorious Creator, not only creates, but also imbibes in every creature, its functions and duties. How is it possible that for a special creature like human, The CREATOR may not have provided any code of conduct? No, it is not so. HE describes in 2/213.
“Mankind were once one single community; whereupon ALLAH raised up Prophets as heralds of glad tidings and as warners, and through them bestowed Revelation from on high, setting forth the truth, so that it might decide between people with regard to all on which they had come to hold divergent views…..”
The system was perfect, is perfect and will remain perfect ever. And regarding mankind, The CREATOR says in verse 76/3:
“Verily, WE Created Man and WE have imbibed in him the ways: and it rests with him to prove himself either grateful or ungrateful.”
The Qur’an aims at guidance for whole of mankind from the time of its revelation to the end of time, and contains entirely meaningful and comprehensive explanations about the Eternity, One-ness and Might of The LORD, the CREATOR of the Universe and the OWNER of entire Universe, this world, the space, the Earth and the Heavens.
HIS Final Testament for mankind is a marvel that its subject matter has an appeal with all its simplicity to the common people who constitute the great majority of its addressees, simultaneously in the same verses, it unfolds the wonders of the earth, its plants, landscapes, mountains and oceans. It does not end here but unfolds the mysteries of space and its objects like the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Science today can accelerate its pace if the Qur’an is once again explored scientifically and logically. It is high time for us to study it in its Original and get solutions to the burning issues, the world is facing.
The following 2 verses of chapter 36 provide us a glimpse of its Divine information provided long
As the language in which the Qur’an was revealed is Heavenly Arabic, it is impossible to render its exact meaning in any earthy language. An attempt to come closer to the meaning of the above verses in English would be……
“And mankind has a sign in the night: WE withdraw from it the light of the day – and lo! They are in darkness! And they have a sign in even in the course of Sun. It runs in an orbit of its own that is laid down by the will of the ALMIGHTY, All Knowing. And in the Moon, WE have determined its phases which it must traverse till it becomes like an old date-stalk dried up and curved. And neither may the Sun overtake the Moon, nor can the night usurp the time of the day, since all of them float through space in accordance with OUR destined Laws.”
For the Sun and its course, ALMIGHTY GOD has used Arabic words: …. Tajri Le
Mustaqirral Laha… If these words are translated verbatim, it will be: “… The Sun is heading to its stopping point …” A few space scientists now say that the Sun is heading somewhere with all other planets of the Solar system. But let us take the verses simply and try to get ‘Divine Guidance’ out of them, the verses address our thinking process.
In the changes of nature around us, even simply in the change of day and night, there are many signs for all of us. The natural phenomenon of day and night is so vital for our survival on this planet and is totally in accordance with our physiological needs and functioning. Just as the day, the Sun with its solar energy is important to us, so is the night and the Moon. The Moon with its great volume, a well-designed distance in terms of proportions of a satellite, makes possible the climatic conditions of our planet, creating an ideal environment for life on it, since billions of years. Scientists say that the core of our world preserves its liquid form, due to the gravity exerted by the Moon. This protects the magnetic field of our planet. Had there been no magnetic field, the cosmic radiation would have reached us vertically and destroy the life on the Earth.
Had it not been for the Moon, it is estimated that the Earth would have rotated about its axis in 10 hours, which would seriously affect the life on the Earth. The Moon having exerted its attraction on oceans slowed down its rotation. The Moon completes its course circling the Earth in 29.5306 days. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth traces a sinuosity. While the Earth travels around the Sun, the Moon revolves around the Earth in a variable orbit tracing a curvature and sinuosity, a spiral. The same face is always presented to the Earth. The curve it traces is reminiscent of a curved branch. (The Arabic word used to designate the orbit of the Moon
Urjoonil Qadeem’ means an old stump of a bunch of dates left on the tree when the branch is
cut off The Moon is compared to an old stump of a bunch of dates. The simile beautifully describes the orbit traced by the Moon about the Earth, comprising the initial and ultimate phases of the Moon about the Earth. The verses drawing attention to mathematical measurement and the likening of the curvature to an old branch are hardly compatible with the level of knowledge at the time, which would not allow any one to know the shape of the orbit traced by the Moon about the Earth.
It is amazing to note that an essential fact about the existence of the Sun’s and Moon’s orbits is stated here, also there is reference to the traveling of these bodies in space with their own motion. At the time of the Qur’anic Revelation, it was thought that the Sun moved while the Earth stood still. This was the system of geocentrism that prevailed since 2nd century B.C till 16th century. Although people supported this concept at the time of Prophet Mohammed in the 7th century, it does not appear anywhere in the Qur’an. A new concept therefore existed in the Qur’an that was not to be explained until centuries later when the Hubble telescope was discovered. The Qur’an refers to the Sun and Moon’s own motion. These motions of the two celestial bodies are confirmed by the data of modern science and it is inconceivable that a man living in the 7th century, however knowledgeable he might have been in his day could have imagined them.
The entire Universe including the celestial bodies, work and move according to the well computed, calculated and destined laws of the LORD of the Universe. The Supreme CREATOR designs, destines and creates every thing in most perfect manner. It is universally accepted that the systems of the NATURE are totally error free. Then how could it be that the PERFECT CREATOR, would not destine the Code of Conduct and Laws for mankind?
Unlike other things in the Universe, man has been given a limited freedom of choice. He could, out of his free will, either follow the Law of Nature or go against it. And as the price of this freedom he will have to face its consequences.
Here lies the reality of our life. Here is Ultimate Justice. Here is the forecast for our coming life, our fate, our ultimate future. The life does not stop on our death. Death is the death of body, not life or soul. The soul will be paired by the body once again for eternity. Things are quite logical and scientific .And here we need the divine information from One Who must be not less than The One and Only ALMIGHTY GOD of the entire Universe.
Apparently it seems that after death, few bodies are buried, few cremated and few are drowned and consumed by creatures of the ocean and nothing remains. But how can a person of science accept that nothing is remained? No doubt, body is finished, but where has the life gone? This may be question in ignorant world, but today in the age of science, it must be a topic of research. Our creator provides an answer to this question in chapter 36 of the Holy Qur’an verse 36/78 & 79 which is valid for all ages:
“And now Man (argues about The CREATOR, and) thinks of US in terms of comparison, and is oblivious of how he himself was created! (And so) he says, "Who could give life after death when the bones have crumbled to dust? Say, O Prophet (s.a.w.): ‘The ONE who brought them into being in the first instance, will give them life (once again)! HE has full knowledge of every act of creation.”
A very simple similitude of the day of Resurrection is given in the Qur’an is when it is compared to the revival of barren land. ALMIGHTY GOD says in 35/9

“It is ALMIGHTY GOD Who sends forth the winds, so that they raise the cloud, whereupon HE drives it towards dead land, and thereby give life to the earth after it had been lifeless! Thus shall resurrection be!”

As science advances, many theories about the future of the Universe were put forward. Despite a great deal of knowledge, science takes much time on the final conclusion. Why the scientists are reticent in taking help of their own LORD? Probably they feel the clergy is main hurdle. Is there any need to study the volume full of Wisdom, sent down by The Creator of the Universe HIMself, in the agency of any clergy? I call all to study the Scriptures in its original to solve the burning issues of the humanity and to get a boost in science with the help of our own LORD.
As science advances, many theories about the future of the Universe are put forward. Despite a great deal of knowledge, men of science hardly reach upon a consensus as to the final outcome of the Universe. Why are the scientists reticent in taking help of their own LORD? Would the CREATOR leave His message unto mankind dependent on the so called clergy for interpretation?’ I call all to study the Scriptures in its original to solve the burning issues of the humanity and to get a boost in science with the help of our own LORD.
Our LORD, through HIS Glorious BOOK, encourages us to study the Natural Phenomena in front of us, and the Space above us. The Qur’an, thus encourages learning from available sources of knowledge and at the same time invites Men of intellect and Men of knowledge to its Divine Wisdom and Guidance. It is the harmony of the Original of the Scriptures with science that can prove extremely beneficial to mankind in all spheres of his life.
Many verses in the Qur’an describe the Day of Judgment. We live in a Universe that is expanding since its creation. billions of years ago. Both the birth of the Universe with a "Big Bang" and its ever expansion are described in the Qur’an, in the verse 51/47 & 48:
ALMIGHTY GOD says: “And it is WE who have built the universe with OUR Creative Powers; and, verily, it is WE who are steadily expanding it. And the earth have WE spread out wide - and what an excellent way WE have designed and ordered it!”
But a time will come when the Same LORD and MASTER of the entire Universe will finish all this with a similar Bang. And this is indeed possible by The One Who Created all this with a Bang. And once again, HE Himself will re-create all this and whatever HE wishes, according to HIS Plan and Wisdom, which HE describes in HIS BOOK, The Qur’an verse 21/104:

“The Day, when WE shall roll up the Heavens, as a recorder rolls up a written scroll. Just as WE began the first Creation, WE shall repeat it.”

As we understand it, with a Bang, the space will turn into nothingness , and with the Bang once again, The Mighty CREATOR will Create it and all the creatures will be resurrected for accounts. Our LORD informs us of this in verse 39/68:
“And on that Fateful Day, the Blast will be heard, and all the creatures that are in the heavens and all that are on the Earth will fall down in unconsciousness position, unless they be such as ALLAH wills. (It is the will of THE ALMIGHTY GOD). And then another Blast will be heard – and lo! All will be raised up standing awe-struck, before the seat of Judgment of the LORD and watching these events.”
This will be a fateful Day for all of us. On this Day, we all will be called to account. We have to will be answerable as to how we passed our life on this planet, how fruitful we were to other fellow beings. After consuming all the bounties Created by our LORD on this planet, were we really grateful? Or did we grow arrogant and boastful over whatever God had provided us as a test. We will be judged according to our acts and attitudes whether we were balanced or at extremes, merciful or cruel, tolerant or hot-headed, constructive or destructive?
The severity of that fateful Last Day of this Universe is described at many places in The Holy Qur’an, Let us consider few which tell us how the whole Universe will be shaken once! The verses are from Chapter 81/1 to 7:
“When the Sun is shrouded in darkness,”
“and when the stars lose their light,”
“and when the mountains are made to vanish (like a mirage),”
“and when the (costliest things like) she-camels, about to give birth, are left untended,”
“and when all beasts are gathered together,”
“and when the Oceans boil over with a swell,”
“and when Souls are re-coupled (with body),
And the Earth on which we are residing and enjoying our life, will pass from a turmoil as is said in chapter 99:
“When the Earth quakes with her last mighty quacking, and when the Earth brings forth her all burdens, and Man cries out, what has happened to her? On the Day will she recount all her tidings. As The SUSTAINER will have inspired her to do. And that Day all Men will appear, cut off from one another, to be shown the result of their past deeds. And so he who shall have done an atom’s weight of good, shall behold it, and he who shall have done an atom’s weight of evil, shall behold it.”
Such will be the severity of The Day. Wise enough is he, who is careful in all his worldly acts, deeds, behavior, conduct, moral, observance of decency, etiquette, action, reaction. Nothing is off the record. There is nothing that we can hide from the Supreme LORD. Let us take heed of the warning given to us by our LORD and mould our lives according to his prescribed laws and try to achieve a life of success in this world and the hereafter. May our LORD help us in achieving success of this world and hereafter. Aameen.
Thank you for patient viewing.