Countless Blessings!


Holy Qur'an 16/15 to 18
I wish all the viewers peace, tranquility, harmony, prosperity and Salaams. The same is said in Arabic: Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
The exchange of this traditional Salaam is an exchange of reassurance among the persons that they harbor in their hearts, good wishes and respect for all. In its elaboration, we pray to the LORD of the Universe to shower HIS Blessings and Bounties on the mankind in general. May the CREATOR and SUSTAINER of the Universe, guide all human beings to the right path! Aameen!
Now we take recourse to the Last Book of the LORD of humanity to reform and develop our actions, emotions and deeds as endorsed by our CREATOR in HIS Book of Guidance. This divine guidance from the Qur’an the final revelation It will not only make our life worthwhile on this earth, but it also guarantees a grand reception and eternal happiness in the Hereafter. Professing and testifying the Oneness of our LORD, we strive for purification and perfection of our own life by emulating the character of the Last Messenger, Mohammed (s.a.w.s) who is an ideal role model for the entire humanity.
Today we shall go through a few verses of chapter 16 of the Final Testament, the Qur’an bestowed by our own LORD, the LORD of the Universe. Let us find out what they signify and how we can apply it for own benefit and development! May our LORD guide us to the right path, and help us to come to the right conclusion. Aameen!
It is not humanly possible to correspond the eloquence and articulacy of the heavenly wordings. However, we make an attempt so as to come closer to the meaning and spirit of the Heavenly Scripture. May our LORD help us in our endeavor. According to my understanding, the meaning would be:
“And ALMIGHTY GOD has placed firm mountains on earth, lest it convulsed with you, and rivers, and paths, so that you may travel in it and may find ways. And in the earth, HE kept landmarks, and from the stars, the mankind may find the direction.”
“Is, then, The ALMIGHTY Who creates, comparable to any being that cannot create anything? Will you not, then, bethink yourselves?”
“And if you try to count favors and blessings of ALLAH, you would never be able to number them. Behold, ALLAH is indeed much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace;”
Let us ponder over the verses one by one. The One Who is The Originator, The Designer and The CREATOR of the Universe, planned, designed and created the earth and whatever belongs to it to accommodate and serve its main inhabitants the human kind. HE spread over the earth, mountains full of minerals, timber any many more useful things.
To support particular creature, HE also designed the earth as a suitable habitat providing innumerable resources for the generations to come till the end of the Universe. A man of intellect can well realize the Might, Power, Incomparability and Dominance of The Great CREATOR. After having acknowledged the favors and Supremacy of the Lord, man is compelled to reflect over his role on the universe, the purpose of his life.
ALMIGHTY GOD says: “I have Created mankind and other invisible beings that they should hold me in Reverence by will and choice and worship ME Alone”. (Chapter 51/56)
Worshipping GOD does not mean we spending our entire lives in constant seclusion and absolute meditation. Worship means to live life according to His commands, not to run away from it. To worship GOD is to know Him, to love Him, to obey His commands, to impose His laws in every aspect of his life, to serve His cause by doing right and shunning evil and to be just to Him, to ourselves and to our fellow human beings.
A thought of reflection, a pause for pondering over His creation helps to get to Know Him and to get closer to Him. The globe of earth on which we reside, has its own beauty. It has beautiful valleys, tall impressive mountains, full of dunes, deserts and oceans which flow with low and high tides. It seems that the GOD of Universe has very specially, beautifully and perfectly designed and created it for us.
The creatures of the earth move in search of their provisions while they have their stations to reside. ALMIGHTY GOD has provided landmarks to enable these beings to help them travel, locate and get back to their resting places. These marks on earth help us to move in broad day light as well as in the night we can set our directions even in desert or ocean and continue our journey. Our LORD is so Benevolent with us that HE created the Universe in a fashion that, by the situation of stars in the sky, we can find out our direction in the darkness of nights too. It seems that all the objects of Nature are helping us to survive with ease on the planet.
After having realized these and innumerable other favors of GOD showered over mankind collectively as well as individually, we can’t help but wonder over our role in response to this. These favors must entail some assignments, duties and obligations from us!
In our search for these assignments too our Merciful LORD helps us through the Scriptures HE has sent down for us as a guide. The Final Testament which is intact and unaltered from the time it was revealed till date guides us at many places. Let us consider one here.
“But Man does not want to ascend the steep uphill road (of high morality).”
“And what could make you comprehend that steep uphill road is?”
“It is the freeing of neck from the burden of debts and bondage,”
“or the feeding, upon a day of hunger,”
“to a nearby, an orphan, a destitute,”
“or a needy in utter distress,”
“Then will he be of those who faithfully discharge moral obligations. And who enjoin patience in adversity and encourage compassion.”
“Such are they that have attained to righteousness;”
The CREATOR of the Universe, as obedience to HIM, wants us to love mankind, our own fellow human beings, and HE has promised to reward us for this. HE is Self-Sufficient and Infinite in HIS Power and not in want of our worship. It is our cognition, our willingly and consciously self surrender-ness to the CREATOR which will lead to our own development. These are the laws based on mercy which the Most Merciful Lord has asked us to obey.
Similarly, our CREATOR is so Compassionate and Kind to us that HE spread the network of rivers flowing beautifully on the earth. From high mountains, the snow melts and water flows in summer while monsoon has its own charm and fills all the reservoirs of water over and under the surface of earth.
The All-Powerful and All-Wise and All-Pervasive CREATOR has arranged for the constant supply of potable water through the amazing water cycle.
Our CREATOR has endowed us with amazing faculties of intellect, logic and the senses, which help us to appreciate and enjoy the Bounties HE has provided us with over and within the earth. Considering the vast spread of the earth’s surface, and man’s limited endowment in his two legs, GOD ALMIGHTY has Created carrier animals to support and speed-up his transport and carry his load. HE says in The Final Testament, Chapter 16/8:
“And The ALMIGHTY Created for your ride, horses and mules and asses, and they are adornment for you also, and HE will yet create other things of which today you have no knowledge.”
After a mention of primitive means of transport, we find a mention of other unknown things of the same category, new means of transport which GOD ALMIGHTY unceasingly creates through the instrumentality and inventiveness with which HE has endowed man’s mind. This remains valid for every period – past, present and future of Man’s history.
If we ponder over the creation which lies in front of us, and over in the skies above and below the surface of the earth, we realize that every thing is perfect and well designed so as to be supportive to Human existence. Our life-stock, the birds, wild animals and even creatures of oceans, seems so perfect in their-selves with great resonance, even, apt and beautiful in their color combination. These creatures are obedient to the Supreme LORD in all respects, in the most orderly and perfect manner.
How wonderfully has the CREATOR imbibed in them their task! How is it possible the HE has not shown human beings their obligations and duties expected to be performed by them. Yes HE has! HE informs us in Chapter 87/1 to 3:
“Extol the Limitless Glory of your SUSTAINER's Eminence, the All-Highest, Who Creates every thing, and forms it in accordance with what it is meant to be. And Who determines the Nature of all that exists, and thereupon guides it towards its fulfillment.”
The mountains are full of innumerable creatures, minerals, woods and herbs that help the human population directly or indirectly with a great combination. Many of the mountains are without forests, but have precious minerals, rich with various hues and colors. Our LORD informs us in Chapter 35/27.
“…….. And in the mountains there are streaks of white and red of various shades, as well as raven-black also”
Mountains having great heights have a pleasant top of white snow adorning the earth. Besides their amazing beauty, they are linked to the human environment and everything is inter-connected to each other. Are these signs not enough for us to recognize HIS Supremacy, Might and Bounty?
There are long ranges of low and high mountains scattered and standing tall on the earth. The clouds rising from the seas, with the winds collide with these mountains, and there come blessings of ALMIGHTY on the mankind in the shape rains. How Intelligent and Perfect our LORD is! How beautifully this natural cycle revolves! The LORD of the Universe says in Chapter 16/81.
“And among the many objects of HIS Creation, ALLAH has created and designed for you O mankind, various means of protection. And in the mountain, places of shelter also…….”
Apart from mountains, HE Created valleys for our ease to plough and help us in getting our food. Nothing more than common sense is required to see the Grace and Creative Powers of our LORD in every thing of the world, from the minutest to the largest thing. Our LORD does not have any objection to our enjoying HIS Bounties. HE just wants in us gratefulness, humbleness and submission. HE forbids us from being proud and arrogant through HIS Book, let us refer in verse 17/37.
“O mankind, do not walk on earth with haughty self-conceit. You can never rend the earth asunder, nor can you ever grow as tall as the mountains!”
The ALMIGHTY LORD has endowed Man with a most wonderful and unique gift of intellect, with the help of which he has reached to heights of excellence and progress and continues to do so. But many a times man becomes oblivious to the fact that there is a Supreme Power above him. In spite of all our advancements in science and technology, we can not challenge HIM or escape from HIS Sovereignty and Power. When we observe HIS signs day and night we are filled with awe and gratitude and realize that we are just an insignificant speck in HIS entire Creation. GOD ALMIGHTY has showered upon us HIS innumerable gifts and mercies, and wants us to be humble in our attitude. If we are haughty, arrogant and ungrateful by misusing HIS gifts, or are unjust towards other human beings, HE can turn the tables over us any moment. A tsunami, a tornado, a typhoon, a volcanic emission or an earthquake can teach us the lesson, how insecure we are in front of HIM!
It is also in our Nature that when a calamity befalls us our attitude changes and we humble ourselves in front of him. But when the situation turns normal, we return to being our old selves just as we were before the calamity. Be it on earth or in the seas. Our LORD teaches us in the Chapter 17/67.
“And whenever danger befalls you O mankind at sea, all those false deities you use to call for help, forsake you, save The ALMIGHTY. But when ALMIGHTY GOD brought you safe ashore, you start to ignore HIM. Indeed, most ungrateful is Man!”
In the high-seas, tides are approaching from all corners, shore is no where in sight, danger is looming large, high upon us there is vast sky, very devoutly, very passionately, very sincerely and very devotedly we call for help the One Who is Super Supreme, ever watchful of all the events. But when HE sends favorable winds and saves us from the calamity, our sincerity fades away and we become oblivious to HIM, it is here that we fail the test. The changes in our attitudes will not go unnoticed. HE asks us further in HIS Final Testament Chapter 17/68-69:
“O mankind! Can you ever feel secure that HE will not cause a tract of dry land to swallow you up, or let loose upon you a deadly storm wind, whereupon you would find none to be your protector? Or can you feel secure that HE will not make you put back to sea once again, and then let loose upon you a raging tempest, and cause you to drown in requital of your ingratitude - whereupon you would find none to uphold you against US?”
It is not only the matter of our sea voyage. Similar emergency can occur to us in the land also. The sea voyage is just allegorical. Such dangerous situation can arise anytime even while we are flying. We may use any name for HIM, but our cry will be for HIM only in our mind. This is a common phenomenon among Man throughout the human history. We should be courteous enough to our LORD in all the times. We should keep in mind HIS Supremacy over oceans and land, earth and sky, anywhere in the Universe.
Now the verses we started our journey of discovering, our LORD asks us:
“Is, then, The ALMIGHTY Who creates, comparable to any being that cannot create anything? Will you not, then, bethink yourselves?”
Does anything over or under the earth, seas, the sun, moon, planets or galaxies have the power to create? The answer will be a big NO!!! All the things, visible or invisible, big or small are not their own CREATORs, but they are created-beings. How can such created-beings, no matter how strong they are, can harm us in any way unless the will of The Great CREATOR? Nothing can help us nor can anything harm us without the leave of our LORD Supreme. Then why we should invoke the created-beings and not the CREATOR? Why we should feel divinity in any-being other than the Great LORD?
“And if ALLAH should touch you with misfortune, there is none who could remove it except HIM: and if HE intends good for you, there is none who could turn away HIS bounty: HE causes it to alight upon whomsoever HE wills of HIS servants. And HE Alone is truly forgiving, truly a Dispenser of Grace.”
By passing such events, it must be evident for us that The Greatest of all the great is monitoring the whole Universe. HE is the Only One LORD, our SUSTAINER. HE keeps vigil at macro or micro movements beneath the earth, under the seas, over the skies and in between these. HE is the Most Powerful, Highly Exalted, Majestically Supreme, the All Mighty and the SUSTAINER of all the created beings of the whole Universe. HIS grip is so strong, that nobody can run from it. After being faced with this reality surrender to HIS MIGHT becomes inevitable.
“And if you try to count favors and blessings of ALLAH, you would never be able to number them. Behold, ALLAH is indeed much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace;”
So Bountiful is the LORD to us! It is impossible is for us to count his bounties. Right from our birth, till our death, HE provides us all the sustenance, all the security. It is high time for us to surrender to HIM and not to associate with HIM any other.
O our LORD, we don’t associate anything with you. We invoke You only, we worship You only. We surrender ourselves to You. Help us our LORD in all our efforts and times.
Thank you very much.