Glimpses of The Day of Judgment!
Holy Qur'an 24/43
Dear viewers, May peace, tranquility, serenity, harmony, and Salaams of The ALMIGHTY GOD on all. May I extend you the same greetings in Arabic! Assalamo Alaikum wa Ramatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
Come; Let us seek guidance from the One Who created us, and sustains us day and night. The One Who supplies us all our needs regularly. Guidance is also our vital need. HE has constantly bestowed down revelations in all the ages for the guidance of the humanity. Out of it, the Last and Final Testament has remained in its Original till date, and that is The Qur’an.

Now it is up to us to enlighten ourselves from its Divine Light and solve our age old quandary that is who we are? Where are we from? Where do we go at the time of our death, and what will happen with us there? In the very answers of these questions lies our success in the life and the life to come.

Dear viewers, we know that human life on this earth is constantly affected by his immediate surroundings. The forces of nature, the climate, temperature, water, air and many such things become so much a part of his life that any change above moderation, uproots his entire existence. The rising and setting of the Sun, the water cycle along with the formation of clouds, the falling of rain and growth of vegetation are so vital to his survival, if pondered upon, inevitably compel man into accepting the control of a Being, a Supreme Super Power, Who created all this, and Who controls and balances these forces of nature! Man’s inability and helplessness, in spite of tremendous scientific advances to control or divert these natural occurrence, subconsciously make him surrender to that Being called The ALMIGHTY GOD. The Qur’an calls Man’s attention in Chapter 41/19 to 22.
It is not humanly possible to correspond the exact meaning of these Divine Verses in any earthly language. My humble attempt to get closer to its meaning is:

“And on The Day of Resurrection, all those who had rejected the Ultimate Truth and passed their lives immorally, and proved themselves as the enemies of ALLAH, shall be gathered together in ranks before the Hell-fire.”


“So that when they come close to it, their hearing and their sight and their very skins will bear witness against them, speaking of what they were doing on earth.”

“And they will cry out to their skins, "Why did you bear witness against us?" And all these will reply: "ALLAH Who Grants speech to everything, has given us speech. HE Created you in the first instance, and to HIM, now you are brought back.”
“Even though you tried to disguise yourselves, lest your own hearing, eye-sight and your skins would anytime testify against you! Did you suppose that GOD ALMIGHTY is unaware of your deeds?”
Our life, as we see it, begins with our birth and ends with our death. Life appears to be a continuous cycle of days and nights. A ground where we are born, we grow up, dream and pursue our dreams. Sometimes we are met with failure and sometimes success. The process goes on, and then one day we die, and every thing comes to an end. Trying to divert our attention from the miseries of our own life we look at the world around us. Poverty, hunger, starvation, crime, injustice, cries and sufferings of the innocent leave us baffled and confused. Many questions often come to our mind when we reflect at the happenings around us. Is this all there is to life? Or is there more than meets the eye? Why are we here? And where do we go from here?
A glance at the magnificence around us, the perfection in the laws of nature, the perfect harmony in the Universe, and complexities of our own bodies and psyche lead us to the evident truth, that there is a Superpower Who has Created all this, Controls this and Sustains all this. But then why is HE silently watching all this happen?
A civilized man has devised the concept of law and order, so as to ensure peaceful co-existence and regulate and activities of men, and punish the defaulters. A careful look at this system leads us to a conclusion that even this is not without its own limitations.
Which then is the system of law and order that is fool proof? And if, at all, such a system is put into practice, what is it that will prevent the ones in power from committing crimes?
What is it that will persuade a man who is used to make corrupt practices a means of his living and has devised ways to make him immune to punishment? Why should he stop doing this when it is these practices that provide him wealth, power and all that he wants?
Leaving aside our preconceived notions if we apply our mind, reasoning, logic and common sense without preconceived notions, we can get the answers. More so The Final Testament revealed from heavens by our own LORD also provides answers to all our queries. It is the word of The Creator of the Universe, revealed for the sole purpose of guidance of mankind, revealed in the spoken word of language. The reader is touched by its style, its contents, its constant conformity with the past, present and future events - - its transcendent character which never shows a trace of a particular man, of any one society or epoch of history or specific region of the globe. It is not a passing event in history. it is unchangeable and eternally present for the admiring contemplation of all Men. It is the truth, the truth which proves itself, and while it appeals to reason, it transcends reason and thus shows its Divine Origin. The language is heavenly Arabic, quite different from the language spoken by the Arabs, unique in its style of presentation and eloquence. The verses of the Qur’an were revealed gradually over a period 23 years starting from the time Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) was 40 years old. As each text appeared, it was properly arranged, assigned a number among the verses and that position was never altered.

The Qur’an provides an answer to the questions and bewilderment of Man to the change of events in his own life, and the life of those around him. It puts Mans place in this world and everything that surrounds Man’s life in its right perspective. In chapter 2/155 our LORD says.

“And certainly WE shall test you by times of panic, hunger, and loss of wealth, lives and results (of your toil) ….”
We must know that for the ALMIGHTY LORD, the pronouns WE and I occur in the Book of our LORD. We know that it obviously is a linguistic device meant to stress that ALMIGHTY GOD is not a ‘‘person’’ and therefore not really circumscribed by the pronouns applicable to finite beings. Also ‘‘WE’’ is used as a Royal plural as in some languages.
If Man’s life is a test, then there aught to be a result day. If every event that unfolds in each individual’s life is a trial for him, then he aught to be rewarded or punished accordingly. Every human has been ingrained with a sense of right and wrong. And every one of us upholds the concept of justice. Yet when we look around us, we find all types of crimes including assault, murder, terror, theft, and injustice taking place. The prevailing law of the land at times manages to catch hold of the culprit, and sometimes the guilty are never brought to book. And even if the culprit is punished, it is really impossible to meet out full justice to the wronged.
It is a short coming, rather a tragedy with us that our world is incomplete in nature. Let’s say capital punishment is meted out to a murderer, but can he be hanged a multiple times for the number of murders he has committed? Is it really possible to avenge every sigh, every tear, every woe of the wronged? Is it really possible to compensate the widow, the innocent children and the parents of the killed one? Hitler, known for his unlimited atrocities and many others like him as all of us are aware have managed to escape unscathed!
In fact, this world is not complete in itself, nor is our life is! Its final part is yet to come. Our life in this world is not just a meaningless cycle of life and death. We all have a role to play here. The CREATOR of this Universe and all that exists in it, is not oblivious to our actions in this world. Indeed the authority given to us in our lives is not to be used according to our whims and fancies. We shall be answerable for our misdeeds on the Final Day of Judgment. Our reckless, careless, harming behavior and treatment to other living creatures on this earth shall surely not go unnoticed. GOD ALMIGHTY says in Chapter 21/47.
“And WE shall set-up scales of Justice on Resurrection Day, and no one will be dealt with unjust in any way, even if (any wrong, be it equal to the) weight of a mustard seed, WE would bring it (on record). And sufficient are WE to take accounts!”
The witness in that Unique Court of Justice where nothing will be left unaccounted shall also be different. The court of divine justice will be utterly unique in nature, bearing absolutely no similarity to the juridical procedures of this world. This absolutely flawless Divine Judgment, whereby testimony is given by the most veracious of witnesses that is the human body itself. Most of the crimes committed are secret and only GOD ALMIGHTY and the person himself knows about them. Who other than mans very own hands and feet who were along with him could bear witness to his wrong doings. These are witnesses whose testimony man just cannot deny. This will leave no ground for him to escape this judgment. This is mentioned in a beautiful manner in the Holy Qur’an in chapter 36/65.
“On The Day of Resurrection, WE shall set a seal on their mouths – while their hands will speak unto US, and their feet will bear witness to whatever they have earned in their life-time.”
On the day of resurrection hands, feet and even the skin of the sinners will disclose the hidden sins that they committed during their lives and that were previously unknown to all but GOD ALMIGHTY; the sinner will stand revealed, to his utter dismay and terror. It is true that we cannot know the exact modality of the testimony that will be given in the hereafter. However, once the veil is lifted from men's sight, their power of vision will increase and their level of perception will be raised. They will embark on a new life with enhanced means of perception and will see many things that surrounded them in this world, although they were unaware of them. In the same manner that the sinner lied in this world and tried to put forward excuses, or blame others for his own wrongdoings, he would want to do the same on that Day. But to his utter dismay he will not be able to do so. The wrong doers will have no refuge, and they will be punished as it is said in Chapter 10/52:
“And those who were bent on evildoing in their lifetime, will be told, 'Taste the torment of eternity. Have you not been punished exactly according to what you yourselves earned?”
And the limbs, the ears, eyes and all other parts of the human body will stand witness as to how they were used or abused in life. On the basis of this unimpeachable evidence and those complete records, GOD ALMIGHTY the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, will decide each case with perfect justice and pronounce the reward or penalty as the case may be.
This Universe, which was created in accordance with the physical laws, will be demolished at one stroke; and it will be replaced by another world. GOD ALMIGHTY will then resurrect all human beings who were born from the beginning of creation down to its end, and will make them appear before HIMself on the Day of Resurrection. The records of all the deeds of individuals, communities, and mankind at large, will be there without the slightest error or omission. Also there will be complete reports of the effects and consequences of all human actions in the material world. All of the generations of Men affected by them, will be present in the witness box.

Every particle affected, in any way, by the deeds or words of Men will tell its own story. The punishment as well as the rewards will be of a magnitude that cannot even be estimated by the limited standards of the material world.

The evil deeds whose effects and consequences blight the lives of millions in this world for hundreds of years will be punished fully; there will be nothing that will be able to relieve the pain and suffering of the guilty. On the other hand, the virtues whose beneficent effects extend over several centuries in this world will be fully rewarded there, and neither death nor illness, nor old age, will be able to cut short the enjoyment of the reward. The ALMIGHTY, the absolute in meting out Justice is also Merciful and Extremely Kind where rewards are concerned, in Chapter 28/84 GOD ALMIGHTY says:
“Whosoever shall come (before ALLAH) with a good deed will gain (further) good there from; but as for any who shall come with an evil deed - (know that) they who do evil deeds will not be requited with more than (the like of) what they have done.”
Hence wisdom lies in following the Natural System based on Super Nature, using our intellect and following the path, which is beneficial to entire humanity. This is the choice, which totally conforms with reason and rationale. It would be a logical to choose this path and be rewarded many fold, rather than step on the wrong, irrational and illogical path which is not really worth the insignificant temporary benefit and be entitled to punishment.
May GOD ALMIGHTY save us from wrongs and guide us to straight and safe path. Aameen.