Attitude towards Society
Holy Qur'an 28/55
Dear viewers, may the ALMIGHTY GOD shower HIS Blessings and Bounties and Rewards on all of us! We pray for peace, serenity and tranquility and the Divine Guidance and over-all well being of all humans inhabiting this globe. Asalamoalekum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
All praises are due only for the GOD ALMIGHTY Who is the LORD of the entire Universe. HE is the Lone SUSTAINER and Cherisher of all that exists. HE is the Originator of every natural process; HE is the source of all natural cycles. HE is the sole Designer of all seen and unseen. HE is the Alfa and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. HE is the Apparent and the Inherent. HE revealed HIS Books on HIS Messengers for the guidance of the mankind and this process culminated with the Holy Qur’an revealed to Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) from the Mighty Throne of Our LORD. It will remain the Guidance Book for all human beings till the end of this world. This is the Book complete in itself, with no confusion, contradiction, puzzle or perplexity. It has a universal and eternal appeal and contains self-explanatory statements, as clear as crystal.
We need to go through this Divine Heavenly Writ every day with a receptive state of mind, applying common sense, logic and reasoning over its verses, which are compact with meanings and messages. It has the Divine Power to purify our heart and soul, bring a vital change in our life, in our moral and ensure a remarkable success in the next world. We start this process with the recitation of verse no. 55 of chapter 28.
Considering the depth and sublimity of the Qur’anic verses, it is virtually impossible to translate it into another language. And therefore we can only make an effort to be nearer to the sense and spirit of the Original Text.
“And (truly sincere persons), whenever they hear ill speech or frivolous talk, they turn away from it and say: "Unto us shall be accounted our deeds, and unto you, your deeds. Salaam be upon you – we hanker not after unaware ones.”
The Divine Heavenly Writ is full of knowledge and wisdom. It is fully capable of developing the personality of those who seek guidance from it. It prepares a man in such a way that even in the extreme of conditions, he adopts a positive approach. He can never be a source of annoyance to anyone. Even when cornered by the hostile forces, he sticks to his ideals as inculcated by the Divine Injunctions of the Book.
Man is a social creature. He lives in a society surrounded by the good and the evil forces that keep working on him. Every day he passes through different situations. He can avoid seeing many things, if he closes his eyes or turns away his direction. But the ears are often in danger of receiving unhealthy expressions. People throw a lot of rubbish as our ears remain open. Hence it is essential and healthy attitude to avoid such situations.
While interacting sometimes, our polite words fail to pacify an agitated mind, and we receive a bitter response, almost unbearable. This is the place where we face a test. Our LORD in this verse is educating us to pass through such unpleasant situations gracefully. Before reacting to any obnoxious comments, we must remember that the evil instincts are ever ready to instigate us. Sometimes we feel hurt and insulted, and want to pay the opponent in the same coin. This is the moment where we need to pause for a moment, and ponder over the situation. In fact, our adversary wants to bring us down to his level. And our eternal enemy, our own anger and the evil Satan will emerge as the winner if he succeeds in vitiating the atmosphere. But our LORD though HIS Book has taught us the right course of action.

While facing the volatile situation, we should not be guided by our emotions or impulses. We should maintain our dignity at any cost. The golden principles framed by the ALMIGHTY carry perennial implication for all nations in all times. The history bears witness to the fact that no problem could ever be solved by a negative approach. Dirty clothes can never be washed clean by dirty water. We can never remove darkness by merely cursing it. The solution lies in burning a small candle to illuminate the surroundings. This noble principle is promoted by the Divine Book to add grace to our character. Our SUSTAINER declares in 41/34:

“And never can be equal good and evil, right and wrong, negative and positive. So ward off evil with something that is good. And notice how someone between whom and yourself hostility, will become a good friend!”
If we follow this unfailing principle, and put this Divine rule in practice, it will definitely usher into a world of peace and harmony. Normally any dispute whether it is personal or social, related to a country or international affairs, begins with a controversial statement. And sometimes leads to large scale bloodshed and wars. That is why our LORD has ordained in verse 70 & 71 of Chapter 33:
“O you who have attained to faith, Ever remain conscious of ALLAH, and always speak relevant appropriate and straight (without mincing the words). ALLAH will set right for you your matters, and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys ALLAH and HIS Messenger, will achieve great success.
A talk, simple, sober, untwisted, non-frivolous, non taunting, without any ill will in some corner of heart, as our CREATOR Knows very well what we feel or think, can create a healthy atmosphere. Moreover, our SUSTAINER is promising us that by this way, HE will set our matters right. This is the simplest, easy and success assured way, our RABB is showing us to achieve our goal. This will ensure our success of both the lives, here in this world, and hereafter, which is also related with our speech and expression with others.
But we respond to negative with negative, can it be a right answer? Such type of irresponsible answer creates complications instead of solutions. It increases the bitterness and deteriorates the atmosphere further. Thus unknowingly we spoil the situation and become a tool in hands of destructive forces. It further widens the gulf and generates a feeling of rancor and ill will for the opponents. According to the Holy Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet, a good negotiator is the one who converse politely and does not lose his temper even in the face of extreme provocation. A man who wishes to command respect from his opponents, must maintain a higher level of decorum and decency in his conversation. He will fail in the test if he loses his patience and come to the same level.
Though there have always been the arrogant people, who declare such advices as nothing but a meek submission, or an act of cowardice. But let us remember that no one can give us a better counsel than the Holy Book and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). The words of GOD ALMIGHTY must prevail over all other considerations.

It is worthwhile to mention here one of the famous traditions of The Prophet that contains a standard formula for the improvement of our behavior.

“As narrated by Abu Huraira, the Prophet of ALLAH said: he is not the strongest person who defeats his rival, indeed mighty is the one who controls his anger when provoked.”
We often blame the social system for our abnormal or indecent behavior. But the true believers never toe the line of the perverted society. To them the decree of their LORD reigns supreme. The righteous people do not indulge in idle gossips or foolish argument. While speaking, they do not beat about the bush, but say straight what is right.
They do not mix up with futilities and random talk, when confronted; they withdraw from it in an honorable dignified way. If somebody disputes, they try to avoid it beautifully. In any society and in any period, the one who wants to survive the ordeal of the Final Day must stick to these fine precepts. We must be ready to pay any price for harmony, tranquility and peace. If a person addresses us rudely and misbehaves with us, we must maintain the standard set by the Book of ALLAH.
The verse 72 of chapter 25 guides us how to face the unpleasant and embarrassing situation! One of the qualities of a faithful person is also revealed in this verse:
“……. (And persons of sound faith and solid character), whenever they face any futility, any frivolity, any worthlessness, they pass by it with honorable avoidance.”
In reality, the human life is nothing but a period of probation. Every day in our life brings in different problems, and the real test lies in how we respond to these situations. Most of the times we fail to capitalize on the situation owing to our narrow vision and ignorance. The role of the Book of Divine Guidance assumes greater significance, as it contains advices for all those who seek the dignity of this world, and the bliss of the hereafter to regulate their life. Thus in verse 63 of Chapter 25, we see a description of true believers:
“The true and faithful servants of the Most Gracious ALLAH are those who move on earth gently, and whenever the foolish address them, reply with (words of) peace;”
The mischief-makers always intend to complicate the situation. Our main enemy, our own evil impulses and the Satan also want to exploit the situation. Often we tempt to react. But our response must be based on the formula prescribed by our LORD. If, however, we feel the opponent is not ready to see reason, but intends to create trouble, then it is better not to get further involved and gently avoid with a call of peace and salaam to such people.
In the Holy Qur’an there is an eye-opening description of the mischief, played by the non-believers during the times of the Prophet. In Ahadees also, we come across many such incidents where the Prophet gracefully succeeded in converting the odds in his favor. These events also throw light on how the Prophet exercised patience in the face of extreme provocation.
In the gathering of the Prophet (s.a.w.s) some Jews often played mischief to insult him in the presence of the companions. We find two verses in the Holy Book that deal with their evil design. These two verses impart lesson not only to the Companions, but to all the Muslims up to the Last Day. First we recite the verse 104 of Chapter 2 that contains an eternal message and universal relevance:
“O you who have attained to faith! Do not say “RAINA”, instead use word “UNZURNA”. And be attentive and listen properly. And for those who deny the truth, grievous suffering is awaiting.”
In the traditions of The Prophet, we find a description that in the Arab society, when some body misheard or overheard something, he used to say ‘Raina’ which meant ‘I beg a pardon, please repeat it once again’. It was used by the enemies of Islam to ridicule the Prophet by a little twist to suggest some insulting meaning. Some Jews mischievously pronounced it as “Raeeina’ by prolonging the letter E which is a derogatory term as it means ‘O our shepherd’. It was very insulting to the prophet and it clearly indicates their rancor and hatred for the Prophet. They wanted to disturb the peaceful gatherings of the Prophet and provoke the companions. If the companion reacted violently, these will give them a chance to defame the Prophet and his companions. To thwart their evil design, GOD ALMIGHTY commanded the Muslims to adopt a positive approach, and stopped them from using the word forever, and replaced it with ‘Unzurna’ which has the same meaning, i.e. to beg pardon.
It gives us a lesson that, we should always address to the root of the dispute, and finish the matter once and for all. This formula, if adopted, will surely help in shaping an ideal society, a positive thinking and a base for a peaceful co-existence.
A true believer knows that this world is an examination hall. And the next world is his final destination. He knows this life has its limit, a very short duration, a sojourn on this earth, and therefore he struggles in this limited life for the success of the eternal life. He does not want to waste even a moment of this precious life. He strives for the purification of his own life. He knows well that he would not be held responsible for what others are doing. Every individual is facing an examination. The result is not yet out. It will be declared on Yaumut taghabun, the day of victory or defeat.

Death is an imminent reality. And we can be caught red handed if the Angel of death pounces upon us while we are involved in the activities forbidden by our LORD. A sensible and honest person is therefore always conscious of this impending danger. Because if he fails he will bear the consequences. He will bear the responsibility for his sins. Blaming others for the ills would not bring any respite. No other soul will bear the burden of his sins.

The Holy Qur’an declares in unequivocal terms in verses 38 to 41 of Chapter 53:
“That no body will bear the burden of sins of another.”
“And every one receives only what he made efforts for.”
“And his efforts will be cross examined.”
“Then he shall be requited for it with the fullest requital.”
A daily direct contact with the Book of LORD may bring a wonderful change in our thoughts and actions, in our character and personality. We should make it a habit to maintain our dignity and sobriety, and restrain our selves whatever be the situation. We must strive to rise to the standards set by the Divine Writ of our LORD, the ideals set by our beloved Prophet. Our behavioral pattern should never be a source of irritation for others.
Our presence in any gathering should never be a cause of concern for people around. Instead, our presence must bring relief and smile of their faces. We should prove ourselves as an asset and not a nuisance for the society. And finally, in all our actions, we should be guided by the desire to earn the good pleasure of our LORD. May The ALMIGHTY accept our humble efforts and grant us the highest place in heavens according to his generosity. Amen!
Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.