One-ness of COMMAND

Holy Qur'an 2/21, 22
Dear viewers, I greet you all with traditional salutation with the assurance that we hold all our viewers in great esteem, and pray to The ALMIGHTY GOD to shower HIS Blessings and Bounties on all of us! And I expect you to reciprocate the same. Asalamoalekum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatohu.
First of all we recount the Grace and Glory of the ALMIGHTY Who is the CREATOR and MASTER of the entire Universe. HE created all that we can see and that which remains to be seen. HE has not only created us on this earth, but also provided us all kinds of sustenance. HE is incessantly providing us oxygen to breathe, the vegetation to eat and the water to drink. So numerous are HIS gifts that we cannot count the favors of our LORD even if we attempt to.
HE is the One and the Only One. HE has no partner. No one is like HIM. HIS writs run large over the sea, the land, the heaven and the earth. Nothing happens in the entire Universe but what HE wills. HE is timeless. HE is immortal, no sleep, no weariness, and no old age can overtake him. HE does not beget nor HE is begotten. There is nothing parallel to HIM. HE is matchless. HIS system is flawless. HE is exalted and glorified. HE alone deserves all our admiration and adoration. HE is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent.
We have to seek HIS refuge. We pray to HIM, O our LORD! Protect us from all that are evil, from the mischief of our self, from pride, envy, obduracy and all the devilish tendencies. The one who invokes YOUR wrath there is no place of refuge for him.

Now let us seek guidance from the Last and Final Revelation of our LORD. Let us find out what our LORD is dictating to us. It is only this Divine Light that can enlighten our heart and soul; it will change the course of our life, our day and night, our private and social affairs. It will shape our present and lead to a bright future. We recite the verse no. 21 and 22 of Chapter 2.

We admit that it is humanly impossible to translate the Heavenly Diction of the Holy Qur’an in any language of the world, as a human expression can never be a match for Divine Words. We can and will make attempt to be close to the gist of the matter and we seek the help of our RABB in our efforts. Accordingly the translation would be:
“O Mankind! Worship your Sustainer, who has created you and those who lived before you, so that you might remain conscious of HIM, (to avoid the chastisement).”
“HE is the GOD who has made the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy, and has sent down water from the sky and thereby brought forth fruits for your sustenance and provisions. So do not claim that there is any power equal to ALMIGHTY GOD, when you know (that there is no one similar to HIM).”
In the beginning of HIS Last Book, our LORD has stated the simple facts that can easily be understood by all men and of all ages, although they carry universal and eternal meaning and essence. HE is the CREATOR of all human beings, whether we, the present generation of human race, or the humans created thousands of years ago, or the men and women who will be born thousands of years later, all are created and will be created by the One Supreme CREATOR. And who feeds and provides all their needs to these billions and trillions of people? Undoubtedly it is the One and only One MASTER. Just think of the millions and billions of people who consume tons of bread, vegetables and rice every day. Who provides all these things? Who causes the crops grow in the fields? Who sends clouds drenched with water over these fields? Who supplies water to the rivers, ponds and wells? And after a deep thinking every reasonable mind comes to a logical conclusion that it is none other than the all powerful and mighty GOD. HE is the Supreme Source of all resources. It is HE Who causes the creation. Our whole life physical or spiritual depends on HIM.
It is no secret. We all know it. When we acknowledge this fact then how can we regard any other subordinate force equal to the Supreme CREATOR? How can we worship any false GOD, creation of our own fancy? And so we must surrender to our LORD with all our will and heart. We must not worship any one except the ALMIGHTY GOD. And this slavery or subordination to our LORD should be accepted with all our wits and senses. It should be a complete submission, with no reservation at all.
While enjoying prosperity on the surface of this earth, a constant effort with all our wits and reason must be made to recognize our Real MASTER Who provides all the means for the sustenance of our life. The open blue sky, expanding overhead without any pillar is shielding us like an umbrella. As the night falls, a beautiful galaxy of twinkling stars comes out shedding their silvery light. In the day, the blazing sun generates energy and supplies it to all living creatures. The cool, illuminating moonlight makes the night dreamy and peaceful. The rotating cycle of weathers pass-out its benefits to the entire humanity. The tiny birds chirping and flying in the extreme of vision, the natural network of trickling brooks and rambling rivers, the lofty mountains conversing the sky, the trees guarding the earth like sentries in their green uniforms, the meadows decorated like bride with a cover of gorgeous colorful flowers, these are but a few glimpses of the real might of our LORD, created for the benefits of mankind.
GOD ALMIGHTY says in chapter 2 verse 29:
“HE, it is who, has created for you O mankind, all that is on earth…….”

Who is utilizing all these provisions on the earth? It is no other than the human beings who enjoy all these bounties of creation. It is the man who derives the maximum benefits from the resources of the world. But there is more than what can be seen from the bare eyes. As our LORD invites our attention to many more favors, besides material provisions. Think how our LORD has subdued nature for man! Man has no control of his own over the forces of nature so as to bring them to his own service. All the things between the earth and the sky have been placed in his service. Man has been raised to position of dignity and honor, above brute creation. It is not for idle sport or play. It is not without a serious purpose. The ALMIGHTY GOD reminds us in chapter 17 verse 70:
“Indeed WE have dignified the children of Adam, and transported them around land and at sea, and provided for them sustenance out of the wholesome things, and favored them especially over many of those whom WE have created.”
The verse quoted above raises a very a subtle point that often goes unnoticed by most readers. There are many creatures on this earth, but it is only man that over-rides other creatures. And besides man, even these creatures do not allow other living beings to have a ride over them. They follow the commands of human beings. They even allow man to exude their milk. But they do not allow other animals even to come closer to them. And so The ALMIGHTY GOD drew our attention to think over in chapter 16 verse 8:

“O mankind, (it is The GOD ALMIGHTY who creates) horses and mules and asses for you to ride and for splendor: and HE will yet create things of which (today) you have no knowledge.”
In the history of transport, there have been vast changes through the ages, from the rude animal riding, to sophisticated and elegant mechanical devices like motorcar and aero planes. Fourteen hundred years back, when our LORD revealed the Holy Qur’an, the world was unaware of any mode of transport other than the animals. The GOD ALMIGHTY, being very kind to humanity, provided them for riding and transport animals, birds and sea-creatures, by which the man inspired to improvise mechanical carriers in course of time. If we recollect this favor of our LORD on us, we can come to a conclusion that this favor must have some significance, and there must be some thing our Creator wants out of us.
The human being, right from Adam, whose race is the supreme creature of GOD ALMIGHTY, has long been the undisputed successor on this earth, without sharing the honor with any other creature. We can observe that all other creatures on this earth are directly or indirectly serving man. Can it all be at random, a mere coincidence? It is therefore essential for a man to earnestly search for the eternal Truth, find out the reason for his existence, and unravel the logic and reasoning behind his creation and then frame a right and safe programme for his life. Our LORD declares in chapter 23 verse115:
“O mankind, do you think that WE created you just for fun, and that you would not have to return to US?”
Should the man not realize his noble destiny and prepare for his real unending life in the hereafter? Human intellect does not accept it that this world, its inhabitants, the phenomenon of birth and death is all accidental. Man acts very smart in terms of worldly gains. But alas! He does not employ his power of reasoning, even his common sense when preparing for the permanent stay in the Hereafter. In spite of having the inborn instinct, and ability to recognize the truth, he, more often soes not fail to receive the divine signals to set right the course of his life. He works on innumerable schemes to enhance the grandeur of this temporary world but he has no programme to brighten the prospects of his eternal life. Had it not been better if instead of blindly following the dogmas and rituals, he should have pondered over the reason of his arrival in this world, the purpose of this life, the departure and the final destination?
If we want to know the real purpose of our life on this earth, the Heavenly Scripture tells us in chapter 76/2 & 3


“Verily, it is WE who have created man out of a drop of sperm intermingled in order to try and test him: so WE provided him the gifts of hearing and sight. Verily, WE have shown him the way: (and it rests with him to prove himself) either grateful or ungrateful.”

We have in this world a chance of development and progress to the final success. After the realization of truth a sensible man should surrender himself to the will of GOD. The first and foremost duty of a slave is to be always ready to carry out the commands of his MASTER and all that can earn him a reward from HIM. As a faithful he should be always loyal to his MASTER. For, he cannot deceive HIM, whether in daylight or in the darkness of night. He cannot cheat HIM, cannot escape from HIS hold, because every action, every moment of his life is on record.
Man is the most important creature of this known world. All other creatures are supportive to him. But all these things would serve him only for a stipulated time as ordained by his LORD. After that he has to leave this world and all the material possessions behind. Where will he go then? And why? What if he does not want to go?
If a man gives a serious thought to all these questions, he will realize that there is a Supreme Being, which is most powerful, beyond the imagination of human intellect. HE can create anything, any moment. HE can destroy anything howsoever big it might be, in no time. If they do not acknowledge the One and only GOD, in this world, it does not cause GOD ALMIGHTY any annoyance or uneasiness. For, HE is high above all needs. This Supreme CREATOR would one day gather the entire humanity before HIM for final account of their deeds. HE would ask them how they utilized the bounties HE has generously bestowed upon them. As HE says in chapter 102 verse 8:

“And on that day you will most surely be called to account for (what you did with) the boon of life!”
What a thankless creature he is who uses all the resources supplied by GOD ALMIGHTY without any reservation, but foolishly fail to recognize his own CREATOR!! Even we, who admit his Divinity, have no will, no time to remember HIM with gratitude. What etiquette do we have? How corrupt we are! Our attitude is in total contrast with the gracious gifts and mercies of our LORD.
They are called intelligent who cash in time. Let us be grateful to our CREATOR for all HIS special favors and employ all our resources for the enrichment of our eternal life. Every day should pass with some of our worldly possession invested for great returns in the next life. That may ensure an entry into the evergreen gardens of paradise. Let us do the works that please our LORD. Let us pay all our dues here in this world itself. Because, there we will be accounted for all things big or small. The record will be placed before us perfect and complete in all respect, with no omission or wrong entry. Nothing will be missing or overlooked. The sinner would cry out as it is foretold in the Holy Qur’an, chapter 18 verse 49:
“…..What a record is this! It leaves out nothing, be it small or great, but takes everything into account......”
We need to realize the gravity of the situation now. And start today the preparation for our eternal life. We seek the forgiveness of our LORD. O our LORD! Forgive all our sins of the past. Forgive us not on our merit, but by your grace. Save us from the Hell Fire. And allow us a place in the gardens of paradise. Ameen!
Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.