Holy Qur'an 27/18

My hearty Salaams & Salutations to each and every individual which endorses the fact that my heart is full of respects, regards, kindness, mercy and hospitality towards all of you that too with a humble hope that you all would reciprocate the same feeling and sentiments. So peace be upon all of you.
We pray and seek refuge of our LORD, our SUSTAINER, O our LORD! protect us from our own mischieves, our wrong intentions, our proud and prejudices, from all sort of hidden or open sinful intentions and Satanic maneuvers. Its our firm conviction that whosoever achieves safety and security of ALMIGHTY GOD, no power on earth could do any harm to him/her; and the one who fails to achieve LORD’s protection he cannot attain refuge anywhere else on the earth.
I invite you to ponder over chapter no. 27 of Heavenly Revelations, the Great Qur’an, the Last Words of ALLAH, Who is Alone, having no partners. These powerful heavenly reflections inspires us to mend our thinking level, working level our moral behavior and mannerisms, and would our personal, social and commercial routine practices as per the ideal, pious and exemplary patterns set by the beloved and the last messenger of our CREATOR Mohammed (s.a.w.s) and strive to incarnate these qualities through out our lives.
It is impossible for mankind to correspond the eloquence and articulacy of the heavenly wordings. However, we make an attempt so as to come closer to the meaning and spirit of the Heavenly Scripture. May our LORD help us in our endeavor. According to my understanding, the meaning would be:
“Till, when they came upon a valley (full) of ants, an ant exclaimed: "O you ants! Get into your dwellings, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you without (even) being aware (of you)!”
About fourteen and half centuries back ALMIGHTY LORD revealed HIS Last Book o the last Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.). Since than whichever of human generations made these sparkling revelations on search life of their life journey they became the leading personalities of the then prevailing faculties. This Book opened the doors of knowledge i.e., art, fine arts, literature, science and technologies etc. The very first revelation from Great Heavens which was sent down through Holy Spirit Jibreel (p.b.u.h) begins with IQRA i. e. to recite or read. From then onwards mankind realized importance, relevance and progressive value of knowledge, education, pen and book.
The CREATOR of the whole universe laid the foundation of modern scientific era by the hands of last Prophet (s.a.w.s.). HE revealed such a Bright Book containing GODly guidance loaded with scientific facts, subjected to applications of reasoning, submitting to an OMNI AUTHORITY, thus leading the world to moral teachings and disciplines of community living with a sense of responsibility. So that mankind may achieve the success of this life and attaining eternal triumph in the hereafter.
The LORD of the universe in HIS Last Book describe scientific facts with the backing of solid proofs to proclaim the truth that this book is not a result of some human effort, but it is revealed by such a Huge LORD Whose kingdom and power is eternal, having power on everyone, every where, every time. HE is the Sole & Lone CREATOR of each and everything, each creature has been given design by HIM, all living or non-living things are created by HIM Alone.
HE has programmed each creature about its respective duties and functions and commanded them to benefit or help humanity directly or indirectly. In the living patterns of these creatures, there is ample guidance and lessons enabling this world to achieve gradual progress. That’s why we find mention of honey bees, some mammals and other creatures in Qur’an. The above quoted ayah gives a first hand account of a very tiny living creature ‘an ant’ which lives both on the surface & beneath the earth as well.
The time period in which the Book was under revealing process, man’s scientific knowledge was not vast enough to probe the fact that tiny creature like ant consists of male and female pairs. LORD of the universe in this Book in chapter 51 verse 49 says.

“And in everything have WE created opposites, so that you might bear in mind (that ALLAH Alone is ONE).”
But right now we are working on an ayah of chapter An-Namal; Name of the chapter itself is ‘The Ant’. In HIS Book of guidance, ALMIGHTY GOD attract the attention of human mind mentioning She or female ant so that man could take a clue/lead from community living pattern of ant like small creature and take a lesson from it, enlighten his scientific knowledge and invited scientifically thinking brains to discover and have an in-depth study of most perfect life style of ants, hence providing enough evidences to witness and endorse the fact that every creature either big or small of this universes is following continual process of ultimate submission to ALMIGHTY LORD and fulfillment of its duties with perfection. It is a matter of concern that man has forgotten this important lesson and he is in the fray to live his life as per his own will. Always agitating and striving for his rights but does not want to discharge his duties sincerely. The academic syllabuses or courses of this world teaches us how to grab our rights where as the Book of ALLAH advices us to deliver the rights.
Let us self enlighten ourselves from the living system of ant community in the hope to became a generation submission to GOD’s will, our sayings, our deeds, our character would become realistic with a sense to be responsible and responsive towards mankind.
The ant community dwells in colonies very sensible in discharging its duties, delivering 100% of its time in positive and progressive utilization. In accordance to its LORD’s command ants are very busy throughout their lives, which is an eye opener and lesson for we the people, provided we observe its movements carefully. All the vegetations on the earth, the hidden treasures beneath it, the creatures living on the earth, the sky that has no end, the spherical surroundings and happenings are the signals pointing us towards the way of guidance and salvation, which is required of us from ALMIGHTY LORD in HIS Book. Let me quote chapter 51 verse 20.
“And on earth there are signs (of ALLAH's existence, visible) to all who are endowed with inner certainty.”
The ant population on this earth is million times larger than humans, it is an exemplary social community which habitats in colonies, its defense system, up bringing and training of younger ones, system of food acquisition, storage and distribution, disciplined quality of assigning tasks, appointing supervisors and accomplishment of duties with at most sincerity, round the clock communicational network etc. These are the qualities imbibed and programmed as per creation plan of its LORD.

What has gone wrong with the most capable and deserving human race? We find so many ills, injustice, social and moral corruption. Has our CREATOR not stored any code, norms and principles and frame work of logical and legal system in us? HE is the sole CREATOR of ants, CREATOR of mankind, all species and CREATOR of each and every part and particle of the entire Universe. For mankind HE has ordained complete system from the heavens. Let us put our sensible efforts to discover the same. If the ‘ think tanks’ of human society take inspirational clues from ants life style they will certainly prove to build up a more better and peaceful society, as our SUSTAINER has fabricated and constructed the human society on the basis of same norms and objectives. So HE says in chapter 6 verse 38.

“Although there is no beast that walks on earth and no bird that flies on its two wings which is not (ALLAH's) creature like yourselves: no single thing have WE neglected in OUR decree. And once again: unto their Sustainer shall they (all) be gathered.”


Our LORD, in HIS book calls us with honorific words like, ‘O Mankind’, on some occasions HE announces ‘O human beings’. HE also uses some other words to address us as per the need and demand of ayah i.e., ‘O sons of Adam’, ‘O believers’, ‘O disbelievers’ and ‘O sons of Israel’ etc. A casual glance reveals that only for we the human race HE has created all other living creatures. Man was brought and habituated into this world as an off shoot of a couple i.e. Adam & eve, but HE addresses to the entire human race in chapter 49 verse 13.
“O men! Behold, WE have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of ALLAH is the one who is most deeply conscious of HIM. Behold, ALLAH is all-knowing, all-aware.”

The human race consists of departments like family, tribes, clans and nations. The same system is prevalent in other species, on the basis of this criteria man is a community living social creature. To achieve and acquire developmental progress in us he has planted signs of inspiration in the practical life system of other species that’s why by mentioning ‘arts’ it is required of us to have research work in their system of life and ascertain or discover developmental clues. Latest research reveals that in the ‘Ant community’ each and every individual has been assigned its responsibilities as per its capacity and capability. In scientific terms it is called perfect division of labor. Sense of sacrifice is must in discharging social and collective responsibilities. It’s an astonishing discovery that this sense sacrifice is present at its maximum in the Ant community. Every collective task requires sacrifice, discipline and submission to the competent authorities as it is the key factor to success. Book of ALLAH has specific orders for believers in chapter 4 verse 59.

“O you who have attained to faith! Pay heed unto ALLAH, and pay heed unto the Messenger and unto those from among you who have been entrusted with authority; and if you are at variance over any matter, refer it unto ALLAH and the Messenger, if you (truly) believe in ALLAH and the Last Day. This is the best (for you), and best in the end.”
Modern scientific researches have divulged the information that there are male female population proportions in ants and “SHE ANT” plays vital role in administrative and collective matters. More than fourteen centuries ago, our LORD while narrating ants story, that particular ayat mentions ‘She Ant’ its here only humanity gets a guiding signal that its she ant only which plays a vital and significant role in the Ant community. May be, perhaps the scientists of today establish their contact with the Book of ALLAH and perhaps those who inherit this Book, put themselves abreast with the modern knowledge’s, hence striving for the welfare of humanity and marching towards guidance and salvation.
It is evident that in community living system competent leadership is required to command and control subordinate ranks, scientists have termed ‘Queen’ to such a responsible leader in ant community. In my opinion ‘Leader’ or ‘Chief’ are more appropriate words. In physique this leader is bit larger when compared to common ants and of course the leader ought to have capability in the distribution, supervision and execution of assignments. Holy Qur’an teaches to appoint responsible authorities, when Bani Israel demanded for a political head, as an answer to dua of the then prophet ALLAH appointed Talut to take over this responsibility in chapter 2 verse 247.
“…… (The prophet) replied: "Behold, ALLAH has exalted him above you, and endowed him abundantly with knowledge and bodily perfection……”
By the example of ants and story of Talut we get a lesson that we should distribute departmental duties as per educational and physical qualifications. Ant community takes care of this aspect to the maximum, i.e. executioner are bestowed as per designation. At this particular juncture the testing of human beings begins here. ALLAH wants to test as to whosoever qualifies in imparting his assigned responsibility and duties will be entitled to achieve HIS RAZA and other rewards of the hereafter. On the other hand misuse of power and duties leads to mismanagement and system corruption, instead of progress men will march towards destruction, these losses are to be borne in this world whereas LORD’s Final Day of verdict is yet to come.
In HIS Book, our LORD requires belief and faith from the believers only. A true believer has to be faithful and honest with his LORD and HIS prophet (s.a.w.s) moreover he is required to be utmost honest in every department of life. In chapter 4 verse 136 GOD ALMIGHTY says.
“O you have attained to faith! Hold fast unto your belief in ALLAH and HIS Messenger, and in the divine BOOK which HE has bestowed from on high upon HIS Messenger, step by step, as well as in the revelation which HE sent down aforetime……”

With reference to ayat recited in the very beginning narrating the speech of ‘She Ant’, while Solomon’s (p.b.u.h.) army was marching, when we co-relate this event with latest researches and discoveries we learn more about their social fabric and community living system.

Descending from chief ant there are more ranks commissioned to govern various departments and supervising more subordinate ranks. To mention some other important department like defense, safe guarding and nursing younger generation that includes conservation of larva and babies and their disciplined upbringing and training. In HIS Book revealed upon prophet (s.a.w.s) we the believers are also required up bring and train our families and younger ones. In chapter 66 verse 6 our LORD says.
“O You who have attained to faith! Ward off from yourselves and those who are close to you that fire (of the hereafter)……”

Another chapter 20 verse 132 our LORD says.
“And bid your people to pray, and persevere therein……..”
Modern discoveries also disclose that there are departments like cleanliness and hygiene of ant colonies, transportation of goods, medical and nursery departments etc. Hierarchy amongst workers groups engaged in sincere execution of respective assigned jobs.
When a tiny creature like ant under its LORD’s command successfully leads a most scientific well developed, disciplined and socially balanced life, what’s gone wrong with the rational animal i.e. human being which is well developed and superior to all other living creatures, fails drastically and miserably, despite huge universities, scientific and technical educational institutions, high profiled thinkers and scholars, best philosophers and ideologies are prevailing in this world but morally and ethically humanity is gasping desperately for survival. Materialistic progress is being achieved but at the same moment moral and ethical values are vanishing. I am afraid to say that it appears that our technical and scientific knowledge’s are lacking the backing of heavenly and Divine Spiritual knowledge’s. May be those who are possessing Divine Light are failing miserably to transfer it to the world.

If we remove this backing I am sure that the LORD of the ants Who is our LORD as well, will guide and help us to live a matured and dignified, trustworthy, interlinked and respectful, scientifically environmental social life. This world would be glittering with the reflections of Holy Revelation, resulting in improving and modifying our life style in this world and achieve salvation in the hereafter too. By birth our LORD has imbibed, sense of responsibility in ant community, we also observe that all other living creatures by birth incarnate sense of dutifulness and dedication. As per Holy Qur’an in chapter 87 verses 1, 2 & 3.

“Extol the limitless glory of your SUSTAINER's name: (the glory of) the All-Highest,”
“Who creates (every thing), and thereupon forms it in accordance with what it is meant to be,”
“And who determines the nature (of all that exists), and thereupon guides it (towards its fulfillment),”
O our LORD! Exalted You are, are the words that comes out automatically from our tongues. O our LORD! Glory be to You. Only You are our Rabb the SUSTAINER the Greatest, Your immensity and Highness is evident every where on the earth and in the sky too. You are the Sole and Lone CREATOR of all other creations. You are the Best CREATOR, Unique and Matchless Inventor; Perfect Designer crafted everything with utmost perfection and accuracy. Explained every creative its prime duties, guided the system of living style, and destined the lunar system, allotted light and heat to the sun. Assigned the earth to rotate around with automation to pre-fixed timing and speed, that too bearing the load of entire humanity and all other creatures. Decorated the huge sky with stars, orbits, galaxies and milky ways, sprinkled down the rains and made a system of provision of all the creations. Now we come to the conclusion as to what is the motto of our lives, for which we refer to Your Book revealed upon Your Prophet (s.a.w.s.) these revelations are spread through out the world we review and reestablish our connection with the Book of Guidance and Wisdom to discovery and locate motto of our lives. We find in chapter 67 verse 2.
“HE who has created death as well as life, so that HE might put you to a test (and thus show) which of you is best in conduct, and (make you realize that) HE Alone is almighty, truly forgiving.”
Since the beginning we are working on the latest researches and discoveries on the Ant community, we also came across with the findings as to what is their life style and system network, e.g. pass-word system at the main entrance, their defense and strategy in the event of enemy attack, provision breeding rooms and hatcheries, nursing, medical and upbringing system, load transportation and sense of temperature maintenance, all these qualities are imbibed in them by the ALMIGHTY LORD. A mini creature which just 2-3 mm in size possess half million nerve cells. Since that fourteen centuries Holy Qur’an equally address from a normal conscience human being to thinkers, scholars and scientist as in chapter 6 verse 102.
“O you who have attained to faith! Be conscious of ALLAH with all the consciousness that is due to HIM, and do not allow death to overtake you ere you have surrendered yourselves unto HIM.”
This is our SUSTAINER, our MASTER, our OWNER, and our CREATOR, Who not only arranges the provisions to all our needs but also to of the entire living creatures. Its HE Who controls out of control situations. HIS hands are our lives and death. Right from a tiny living germ (smaller then ants) to a huge mammal whole and the endless sky above us is the Lone and Sole CREATOR, SUSTAINER and PROVIDER. OWNER, DESIGNER, INVENTOR and POSSESSOR of entire treasures of earth and the skies.
Despite our all worldly progress and achievements we are just desperate and helpless before HIM. Why we don’t accept HIS Mastery and pronounce our slavery, submission and surrender. Why don’t we submit our existence unto HIM? Why don’t we suppress our ego down to earth before HIM? Why don’t we prostrate our pride and prejudices unto HIM? Why don’t our bodies, souls, hearts and sense yell out
“ALLAH is Great’, there is no deity except HIM, ALLAH is Great, ALLAH is Great and unto HIM are all praises due.”
Who is there in the entire universe possessing such an immense might and power? Who is that marvelous Designer & CREATOR? Is there any one else who claims to have created an ant or a fly or says to have provided life to anything? And if man does not have the capability to give life to anything, the same moment he ceases the right to kill anyone intentionally. When given a serious heed to the words of Qur’an about ants, from we get a lesson that even tiny creatures come across our way we should take care not to trample them as even the tiny and smallest creature’s play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. We have to respect and safe guard tiny lives, to our maximum possible extent. We have to transform ourselves as per the Divine Light of ALLAH’s Words.
In this advanced era of science and technology, beyond moon, man has successfully established access to Mars. The universe is unfolding its secrets. We know the power and might of matter and atom; across the globe we have live satellite interlink networks. Has the time not come for us to surrender before the one ALMIGHTY LORD, dissociating our selves from all false Gods. Sincere and unconditional submission to the ultimate CREATOR, the Greatest the Alone.

Lets pray O our LORD! Enlighten us with the glowing reflections of your Book so that we may convey the humanity at large as to who and how its LORD is? HIS Power, HIS Grace, HIS Excellence, HIS Beneficence and Mercy… O our LORD! Please forgive our sins and erase our ill deeds. O the CREATOR of heavens and earth you are our Lone Supporter and Helper in this world and in the hereafter, give us a death of faithful to you and gather us amongst honest ones in the hereafter. O our LORD! Please accept this humble effort from us, You are the Listener, You are the ALL knower….

Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.