Equitable Distribution of

Water & Natural Resources

Holy Qur'an 55/19 to 21

Dear viewers, may the ALMIGHTY GOD shower HIS Blessings and Bounties and Rewards on all of us! With this prayer in our heart, we welcome you all, with the traditional greetings Asalamoalekum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatohu, which is again a prayer invoking peace, serenity, tranquility and the Divine Blessings and favors, for the well being of all humans inhabiting this globe. And the same blessings we call for all our right and all our left at the end of every Salat or Namaaz, so that till the next prayer, the effect of positive feelings for all the people remains in our heart and mind.
All praises are due only for the ALMIGHTY Who is the LORD of the entire Universe. HE is the Lone SUSTAINER and Cherisher of all that exists. HE is the Originator of every natural process. HE is the source of all natural cycles. HE is the sole Designer of all seen and unseen. HE is the Beginning and the End. HE is the Apparent and the Inherent. HE revealed HIS Books on HIS Messengers for the guidance of mankind and this process culminated with the Holy Qur’an revealed to the heart of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s) from the Mighty Throne of Our LORD.
The Prophet presented its practical application before the world. And those who wish to seek the pleasure of the LORD must imbibe the example of the Prophet in their day-to-day life. This is the Divined Writ complete in itself, with no confusion, contradiction, puzzle or perplexity. It has a Universal and eternal appeal and contains self-explanatory statements, as clear as crystal. And so it will remain the Guidance Book for all human beings till the end of this world. This has been revealed as Al-Furqan, the criterion to distinguish the right from the wrong.
In this world, ALMIGHTY GOD has bestowed many great favors on all HIS creatures. But Man has received many special favors from the LORD. GOD ALMIGHTY has made an elaborate arrangement for all important and vital requirements of the living beings like water, oxygen, food, energy. We are getting them round the clock, non-stop. It is an error-free system. Since time immemorial, when GOD ALMIGHTY Created the Universe, the heavens and the earth, HE designed them so perfectly that even today, they are performing their duties incessantly and GOD only knows how many more billions or trillions of years will they continue to serve mankind.
Holy Qur’an, verse 41/10:
“And it is GOD ALMIGHTY Who Created the earth, placed firm mountains on it towering above its surface, and bestowed so many blessings on the earth, and determined therein sustenance for all its habitants in four aeons. The resources of subsistence for all, who would seek it.”
A great number of people, out of ignorance or lack of sensibility, or for some other reasons, do not admit the fact and call the creation of this beautiful and perfectly designed Universe, a Natural phenomenon. We are not allergic to any name or nomenclature. But now let us assume that this natural system must have been designed and created by some Supreme Power. By whatever name you call him, HE is the One and Only CREATOR, Who has develop this flawless system. Along with this physical well-being of the mankind, should not this CREATOR make arrangements for our spiritual development? And so HE sent down scriptures to guide the humans on the right path. And the Last Scripture that remains undiluted till this date is the only source of Divine Guidance for the present generation of mankind.
We need to go through this Divine Book every day, with a receptive state of mind, apply common sense, logic and reasoning over its verses, which are compact with meanings and messages. It contents are not confines to particular theme, but contains the foundation for an entire system of life. It has the Divine Power to purify our heart and soul, bring a vital change in our thinking process, and ensure a remarkable success in this life and the next world. We start this process with the recitation of verses 19, 20 & 21 of Chapter 55.


Considering the depth and sublimity of the Qur’anic verses, it is virtually impossible to translate it into any worldly language. And therefore we can only make an effort to be nearer to the sense and spirit of the original text.
“ALMIGHTY GOD has given freedom to the two great bodies of water so that they might meet. Yet between them is a barrier that they may not transgress. Then which of your LORD’s mysteries you will deny!”

The Holy Qur’an is in fact the Divine Book of Guidance revealed by the CREATOR of the entire Universe. It is full of knowledge and Divine Wisdom. It is the ALMIGHTY GOD Who has designed this vast earth and placed the gigantic mountains over it. It is HE Who created the vast oceans covering almost two-third surface of the globe. It is an error-free system. If we make an objective study of the Book of our CREATOR, and explore into the structure of the odd landscapes spread out before us, the prevailing sky overhead, and the space extending from anywhere to anywhere, then we can, not only understand this natural phenomenon, but also discover very important facts about GOD ALMIGHTY’s scheme of creation. We will also be able to seek guidance for our future course of action, in order to make our life on this earth comfortable, and also to prepare for the life to come, we will enter with our death.
Let us begin this exploration with the verses recited earlier, which deal with the most basic need of Man, that is water, and its storage.
Water is essential for the survival of life on this earth. No creature on this earth can live without it. Whether they are human beings or insects, be they cattle or wild animals, the birds flying high in the sky or the colorful fishes in the sea, they all depend on water. No gardening or farming, greenery or vegetation is possible without it. Even the ecological balance revolves around availability of water. We cannot imagine any small human habitat or the great flourishing civilization in the absence of water. And that is why we observe that the majority of human populace is situated at the banks of big rivers or lakes. In human history many migrations on mass level was also effected by water crisis. The human civilization normally flourishes unhindered, in the lap of great rivers. And perhaps it is for this reason that many great thinkers have hinted that water may possibly be one of the reasons for the third world war.
As the maintenance of life on this globe depends on water, our CREATOR has established a system for the distribution of this vital commodity in the form of lake, river, ponds, and sea. There is an elaborate system designed by our CREATOR for the children of Adam inhabiting different corners of the earth. Today we shall discuss some of the fine aspects related to the distribution of water on this earth.
Our CREATOR and SUSTAINER has devised an impeccable system of pouring out rain from the sky, and its storage in the earth. Then its nonstop supply through streams and rivers are common occurrences, known even to a layman. Right now we shall study the movement of rain-water which after filling up the storages of the earth, finally mingles with the sea water.
The earth, though on the surface, appears flat and plain. But it has many declivities and acclivities, ups and downs. The geologists know that theses ups and downs play a major role in the formation of ridges and valleys. On both sides of a ridge, there are two small brooks or barrier from where the streams originate. This ridge or barrier determines the place for catchments.
These two small brooks flow parallel with the rain-water, and in the process, irrigating nearby lands and merge with a bigger brook. Similarly two big brooks flowing separately carry the rain-water from the catchments of the natural ridge, and meet with a bigger stream. And likewise the two big streams when joined, take the shape of a big river. This is a natural system that works throughout the globe and make it habitable for all living creatures.
Then there is a natural distribution of water for all living beings on this earth. The rainwater falls in the form of tiny drops everywhere, on every inch of land, and on every roof as directed by the LORD. But every drop that falls on this earth has a predestined place where it flows to in the form of small and then big streams, and the piece of land it is going to irrigate on the way. And after joining a big river which sea, it has to merge with, and then evaporate in the form of vapors. By these natural process rivers, valleys and river basins come into existence. The people trained in civil engineering and irrigation works and water resources and watershed management know this system very well.
As human body has a very intricate and elaborate network of veins and arteries, in the same fashion, on the surface of land there is a network of small brooks, rivulets, streams, rivers, fresh water springs and lakes. This is a network designed by the CREATOR of the Universe, so that water remains accessible to all living creatures. If this natural system had not been so perfect, then some parts of this earth would have always remained flooded, while the rest of the place would have often faced famine, deprived of water most of the time.
Perhaps we have not fully realized the significance of this system and therefore The All-knowing GOD reminds us of HIS Great Favors on mankind in Chapter 55 verse 19 to 20, the words are:
“ALMIGHTY GOD has given freedom to the two great bodies of water so that they might meet. Yet between them is a barrier that they may not transgress. Then which of your LORD’S mysteries you will deny!”
The Fresh water that pours down from the sky is sweet and palatable to drink. It is free from all pollution. After irrigating the parched lands, filling up its reservoirs to the capacity, it flows on thousands of miles in the form of winding rivers, saturating the land around, and finally meets the sea. The water of the sea is bitter and salty. No matter how much water goes to the sea, it must be noted that the level of the sea does not rise and enter the fertile land as it would make it arid and infertile.
We see that there are many densely populated cities on the coastal areas. And they draw fresh water as per their requirement from the rivers as well as from the underground reservoirs through well and deep bore in the ground. It must be noted that there is a huge body of fresh water flowing deep under the ground. Then there is the bitter and salty sea-water rocking along the shore for thousands of miles, and very close to it moves a mass of fresh water flowing under the ground.
Can these two bodies of water, salty and sweet ever meet together? Can they ever cross the barrier to mix-up and cause damage to human life? No!! Certainly not! These two bodies of flowing water don’t mix up. Even if they meet as it happens in an estuary, yet they keep a separation, as if there was a partition between them. Now, Who has devised this system? Who has stopped them from getting together? Who has put the barrier? Do we, the human!! Any role we play for it? And is it in even in our capacity? See, we cannot stop even a small flood, and only as a mute spectator, watch it helplessly causing damage to life and property.

We have one more reference to this meeting of two rivers in chapter 25 verse 53.

“And it is GOD ALMIGHTY, Who has given freedom of movement to the two great bodies of water, the one sweet and potable, and the other salty and bitter, but GOD ALMIGHTY has placed a barrier, a forbidding partition, that is not permeable.”
These are all Divine miracles, signs and symbols of the Most Gracious and ALMIGHTY GOD. Is it fair at our part to take a casual approach to all such nature’s wonders? A sensible person should not!
In fact our LORD in HIS Holy Books exhorts the believers to reflect on these signs of HIS grace and favors as they bear witness to HIS absolute wisdom and also to HIS favors on HIS creatures.
The ALMIGHTY GOD in HIS absolute wisdom has not only designed various sources of water, but has also made wonderful arrangement for its storage underground. And mind you, these underground treasures of water are bigger than the quantity of surface water. The rainwater that flows through brook, streams and rivers ultimately falls into the sea. In this long journey a lot of water is absorbed in the ground and then passing through the cracks in the rocks, cavities, joins the underground stocks of water.
We call the body of water underground and its level as water table. We get water by penetrating and puncturing these storages through well and tube wells. There is not only an arrangement for storage of fresh water, but also streams flow through it. At some place this water is under immense pressure, and so when it is drilled through, natural aquifer comes into existence, the natural fountains.
Wherever the underground water is salty and hard, although it is not drinkable. Still this water is very useful for industrial and agricultural purposes. But interestingly, if you dig up a little distance away, you may hit upon fresh potable water. It shows that the SUSTAINER of this world has placed a strong barrier between the underground streams of different waters that keeps them apart and distinct, and allows them to maintain their different properties. Both the waters have their own utility and benefits. It is the scheme of their CREATOR i.e. our LORD that they are catering to the different needs of human beings.

But man is born ingrate. He either does not recognize these favors of his LORD or even if he acknowledges, he takes it for granted. We usually do not realize that it is a great gift from our CREATOR and SUSTAINER.


A sensible and wise man should feel grateful to his CREATOR for HIS infinite grace, as every single creature depends on GOD ALMIGHTY for its needs. We should realize HIS power and wisdom. And spent our days and nights in conscious of HIS immense control and command in all affairs of the Universe. We should express our gratitude like the Prophet Yusuf as mentioned in the Holy Book in verse 12/38.

“……..this is an outcome of ALMIGHTY GOD's bounty unto us and unto all mankind - but most people are ungrateful.”
We should be grateful to our Master with all our intellect and attitude. We should have the desire and courage to share all our vital needs with the entire humanity, without any discrimination. We can see that our CREATOR is continuously supplying the basic needs like water to all HIS creatures without any partiality! And so we should also never deprive others of using the natural resources.
If we have natural assets under our control, we should never misuse them for some personal and political gains. See, how our LORD is supplying the water even to the stubborn and ingrate mortals. It is the moral responsibility of a responsible society to utilize the surplus resources for the welfare of the deprived sections.
If our attitude with other children of Adam is unjust, it may displease our CREATOR and HE may deprive us of the same water, or make its availability a difficult task. In the following rhetoric verse 30 of Chapter 67 our LORD issues a warning.

“O Mohammed (s.a.w.s) ask the mankind: ‘Have you ever considered, if your water should sink into the ground, who will bring any unsullied water for you!!”’
If the source of our water supply disappear, or goes down into the hollows of the earth, then we will have to face great difficulty to get even the water for drinking. There will be no water for washing and bathing. Then how could we irrigate our crops? If we use a three-inch pipe using a three-horse power motor, it requires almost eight hours watering for a single acre of land. And that too would not be as good as it is done by the rain water.
Let us refer to the last part of verse 41 of Chapter 18.
“(The GOD ALMIGHTY has the power to let) the water of the earth sink deep into the ground, and you will never manage to find it!”
The Master of the Universe in HIS Holy Book makes a reference to these underground resources of water, so that we may develop a sense of gratitude. It is imperative for us to bow down before the Supremacy of our LORD, and express gratitude for all natural resources, and regard them as the common legacy and common wealth of the whole mankind. We may take according to our needs, not according to our greed. We certainly have a right to exploit these resources, but no right spoil them. The verse 127 of chapter 20 carries a warning for those who willfully destroy natural resources:
“And like this, WE punish him who wastes and does not believe in his Sustainer's signs. And, indeed, the chastisement (of such sinners) in the life to come shall be most severe and most enduring!”
Let us make a self-analysis, self-introspection and correct our past insolences. Let us nurture the feeling of submission and gratitude, and nourish it with the words of wisdom from the Book of our LORD. We conclude with this humble prayer:
Thank you very much, GOD Bless you all.