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By his name, one can understand, he belongs to world acclaimed Qur’anic scholar Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh. He is the youngest son, a commerce graduate, father of a girl, successful businessman, promising entrepreneur, having command on English, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu and of course the Qur’anic Arabic.

Abdul Majid Parekh

Born in 1965, he grew up under the gracious guidance and indelible influence of his father. Since the childhood, he has been fortunate enough to be by the side of his father. He is a known figure in the business, religious and social circles of his father. Though his approach and style are quite pragmatic, due to his business activities, he takes care to avoid losses first. Naturally he takes extra care to avoid irreparable losses which may incur in the life which starts after the end of the present one. In business circle as well as in the vast circles of his father, his discourses are liked and appreciated.

He evaluates that the sequence of the Chapters in the Holy Qur’an has been rearranged by the Almighty GOD HIMself from the sequence of its revelation. It proves that its verses and the messages are universal and not for a particular period, era and area only. So he considers every verse as a solution for present-day problems, a person, a community or a nation is facing.