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Born in 1952 in Nagpur, Central India, Maulana Mohammed Mustafa is a well known figure throughout India for his penetrating speeches on the Qur’anic themes. He uses Urdu or Hindi for communication. He is the first student of the renowned Qur’anic Scholar Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh in Darse-Qur’an. His speeches and discourses revolve around The Holy Qur’an and keep the audience spell bound. He is gifted with a powerful but pleasing voice which binds the listeners for hours.

Maulana M. Mustafa
M. M. Mustafa

After his academic career, he joined B.S.N. Limited. At present he is serving there as an Accountant. Father of 7 children, his Friday speeches draws large gatherings. He has the urge to serve the humanity by providing those messages of Heavenly Last Testament. He remains easily available to the masses and eagerly undertakes various social activities which has made him very popular among the masses.

An officer of clean track record, he enjoys the respect of all including his senior colleagues. Due to his vast knowledge and command on the Holy Qur’an, he is revered for his superlative performance among all who are attached with Qur’anic Arabic through out the country. Apart from attending traditional madarsas, he has also received modern secular education. His approach towards Islam and allied matters is quite rational. Due to his secular character, he has a vast friend circle and admired in all walk of Indian society.