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Dr. Shahina Khatib, born at Akola belongs to a highly educated family. Her husband Syed Anwaar Khatib is manager in Bombay-based pharmaceutical establishment. They have two sons studying Engineering in Pune. Her father, Mohammed Ilyas, is a qualified Engineer, but he instead opted for educational field and retired as the Deputy Education Officer. Shahina Khatib’s academic career got a boost when she was awarded the coveted National Merit Scholarship for Physics and Mathematics throughout her studies

Though she was offered a major post at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Trombay, India and a post in a laboratory at USA along with many other opportunities, her passion for teaching made her opt for the educational field as her career. At present she is a lecturer in Physics at reputed Anjuman Junior College, Sadar, Nagpur.

Her approach to the Holy Qur’an is unique and she remains very close to the Fundamental Universal Message of each and every verse of the Last Testament of the LORD of the Universe. She concentrates on the spirit of every verse of The Last Commandments and its universal application in today’s modern world. She emphasizes on the moral and human values preached by the Divine Revelation and tries to convey it to the masses especially to the youths of India.


IndiaShe is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, English and Arabic languages. Due to her God gifted voice, rich in tenor, and unique style of presentation, her lectures penetrate in to the hearts of listeners. She never fails to cooperate within her capacity with different associations serving humanity in their respective fields. Many of her lectures, papers and school of thoughts can be found on:


explore-quran on www.youtube.com, www.explore-quran.com., and www.iqramedia.net,