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Abdul Ghafoor Parekh is a name widely known among the people who have an aptitude to learn the original tongue of the Holy Book revealed by Almighty on His servant, Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him
Parekh is a surname having a good reputation in business community through out India. Connected mainly with Timber and Plywood activities having main works at central Indian City of Nagpur. His father, Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh is internationally acclaimed personality as a speaker on the teachings of Holy Qur'an. He successfully created an atmosphere of Holy Scripture in his family and in all walks of life. The Centre point of all his activities is The Holy Revelation.
Abdul Ghafoor Parekh, being his eldest son, brought up in such surroundings that he had to play key role in the mission of his father with dedication and discipline. Born in 1948 in Nagpur, completed his post graduation in Commerce from Nagpur University. From his early age, he is assisting his father in business and industries and playing a key role in multifaceted Qur'anic activities of his father. He himself is father of two sons and two daughters; all of them married and well settled by the Grace of Almighty.

He is well versed with English along with other Indian languages like Urdu, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati in addition to Arabic language of Holy Scripture. As far as Qur'anic Arabic is concerned, he was well equipped with it during his childhood by the book compiled by his father named Lughatul Qur'an (Qur'anic Dictionary), which is a source to learn Qur'anic Arabic. The book is widely read throughout the globe since last 50 years. It was later translated into many Indian languages along with English, Turkish and Portuguese.

Abdul Ghafoor Parekh, by the Mercy of Almighty, besides his routine business and industrial activities, developed a unique modem scientific system to make people familiar with the original Arabic language of Holy Qur'an within a short period of about 200 hours only! This he claims is a unique miracle and a blessing from Almighty, Who guides whomsoever He wishes, puts a sincere effort in understanding The Holy Scripture. With his unique technique he conducts the Qur'anic Arabic classes through out the country. Many academic institutions in India have adopted this system in their courses under his directions. He is also the moderator and owner of this web site www.explore-quran.com.

An outspoken person, avoids publicity, preaches in his own capacity, the human values highlighted in the Holy Scripture. He keeps himself away from any school of thought with maintaining utmost secular characteristics. With the help of Qur'anic discourses, Qur'anic Arabic Classes and his writings, his mission is to develop human values, morality, tolerance and broad mindedness in the society. He always keeps low profile to avoid “ideal personality worship”, so the individuals and society may discover itself “these values” from the “Original of the Scripture” to uplift themselves above the “unscrupulous translations” and “wishful political commentaries”.


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NAGPUR - 440 008. (India)
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