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Quranic Grammar Work Book



This workbook as the first step, is an attempt to facilitate learning Arabic the language of Qur’an. The ultimate aim in its compilation is to popularize study of the Qur’an sans the barriers of translations. A working knowledge of Urdu / English is the only prerequisite to benefit from it. The Muslim with whom recitation of the Holy Qur’an is a daily routine would derive maximum benefit by using this book. Every lesson opens with a set of new words (not so new for Urdu speaking persons) that are utilized in it. It methodically concludes on exercise, most of which come from the Holy Qur’an. Learning the glossary of the Arabic text and frequent use of words given at the end of book enrich the learner’s vocabulary. As the workbook is meant for the beginners, grammatical details have been meticulously avoided; just to facilitate their understanding and digestion at a later stage.

It is worth mentioning here that when a child learns any language, including his mother tongue, first he start delivering the words (i.e. calling object names) or building a vocabulary, the grammatical perfection comes later as a natural graduation process in the learning cycle! We also can benefit from this natural way of learning.

Excellence and perfection are our ideals. We strive to achieve them and towards that end we invite suggestions from the learned persons, in all humbleness.

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