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Reflections On And Beyond Delhi Rape Case

Abhorrence of crime is inherent in human nature. However, human beings are more explicit in condemning the crimes of others; but maintain silence on their own crimes. This is not the sign of a healthy society.  But certain crimes shook the conscience of the entire society, and therefore, whole of the society cries on them. If this so happens, then this society can reform itself and save itself from heavenly calamities. If the feeling of hatred and condemnation of crimes ends from the society; then, how this society can save itself from the calamity, I just wonder.

For saving from the heavenly punishment, first of all, every person must not only seek pardon from the Creator of the Universe for his own crimes, but also for the crimes committed by others .This do not take much time. Directly or indirectly we are also responsible for the crimes of the society. Then, perhaps we may be saved from heavenly punishment. But when this is not done, then it must be understood that the conscience of the society is dying.

This leads to occurrence of hardships from the heaven. Therefore, one must not only make atonement of his own crimes but also seek pardon on behalf of his countryman also from the Master of the Universe. Then some thing must be thought for preventing these crimes. A terrible atrocity has been committed on a daughter of this country which has resulted in the loss of her life also. This has led to a new awakening in whole of India. We should not allow this awakening to die. We should try to find out a treatment of this malady, which will be a great service of the country. Then only perhaps the society may be saved from heavenly punishment. This will be beneficial to us and the whole of the country. Then only the chastity of our daughters and daughter in laws may be protected.

How to control the sins? Great scholars have suggested that sins can be prevented through harsh punishment. However, we think that even with harsh punishment they cannot be prevented. It is because we have broken our entire system by our own hands. We are disappointed with our political leaders. We are dejected with our laws and judicial system. We are also disappointed with our law enforcement machinery, i.e. the police. Punishment is given by this machinery only. Whenever people will take law in their hands then anarchy prevail and streets will be piled with corpses.


Certain factors contribute in the construction of any society. Customs of the society also play an important role in it. Women enjoyed dignity in ancient Indian Culture. The institution of marriage offered her many protections through her family i.e., her father, brothers, maternal and paternal relations and her in laws, etc.. It was due to the institution of marriage only that she came to this world and got so many relations. Without marriage also she could have come to this world, but then just like animals, she would not have got so many relations. Then, instead of her being some body's daughter, sister, brother's wife, mother, wife, maternal or paternal aunt, she would have been a thing to play in this male dominated society.

Feelings and temperament of the members of society; their patience and life style also play a big role in this. Since thousand of years we have given honour and respect to others. But now we are losing these values. Younger generation of our society does not want to honour any law. We have fallen prey to materialism. In the competition for earning money, we are keeping ourselves of the big countries of the world. Committing thirty or forty crore Rupees scams is just our left hand game. We are least afraid of law. We can buy the law and its protectors with our money.

Now, we have to ask certain question to ourselves. Whether we are masters of this earth? We will have to search what we are? What is our life? Why we could not win victory over our death? Whether we come to this world by our own will? Whether sun, moon, air, clouds, rains, weather are subordinated to our will? On the strength of our money and power we can purchase the law and police. Similarly whether we can continue life, death and the universe with our own strength? There can be no answer to these questions than No.

It is most clear that neither we are masters of Universe nor we can take birth in the gender, face and colour of our choice. There is someone according to whose will this world is going on. There is someone who is the Master of the earth and the skies. We are powerless before HIM. Then the question is, whether the Master of the Universe will allow us to play havoc in this Universe? If not, then we will have to think and search from where we have come? Where we have to go? As Manager of any Hotel and Director of any factory, we are bound by the rules. Similarly, we are bound by the rules of entry, residence and going out of any country. If we do not follow them, then we have to face legal proceedings. Then the question is how the Master of the Universe can permit us to live in this world without following any rules? Whether we will not have to bear the punishment for breaking the rules? Whether we can escape by bribing HIM? Whether corruption is going on with HIM also? If there is only one answer to this question, a big NO, then we will have to think and make self searching for putting and end to our sins and devise the ways for curbing their occurrence in the society.

We have observed that we commit excess on the weak alone. On strong, neither we have power nor means to commit excesses. Rather we have to bear the excesses committed by the stronger. Since the women are weak and helpless, therefore, we commit excesses and abhorrent crimes like rape on them. We have to ponder whether there is or not anyone more powerful than stronger. Every wise man will say that He is. "HE" is the Master of the Universe, Most Powerful. Even though we may be powerful, but we are helpless before HIM– in whose Hands is our death – Who is most powerful than all.

It is also one of the peculiar characteristic of human beings that when someone stronger than him is standing on his head, he avoids to commit sin. We stop our vehicle on the red signal if we see the Police. But we do not bother a little when Policeman is not seen. There is a saying in Gujarat that when man commits sin, he observes in all the four directions. But he forget the fifth direction from where the Master of the World is observing. This is the wisdom which restrains us from committing sins. It can save us from taking bribes. It can also save us from breaking the law. It can save us from indulging in corruption. And it can also save us from committing rape.

After deep thinking, we arrive at the definite conclusion that we have come in this world from some where. And we will have to go somewhere after passing our life. We are not going to remain here all the time. From where we have come and where we will have to go?  There can be only one answer to this question that someone has given us life. He also gives us death and we will have to return to Him. This is the ultimate truth. Even after paying bribe we can't change this law – can't escape – can't hide. Now there is no alternative except to accept the truth of power and strength of the Creator of the World.

Now, only one alternative is left. We should fear the All Powerful, Who watches us all the time, witnesses every happening, knows all the things, has authority over life and death – the One and only single Master of the Universe. We should try to save us from every sin – every scam on which the Master can punish us. One to whom we have harassed, grabbed properties,  committed excesses, violated rights – all will take us to HIS court. Then Master, the Dispenser of the Ultimate Justice will do justice and we will have to bear punishment of all our crimes.

We can also put a break of different type on the commission of crime. We will have to see by reversing the situation. If out of those four criminals in Delhi Case any would have thought that he would have been that helpless girl; and then someone would have committed the abhorrent crime, then what would have been the situation? Or he would have thought how he will feel if the same crime is committed on his sister, daughter, brother's wife? If the corrupt leaders and officials of  Government also starts thinking on these lines, and there is fear of definite punishment; then perhaps our country can export these good manners to the world at large and increase the glory of India. 

Abstinence is also one of the important medicines. From so many decades our Film,Media and Ad Agencies are least ashamed from the world at large in de-clothing one of the daughter and daughter in law of India. Our industrialists are also not least hesitant in showing one of our daughters in few clothes even in an ad of shaving blades for men. This must stop.

Our daughters should also understand that their honour and glory does not lie in the fact that their beauty and bodily charms are gazed by hungry eyes.  Their beauty is not a thing of display in a showcase like cheap articles of market. Precious stones like diamonds  are to be kept  in safe custody. But there is no need of safe custody of pieces of glass. Religious leaders have also to divert their attention from processions and gatherings, etc. to social reforms. New generation is weary of show-off. Intoxication of materialism will lead to loss of religion. Then who will attend of religious sermons and processions! Educated and wealthy youths intoxicated by modernity are fast losing all the values. This will be a great loss to a country like India where religious books are read with esteem and reverence.

In the end, I pray that Allah, Master of the Universe, impart me and my countryman wisdom  and good sense. Forgive us our sins. Save us from YOUR punishment. Save our daughters and daughter in-laws from atrocities and crimes. Give us good sense so that we can respect and honour our ladies. We promise to bring a constructive change in our society - Indian society.  It is said in the Holy Qurán (99:6-8):