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Beyond Human Perception

GOD Almighty using "I" & "We" For Himself in The Holy Qur'an


Following is the paragraph presented here, copied from the foreword of English translation of the Holy Qur’an by a western scholar Mr. Leopold Weiss born on 12th July 1900 in the town of Lvov (Limburg) in Eastern Galicia, now in Ukraine in a Jewish Rabbi Family. He is famous in Muslim world as Mohammed Asad. He was a renowned writer and war correspondence of New York Times and other News Papers covered both the World Wars. 


“Thus for instance western critics of the Qur’an frequently point to the allegedly “incoherence” references to God - often in one and the same phrase - as “He”, “We” or “I”, with the corresponding changes of the pronoun from “His” to “Ours” or “My”, or from “Him” to ”Us” or “Me”. They seem to be unaware of the fact that these changes are not accidental, and not even what one might describe as “poetic license”, but are obviously deliberate: a linguistic device meant to stress the idea that God is not a “person” and cannot, therefore, be really circumscribed by the pronoun applicable to finite being.


We must know that for the Almighty Lord, the pronouns “We” and “I” occur in the Book of our Lord. We know that it obviously is a linguistic device meant to stress that Almighty God is not a ‘person’ and therefore not really circumscribed by the pronouns applicable to finite beings. Also “We” is used as a Royal plural as in some languages.”


A. Ghafoor Parekh,

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