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Study Tour of Mrs. Shaheena Khatib
May/June 2005


The Final Testament, Holy Qur’an regards man and woman equal in terms of piety, uprightness and accountability. However it demarcates the work fields for them. All the financial responsibilities of the family are laid down on men while women folk have been entrusted with looking after the homely affairs and upbringing of the coming generation.

In my view, education does not mean only schooling, but inculcating high values and decent manners in children. A child needs nursing and the best nursing can be had from the mother. In the Final Testament, good manners, etiquettes, established good social norms and moral obligations are given priority in all human dealings. It states in chapter 4 verse 36:

“And worship One and the Only GOD and do not associate anyone with HIM, and behave nicely to parents, to nears, to deprived ones, to needy, to your neighbors, to even strange neighbors, to the person beside you, to the way farer, and to your subordinates ….”

(From Holy Qur'an 4/36)

The Muslim mother should educate, rather inculcate in the younger generation the qualities enumerated by the Holy Qur’an. Of course a mother is the first teacher of a child and she should make all out efforts to educate her children in line with the divine commandments. Only admitting the child in the best school will not serve the whole purpose. A Muslim mother should serve the society by providing well mannered future citizens.

Besides, educated women can serve the society in different capacities if required. According to one tradition as mentioned in the collections of Qadama Ibne Ja’far, Prophet Muhammad soon after he migrated to Madinah, appointed a lady, Shifa Binte Abdullah on an important post to look after the market affairs of Madinah as she happened to be a literate.

It is a mother who happens to be the first teacher of any child. The affection, service, nursing qualities are the specification of women folk. There are faculties where women can play a better role than men. It seems to me that education and medical helps can be handling more smartly by women. Of course she is the one who delivers the humanity. GOD Almighty enjoins to be very kind with parents, whereas the mother scales high as she carries, nurses and educates the humanity. Mothers should play this role for the larger interest of the humanity.