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Study Tour of Mrs. Shaheena Khatib
May/June 2005


I recited here from the verse 48 of the chapter 5 of the Final Testament, the Holy Qur’an. Its English translation is:

“…And if Allah had so willed, HE could have made you all one single community, but HE tests you in what HE has given you, by this way. So compete with one another in good, noble and virtuous deeds …”

(From Holy Qur'an 5/48)

The verses quoted above makes it amply clear that the existence of a pluralistic society in the world is what the Creator of the entire Universe wills. But accountability is a purely personal matter. Every individual has to pass through a test. Success depends on how he responds to the call of his Master, positively or otherwise! It is thus natural the world retain its pluralistic character till Almighty GOD wishes otherwise. Even if a nation has one religion, its followers are seen divided into numerous sects, often hostile to one another. It obviously gives a pluralistic color. Instead of wasting our energy in unifying those on a common theology, efforts should be directed to develop an atmosphere of mutual understanding and tolerance to divergent faiths and to call all and act as it is instructed in chapter 2 verse 177 of the Holy Qur’an.

“Righteousness, piety and virtues are not that you turn your faces towards the east or the west, (or you follow some norms, customs and traditions of your own), but truly pious is he who believes in One and Only GOD, and is conscious of the accountability of the Doomsday, and accepts the existence of Angels, and the Books of Revelation and all the Prophets, and spends his wealth and belongings, in search for love of GOD Almighty, for the well being of nears, the deprived ones, the needy, the wayfarer, and to those who ask for help, and for the freeing of human beings from bondage, and constant in prayers and do charities, and keep-up the promises whenever promised, and keep patience in misfortunes and hardships and in times of adversity. It is they that have proved themselves truly pious, and it is they, who are conscious of their LORD.”

(From Holy Qur'an 2/177)

To receive the Divine Message undiluted, in its purest form, the Muslims and those seeking the ultimate Truth, must study the Final Testament without any prejudices and interpretation, to establish a peaceful atmosphere in pluralistic society. Relations between two communities or even nations must be based on justice and equality as the Almighty GOD commands in the Holy Qur’an in chapter 5 verse 8:

“O Muslims! Be persistently standing firm on just and fair for the sake of ALLAH, and never let enmity of any community or nation lead you to the extent of sinning to be unjust and biased. To be just is near to piety and GOD consciousness …”

(From Holy Qur'an 5/8)

It is high time that the people search out the realities in the Heavenly Scriptures. The truth eclipsed by interpretations, ignorance, narrow politics, false prides and past history, will come clearer, INSHA-ALLAH.