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Time Contradiction

Everyday, sun rises at a fixed time in the East and after completing its journey, sets in the West on a stipulated time. The day and night come into existence due to revolving of earth on its own axis in about 24 hours, and in about 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 second’s time, it completes one revolution around the sun.

Time is not an absolute thing. But, the period between two specific events is regarded as time. The time can be felt and perceived when the events stored in the brain arrange themselves in a particular order. Therefore, time is not something concrete, but a sort of perception.

As sense of colors is for differentiating various colors, and sense of taste is for differentiating taste, and as sense of smelling is for differentiating between fragrance and smell, in the same way time is possible balance and possible order of events. Therefore, in 20th century Einstein has put forth the “General Theory of Relativity.”

“Time has no independent existence apart from the order of events by which we measure it.”

As the time is a sort of feeling and perception, it is completely dependent on a perceiver. Therefore there is a relation and relativity between the two. This type of relativity is there in different frame of references. as the colors are meaningless without the visions of the eyes, and as the fragrance is meaningless without the sense of smell, in the same way time is meaningless without the happening of events.

As per the general theory of Einstein –

“Speed of time changes, depending on the speed of the object, and its position in the gravitational field. As speed increases, time is shortened and compressed, and it slows down.”

The relativity of time does not depend on how slow or fast running of clock is, but it is the frame of reference of the system between operation periods. This proves that time is only a relative perception. This relativity has been clearly stated around 1400 years back in chapter 22 verse 47:

“And O Prophet, they ask you to hasten the punishment (of ALLAH): and ALLAH never fails to fulfill HIS promise – and a day with your LORD is like a thousand years of your counting.

The Qur’an is not a book of science, but it contains references to several undeniable scientific facts. It will remain a pinching evidence for every age of science to prove itself the Divine Writ, not manmade but Almighty revealed. The frame of reference, with which we are familiar, will be altogether replaced by the ALMIGHTY. It will be definitely a different frame of reference. The speed and pace of time will also be different.

Counting of day and night depends on the movement of earth on its axis. If we move away from the movement of earth into the space, then the duration of this day of 24 hour will not be there. We can do this experiment without going into the space. We can understand it if we fly from East to West against the movement of earth, in a super sonic aircraft, the day will never end as our speed will be in accordance with the revolving speed of the earth around the sun.

The parable of a day, equal to thousand years is a comparison in a separate from of reference. In yet another frame of reference, in chapter 70 verse 4:

“The angels and the soul ascend to GOD ALMIGHTY in a day, the measure of which is like fifty thousand years (according to your counting).”

In above quoted verses, the items to perceive time are different. The relativity of time is evident from the verse. Today, the science with so much advancement has arrived at the conclusion, that the time is not absolute, but it is a relative perception. It is clear from the Theory of Relativity that, billions of years in one frame of reference, could be equal to 1 second in another frame of reference. Apart from modern science, if one has the firm conviction that the Divine Writ is the words of Almighty, he will also take both the statements as difference of day-duration in the next world he has to enter by his earthly death.