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Importance of Scriptures in Life and Hereafter
09-01-2014, Saint Charles Seminary, Nagpur

Dear friends, we belong to a group that believes in Scriptures, I mean to say that we believe In the earlier heavenly revelations like the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel and the Qur'an. We claim that we follow those heavenly revelations. But I am sorry to admit that this is only our lip service. We never turn to the Scripture of our belief for any of our problems, either personal, social, national or global. While we are told to search out in Heavenly revelations, a guide book from our Lord Supreme. HE is the lone and only Creator of the heavens, earth and all that exist anywhere in the universe. HE is the LORD of all that exists.

My dear students of theology, please treat me at par with you. I always try to search out the right path and always pray to my Lord in words taught by HIMself in these wordings of the first chapter of the Holy Qur'an.

"In the Name of GOD Almighty, the most Gracious, the dispencer of Grace. All praise and glory is due to GOD ALMIGHTY Alone, the Sustainer of all the worlds, The Most Gracious, the Dispenser of Grace, Lord of the Day of Judgment! YOU Alone do we worship; and unto YOU Alone do we turn for strength. Guide us the straight way - the way of those upon whom YOU have bestowed YOUR blessings, not of those who have been condemned (by YOU), nor of those who go astray!"

Scripture means such books which were revealed from on high in different times, languages spoken in that land throughout the human history. They were revealed on any prominent person of the society who was appointed as a message-bearer from the Lord, the Almighty. Unfortunately the records and even the leftovers of them are not found in the lands other than the Middle East. Middle East has the distinction of still having the Scripture in translation form or in originally revealed heavenly language. And now a days, the followers of these Scriptures are found globally everywhere. Prophet Moses was born in Egypt, Prophet Jesus in Palestine and Prophet Mohammed in Arab land. Though we are Indians but we acknowledge these Heavenly Revelations, while it is a great tragedy that we don't follow the Scripture. We are commanded in clear terms that when religious persons, Prophets or Messengers are ascribed by godly qualities, the humanity starts to differ and divide in numerous sects and sub-sects. While GOD Almighty commands us to hold fast the cord of unity and be ever conscious of the presence of HIM Alone and to go back to our Scripture to settle all the differences amongst us, but we disobey such Commandments as it is informed in 2/213

"Mankind had one single religion. From time to time GOD ALMIGHTY raised up the Prophets as heralds of glad tidings and as warners, and on them bestowed revelation from on high, setting forth the truth, so that it might decide between people in matters of religion wherein they differed. But the people, who had been granted the Heavenly Book, after the clear signs came to them, began to differ among themselves out of mutual jealousy and personal ego. But GOD ALMIGHTY, in all the times and era, by HIS grace, guided the believers to the truth in their differences. And GOD ALMIGHTY guides him who wants to be guided on the straight path."

So this is the brief history of religion right from Adam till today narrated by the ALMIGHTY who was present at the times of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and HE is very much watching us, listening us as HE is our Creator, Nourisher, Sustainer. HE is with us every moment anywhere and everywhere.

We are so smart that we judge our salvation deciding that we only will go to Paradise, and the rest will go to Hell. But the Scriptures never say that any person belonging to a particular group, society or faith will get the reward on the basis of his birth or his religion. Almighty had made a law consisting only 3 points narrated in Holy Qur'an, Chapter2/62:

"Indeed those who are Muslims, and followers of the Jewish faith, and the Christians, and the Sabeans - or anyone who believe in The One-ness of GOD and the accountability on the Last Day and did noble deeds, shall have their reward with their LORD. They will have no fear on the Day of final Reckoning."

And the Ultimate fact narrated in Chapter 4/123 of the Holy Qur'an:

"Paradise will not obtained by your wishful thinking O Muslim, nor by People of the Scriptures (like Jews, Christian, etc). Whoever commits evil, will be punished for it, and he will not find against GOD Almighty any protector and helper."

It is to submit ourselves to the lone and only GOD of all with putting due faith in HIM, and be ever consciouss that HE will take accounts for all our deeds, utterances, thinking process, inner-most self whisperings, positivity or negativity, morality and dealings in public and private and so on. And on realization of accountability, we must follow moral laws of any heavenly Scripture under the teachings any Prophet or Messenger appointed by GOD Almighty. And if we do not get the heavenly messages nor the teaching of any Prophet, the master key of the salvation from hell and reward of Paradise rests with the human inner soul as said in The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 79/37-41:

"So as for he who transgressed righteousness, and preferred this worldly life under its temptations, Hell-fire will be his abode! And anyone who has been afraid to stand before his Lord for accounts, and prevented himself from unethical inclination, then paradise will truly be his final abode with all its unending luxuries!"

But we are smart enough to judge others from our scales. We are commanded to asses ourselves and our morals on the scale of Scriptures. But we feel that we are chosen people and rightly guided while others are infidels, as we feel that we will be the Judge or any authority on the Day of Judgment. While the Real Judge of humanity will be One and Only GOD Almighty as He is the Creator, HE deals our death and will resurrect us on an Ultimate Day. HE says in The Holy Qur'an in 22/17:

"On the Resurrection Day, GOD Almighty will deliver the judgment for the Believers, the Jews, the Sabeans, the Christians, the Zoroastrians and the polytheist. Indeed, GOD ALMIGHTY is witness over everything."

So we should keep our difference aside as it is a matter of sub-judice otherwise we will face the charge of contempt of Court of Divine Justice. When these Prophets right from Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses Jesus and Mohammed tried to put the humanity on such track of getting heavenly salvation and rewards, history narrates that when the Messengers died, their followers started to differ on petty reasons only due to their ego and the humanity derailed from the Ultimate truth and track. This is the reality of today also. The Holy Qur'an says in Chapter 2/253:

"These were the messengers WE revered one and all, among them were such as were spoken to by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMself, and some HE has raised yet higher. And WE bestowed to Jesus, son of Blessed Mary, all evidence of the truth, and strengthened him with Holy Spirit. And if GOD ALMIGHTY had so willed, they who succeeded those messengers, would not have contended with one another after all evidence of the truth had come to them; but (as it was,) they did take to divergent views, and some of them remained in faith, while some of them came to deny the truth. Yet if GOD ALMIGHTY had so willed, they would not have contended with one another: but GOD ALMIGHTY does whatever HE wills."

In my view once again we all should go back to the Scriptures to get the Divine Light and put the humanity on the right track of salvation. In our society we are facing the heinous crimes, dreadful philosophies, un-natural demands and so many un-ethical ways and many social ills. The environment is damaged day by day by misusing the natural systems, misconduct in earning money and loss of moral values. In modern times, a mad race to get success and pleasures of this world even at the cost of hereafter. The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 3/14 says:

"Temptations for the humanity in form of lust, women, children, heaped-up treasures of gold and silver, and choicest horses, live-stock and lands. Such is the enjoyment of worldly life. But the ever-lasting and best abode is with GOD ALMIGHTY."

There should be reasonable parameters within which the human desires should operate. They cannot have a free reign. One could desire to rob someone, or may even desire to put off his or her clothes. Someone else may demand freedom for corruption and legal status for it. Obviously, such desires cannot be allowed to be fulfilled for the greater interest and safety of the human societies. But when such unreasonable and unethical ways demand social and legal approval for themselves, then the scholars and wise men should look for correct and healthy ways according to Scripture and put aside their petty differences. They should exhort the humanity in Heavenly words. They should warn them their ultimate doom in front of the LORD.

They should warn them to end such unbridled desires. They should let the public know the dooms of the earlier civilization in Godly words such as The Holy Qur'an exhorts in 29/40:

"(Such were the sinning civilization) WE seized for their sins. Some of them WE sent a hail-storm against. And some of them were overtaken by a sudden mighty blast; and some of them WE let the earth swallow-up. And some of them WE caused to drown. And it was not GOD Almighty Who wronged them, but it was they who had wronged themselves."

History informs us the consequences of the civilizations of the past who were doomed because they acted according to their whims and fancies. They were drowned, devoured by the earth, blotted out of existence. It shows that those who went against the Nature were destroyed by the Nature Supreme. Civilizations who violated the laws of Divine Revelations and acted freely could not survive much. There must be the people who exhort the society and guide them the ways and path of virtues and righteousness. By this way we may borrow some time from the wrath of GOD Almighty.

Once these reformers are ignored or rendered ineffective, the Nature administers its own cures. The ruins of doomed dynasties and volcano-singed habitations across the world bear the tell-tale testimony of the Nature's fury against the violators.

Today we must be worried by the acts of human being, their fancies, their unlawful ways of earning the money, their fashions, their wastage of wealth, their wastage of natural sources and resources, their corruption, rapes, adulterous immorality, loss of human values and virtues. Strange habits of same gender physical relations resulting in break-off the cord of progeny of humanity. Lust of relations without marriage bonds results in breaking family structure. What kind of this world is! Free from all human bonds and a life like animals resulting in careless corrupt society not trusting each other! Everyone is busy in becoming richer and richer on the cost of millions of penniless hungry humans.

The back bone of humanity is the family which comes out from a mother and a father. All the human relations like father, mother, grannies, uncles, aunts, in-laws come out of marriage between a male and a female. One who wants to destroy it, we should feel him or her as an enemy of the humanity.

Moreover such shameless adulterous activists want their union to be legitimate by the law of land. They want to legalise their rights by marriage. Oh! I wonder why they need such laws when such communions do not result in any biological product such as children. And why unnecessarily risk division of properties in case of 'dissolution' of these marriages or inheritance in the event of death of one partner! And how we could know who the husband is and who the wife is? Any sane person will feel abhorrence.

I support the comments of reverend Pope against this immorality. No Scripture nor any religion nor any sane society will allow all such immoral, inhuman habits. I agree that such practises may be in the societies from ancient times. But we had mentioned the fate of corrupt ancient civilisations.

This is chronic problem under the carpet. But now they want openly. It starts from the demonstration of female charms in public. Once upon a time their physics will lose attraction of the society who drives them to shameless fashions and made their bodies an item of the market for earning huge amounts while paying the poor artist very small portion. I feel that modern day ladies are now much exploited by modern male chauvinism. Poor ladies are still in the grip of male dominated world. They never had their legitimate rights in the past, nor today. Now they are losing value as well as their charm. Quite affluent societies are having no more desire of marriage for physical relation. They prefer to enjoy with their friends of same gender. The world will taste the same punishment as the people of Prophet Lot suffered. They lost the interest in ladies of the society and faced the ultimate doom. The story is said in the Torah, the Gospel and The Qur'an.

It is high time for the people of the Books, I mean Muslims, Jews, Christians and all other religious heads must unite themselves. Forget the difference among them, shun infighting among followers of same religion on the basis of sectarian hatred. Guide the humanity to the path of a peaceful life in this world and get the salvation in the hereafter.

The West has been in the vanguard of civilization for the last three centuries. No doubt, the reforms started from the West to free the world from dark ages. But it is one thing to fight for freedom of speech and thought and quite another to allow people to practice unnatural acts and obscenities in the name of freedom. Let us admit the fact that the West has exceeded the limit of decency in bestowing liberties on its people in this regard. Perhaps the West needs to learn a lot from India which has treaded a path of modesty in public behavior while giving people the reasonable freedom to live with their beliefs and practices.

I salute to Reverent Pope Francis for his latest speeches, exhorting the humanity on their lust of power and money. I don't know the exact wordings, but he told us that we are no more slave of our Creator, the GOD Almighty. Now a days our god is money and lust.

We find in all the religious books to practise the way of piousness and shun evil practices. Every religion teaches to do virtuous acts, condemns adultery, use of liquors, gambling, frauds, corruption, devour usury, economic exploitation of needful persons and all such moral crimes putting the humanity in the danger zone the Scriptures had warned. But in spite of all these talks of piousness, I feel, one should be warned by Heavenly words with the fear of doomsday and the punishment. This will work more effectively.

I conclude this discussion with the prayer that our Creator may guide us towards the path of righteousness and restrain us from the unnatural acts, make us the real followers of Heavenly commandments.

Thank you very much for listening patiently. May GOD Almighty Bless all.