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O people, your Creator and Sustainer is one and only one God, Allah.
Verily, your blood, property and self respect are sacred for each other.
Never try to transgress the limits set in the matter of humanity.

The father of this humanity is also one; you are the offspring of Adam and Eve.
By this you all related with each other as brothers.
Remember, Adam was created out of clay.
Hence, no one is superior among you, nor inferior.
Superiority can not be on the basis of your caste, color, creed, gender.
Your different colors and languages are signs of Allah, nor of superiority.
No white has any superiority on any black,
Nor does any black have superiority on any white.
No Arab has any superiority on any non-Arab.
Your grades at your Lord is on the basis of your noble deeds, charities
and how much you are conscious of the presence of your
Lord at all the occasions.
To kill any human being without genuine reason is a heinous unpardonable crime.
To slain any human being is as if whole humanity is killed.
Your lives, wealth, dignity and possessions are forbidden (Haraam) on each other.
Do not wrongfully possess others property and belongings as it is a great sin
and you have to pay it back on Doomsday.
Intoxicants, gambling, game of chances are great crimes. Be away from it.
Do not take interest. Usury is forbidden and heinous crime.
Do not exploit anybody who is needy, poor or patient.
Obscenity, adultery, fornication, immodest talk and actions,
relations other than lawful marriage are heinous crimes.
Do not corrupt your societies by these acts.
Keep your gazes down. Be modest. Do not gaze women other than your wives.
Do not kill your children in the fear of poverty (Imlaq).
Take care of your parents, nears, orphans, needies.
Do charities and public utility works for humanity.
Take care of your neighbors.
Be loyal to one who has entrusted you anything and return it to its owner when asked for.
Remember, he who earns his livelihood by physical labor is loved by Allah.
Return borrowed things as early as possible to the owners.
Return debts at the earliest. He who wills to repay will definitely be helped by Allah.
Beware, criminal is he who committed crime. He alone will be punished,
Criminal alone is responsible. Neither his father, nor his son,
nor his tribe will be punished.
Be conscious of your Sustainer about your women folk. You will be asked for them.
You have certain rights over your women.
Your women also have certain rights over you.
So be just with your women.
Give women their inheritance rights. Treat them fairly.
You can not take away anything of your women.
They are the owner of their possessions and properties.
Remember, you will certainly be raised before your Creator for accounts.
Beware! You should not slip from the straight path after I am gone
I had conveyed you fully the Messages of your Creator
And never asked any reward from you.
I am leaving after me two things:
One, the Book of Allah and the other, my way and my system, how to act on it.
Hold fast both the things so you will be on right path and will never go astray.

Excerpts from the various books of Traditions of The Prophet