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Delivered by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

As quoted in various books of Ahadees

Original in Arabic, the English translation is as under

With the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

All Glories, Praises, Blessings be to ALLAH, The One and Only LORD, the Sustainer, the Nourishes, the Life-Provider to all that exist. In His Mighty Hands is the life and death of all. We have to accept His Mightiness and His Commands; we should invoke Him for all our needs. We should be fearful to His punishment. HIS Power and Sovereignty covers all the skies and earth and whatever that is in between. HE has the Destiny of everything in His Glorious Hands. He has the Power to decide. HIS is the only Authority seen everywhere in space and earth. HE decides and destines while no one can decide and destine anything. HE gets pleased with those who remain conscious of Him by their will and choice. HE get pleased with those who do just and noble deeds. HE had chosen for us the way of life, which is total submission of ourselves to His Commands. In the Arabic it is called Islam, the Deen which is His Deen. The simple definition of His Deen is that all the human beings should surrender themselves, their desires, their wishes, their actions at there own care and consciousness to the Will and Command of their Creator, ALLAH. Otherwise The Creator has the Power and Might to punish those who do not obey His Commands and spread atrocities and disturbances on earth.

Our Lord had sent many Messengers for conveying His Messages to the whole mankind at all the times. And as the last of this chain of messengers, He sent Prophet Mohammed may peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him. On His last Messenger, He revealed His Last Book, The Qur’an. Our Lord had destined for us, for the human race, a system of Marriage. By this way the humanity may grow in the high moral and most respectful manner. HE had destined for us the relationships from marriage ties and made it mandatory for us. HE, The One said in His Last Revelation, The Qur’an in chapter 25 verse 54.

“It is Allah only who Created men out of water and has endowed him with the descent and marriage tie, (in-law relationship). And your Sustainer is ever infinite in His Power.”

We should put our faith in our Lord and obey His commandments and should seek His help in all our acts, deeds and needs. We should ask his forgiveness for our every error or sin. We should ask His help in seeking protection from all the evil and bad consequences of our unpleasant deeds. Whomsoever ALLAH guides, nobody can misguide him, and whomsoever He let go astray, nobody can guide him. Nobody else is eligible to be prayed except ALLAH, the Mighty One. Our Creator has no partner, no son, no father and no spouse at all. HE cannot be compared with anything. HE watches us every time if we are alone or in meets. HE watches us whether we are in daylight or in the darkness of night. HE hears not even our worshipers but He knows what is going on in our mind and in our thoughts and in our hearts.

We should also bear the witness that Prophet Mohammed may peace and blessing of ALLAH be upon him, he is ALLAH’s bondman and last Messenger. Through him our Lord sent the ultimate truth, the Holy Qur’an, to give glad tiding to those who are conscious of their Lord, and warning of His punishment to them who neither care the commandments of their Lord, nor they are fearful of the Accounting Day which is bound to come. The call of Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessing of ALLAH be upon him, is to whole mankind towards One and the Only ALLAH with due permission of ALLAH Himself. The moral conduct of Prophet Mohammed, may peace and blessing of ALLAH be upon him, is called Sunnah. It is like a self-illuminated lamp for the rest of mankind. Billions and trillions, infinite Salaam on him and on his offspring, on his companions, on his wives and on his entire family.


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