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This Eid and This Ancient Nation
Every year in the month of Ramazan Muslims fast the whole month. Through articles and discourses it is commonly known to all about the fasting from dawn to dusk. The true spirit of month long fasting needs to be understood under the divine light of Holy Qur'an as this was the particular month in which the Guide Book was revealed. Holy Qur'an says in 2/183 that fasting has been obligated to the people of earlier ages also. Keeping alive this historical practice, fasting continued to be obligatory in the final testament revealed on the last of the prophets Mohammed (pbuh)

The whole month of Ramazan is a special training where one is being prepared to lead a principled and peaceful life-not merely during this month of fasting, but for the whole life. The Qur'an categorically teaches its readers to face every situation with a positive mind and utilize the opportunities present with any situation. It also teaches that it is not possible to change the world but to bring change in oneself which is easy and possible.

Time and again Peace becomes an issue to talk in the context of disturbance. But rarely it is understood that peace is intensely associated with the lives of human. It is a complete ideology in itself and the only way out for the survival of humanity on this globe.

Ramazan of 2015 was not peaceful although the word Islam means 'Peace.' The month of patience, tolerance, peace, and piety has been put in bloodshed by the followers of Islam. Bombarding and attacks on Mosques of each other is also noted at various places. President Obama recently said on the commemoration of Ramadan: "For the world's 1.5 billion Muslims, Ramadan is a time for thoughtful reflection, fasting and devotion. Similarly UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon "I am calling for . every person holding a gun, to stop fighting and offer this month of peace [Ramadan] as a collective present to their people."

Thanks GOD, we are not experiencing such sectarian violence of this volume in our land. What a pity, the killers are also keeping Roza and those who have been killed are also observing Ramazan fasts. Is there no sane person, Alim or Maulana left in more than fifty Islamic states who can let these barbarous Muslims know how to co-exist in a human society? Don't they know there are many verses in the Qur'an about the severe punishment in this world and hereafter for killings? Or these Alim know not what the Qur'an says on these subjects? Or they themselves are deliberately fuelling it for their sectarian and personal gains. For the peaceful coexistence on this Globe, the Holy Qur'an says in 17/84:
"Announce O Prophet: 'Let everyone act according to his own disposition, your Sustainer is fully aware who is more right."
This verse shows that Almighty Himself and His messenger want to let the difference of opinion prevail. Then why these so called Islamic scholars teach hatred and spit venom in place of tolerance. Why they are not waiting for the day of resurrection when each and every difference will be sorted out.

"There should not be any compulsion in religion..." (Holy Qur'an, 2/256)
Why these Islamic scholars want to spread Islam by guns!!! Compulsion or coercion is incompatible with religion. Religion depends upon one's own choice. It would be meaningless if induced by force.
"Unto you, your religion, and unto me, mine." (Holy Qur'an, 109/6)
Can there be more secular sentence than this? Then why the terrorists want to color the world in one color!!!
".. O Prophet (s.a.w.s) would you compel mankind against their will to accept your religion ? (Holy Qur'an, 10/99)
No need to say that the scholars don't know such verses of The Qur'an.

In the Holy Book, The Almighty says that the humanity should enjoy the freedom and choice of religion and there should not be any coercion in religious matter and choice. Then why there is zero tolerance in Muslim countries in the matter of faith merely on difference in clothes, hair style, and dress code. Either the public is unaware from The Holy Qur'an, or badly exploited in the name of religion by the religious zealots.

I salute India as we have almost all the religion of the world in one basket. And every religion has innumerable sects and sub-sects in it including Islam. But apart from severe differences of opinion, we are not bombarding the Mosques, Temples, Gurudwaras or Churches of each other. In our opinion, it is high time; the Indians should teach The Qur'an to the Muslim world to tolerate their own brothers on petty issues of religion.

A. Ghafoor Parekh
(Published in The Hitavada Nagpur on 18 July, 2015)