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Wives Of The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) At A Glance

Sr. No.

Ummul Momineen

Year of marriage

& place

Age of bride at marriage

Age of Prophet at marriage

Years of

married life

with Prophet

Year of demise of Mother of

all Muslims

Total Age of

Mother of

all Muslims

Circumstances at the time of marriage


Khadijatul Kubra D/O


Quraishi Makki

28 years before Migration in Makkah 595 A.D.

40 Years

25 Years

25 Years

11 Ramazan 10 A.P.

65 Years

Two times widow, mother of three children, Prophet shouldered their responsibility. Prophet also got two sons & four daughters by her.


Sauda D/O Zamaa S/O Qais

Qureshi Makki

Shawwal 10 A.P

in Makkah

620 A.D.

50 Years

50 Years

14 Years

19 A.H.

72 Years

Migrated with her husband to Ethiopia. Divorced, returned to Makkah dishearten. After the demise of Khadija, Prophet married her.


Aaisha Siddiqa D/O Abu Bakr

Qureshi Makki

Sending out in

2 A.H. in Madinah

624 A.D.

Different Narrations

50 Years

9 Years

57 A.H.

66 Years



Hafsa D/O Umar S/O Khattab

Qureshi Makki

Shaban 3 A.H. Madinah 625 A.D.

22 Years

55 Years

8 Years

41 A.H.

63 Years



Zainab D/O Khuzaima

Tribe Banu Makhzom

Ramazan 3 A.H. in Madinah 625 A.D.

29 Years

55 Years

3 Months

04 A.H.

30 Years

Three times widow.


Umme Salma D/O

Abu Umayya

Qureshi Makki

Shawwal 4 A.H.

in Madinah

626 A.D.

29 Years

56 Years

7 Years

60 A.H.

84 Years

Widow, mother of four children, Prophet shouldered their responsibility. There was no child by Prophet to her.


Zainab D/O Jahash

Qureshi Makki

Ziqada 5 A.H.

in Madinah

627 A.D.

36 Years

57 Years

6 Years

20 A.H.

50 Years

Cousin of the Prophet, married with Prophet's slave Zaid to abolish class discrimination. The marriage lasted for few years. Zaid divorced her. GOD commanded to the Prophet to marry to abolish treatment of adopted son as real son.


Juwairia D/O Al-Harith Banu Mustalaq Jewish Tribe

Shaban 5 A.H. in

Madinah 627 A.D.

20 Years

57 Years

6 Years

56 A.H.

71 Years



Umme Habiba D/O

Abu Sufyan

Qureshi Makki

6 A.H in Madinah 628 A.D.

36 Years

58 Years

6 Years

44 A.H.

73 Years

Migrated to Ethiopia with her husband where he died. Then the Prophet married her.


Safiyya D/O Huyyi S/O Akhtab

Jewish Tribe

Jumadil Aakhar

7 A.H. in Madinah 629 A.D.

Different Opinions

59 Years

4 Years

Ramazan 50 A.H.

60 Years

Widow of two times. Her second husband was killed in Battle of Khaibar so she was brought to Madinah as prisoner. Prophet married her and raised her to the status of Mother of Muslims.


Maimoona D/O Haarith

Qureshi Makki

Ziqad 7 Hijri. 629 A.D during the journey of Umrah in Makkah

36 Years

59 Years

3 Years

51 A.H.

81 Years

Widow of two times.


Maria Qibtia

7 A.H. in Madinah

629 A.D.

Different Narrations

60 Years

4 Years

Different Narrations

Different Narrations

The king of Egypt sent her as gift to the Prophet. Prophet married her and raised her to the status of Mother of all Muslims.


* A.P. = After Prophet Hood. Prophet was bestowed prophet hood at the age of 40.

* A.H. = After Hijrat. Prophet performed Hijrat (migration) at the age of 53.

In his full youth at the age of 25, the Prophet married 15 years elder than him a two times widow and mother of orphan children. The marriage lasted for full 25 years when she died. After the death of his first wife, nobody was at his home to take care of children, so he married another divorced lady of 50 years old. After the migration to Madinah, he had to combat the old rivalry, misbehaviour, tyranny, widow problems, orphans issue and many more social evils. Similarly he had to send the emissaries with Divine Message in different clans of Arabs where Prophet was not suppose to visit. Furthermore he had to remove down the extreme enmity and hatred prevailing in Arab tribes for him. Finally he had to train the women-folk and leave behind their sufficient numbers to convey the message after him. According to 33/50 he married those ladies who devoted themselves to the mission of the Prophet and sacrificed for the mission and migrated for the mission from their homeland due to persecution. Further in 33/28-29 all the marriages were for the cause and mission, not for any worldly pleasure.