Eid ul Adha Greetings - 2008

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“Eid ul Ad'ha 2008"



ADH-HA literally means dawn – the dawn of mankind’s enlightenment
And the abolition of human sacrifice subsequent to
The Great Sacrifice by Prophet Abraham,
The Great Messenger of Almighty GOD,
Unanimously accepted By Jews, Christians and Muslims.
as Patriarch of Faith on ONE-NESS of GOD Almighty.
He occupies an esteemed status in the
Last Testament, the Holy Qur’an.
According to many verses, two are mentioned here.
From Chapter 2 verse 124:

“And when Almighty LORD tested Ibrahim in certain commands, he fulfilled all. Almighty God said: O Ibrahim I will make you leader (‘Imam’) of mankind ……...”
And from Chapter 16 verse 123
“And WE revealed to you (O Mohammed s.a.w.s), follow the Doctrine of Ibrahim who turned away from all that is false and never ascribed divinity to anyone beside One and Almighty GOD.”
The Great Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, the one who submitted himself fully to his LORD, and was ever ready to sacrifice what was asked by his CREATOR
Let us revere human life and uphold human dignity only to please our LORD Who is The LORD of the UNIVERSE


Let us pray on this day of EID as Prophet Ibrahim prayed, narrated in Chapter 2 verse 128:

“O our Sustainer, make us surrendered and submitted to YOU and make out of
our children, a people committed and submitted worshipping YOU Alone….”