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Bismilla_hir rahma_nir rahim
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Bismilla_hir rahma_nir rahim

It is a fact that this Book of Heavenly Revelations is quite sound in its authenticity and very solid in historical background, is very much in existence not only in the form of documentation but through out the ages millions of people have memorized it fully and wholly, which is in practice even today and will remain till the end of this world.

It is still a mystery to the world that since so many centuries, the Book is found on every nook and corner of the globe unchanged by a single chapter, line and even word, billions and billions of people are reciting it in its original Arabic language regardless of their mother tongue, color, cast, creed and even though they remain illiterate throughout their lives. Millions of people are memorizing it makes it so strong in historical evidence that even nuclear holocaust, if leaves a single person Hafize-Qur’an on any corner of the globe, the book will take shape of document once again.

We value this Book as good as a kind of software, a program, a workstation for the generations and generations to come. This Revelation invites the attention of public to explore it, open the files and work on it with an open mind and broad vision, THE BOOK will certainly provide enlightenment.

This Web site Welcomes all those who join it in the EXPLORATION of The Revelation for the treatment of this mankind and its uplift from sheer materialism to eternal peace and total submission to THE CREATOR, The Almighty Lord before the coming of The Last Day, The Day of Accountability of the whole mankind in front of their LORD.



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