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Message Of Deepavali

It's human nature to celebrate joyous events,
By demonstrating how happy they are!
By exhibiting how wealthy is He,
By displaying how powerful is He

Our route to celebration may differ,
Enjoy the day by gratitiude to ALMIGHTY!
By helping Truth to prevail on False!

And thus... Making us a developed nation,
The solitary, who is self sufficient in many substances!
Now we have the sufficient resources!

And light the night by candles of love & care,
Eradicate tears from the eyes of denizens!
Who suffered through terror attacks,
Who lost kith & kin, faced riots, strikes & smacks!

By feeding the poor offsprings of the land,
Nor short or distant!
By clothing them to let them also celebrate,
What the land is Celebrating!

The real joy & celebration can be achieved by,
Eradicating the tears from the eyes of every Indian!
By removal of poverty, illiteracy & hunger,
Thus Truth can prevail on Evil!


A. Ghafoor Parekh,

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