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The Last Day Of Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh

Here is an account on demand from many admirers of the late Maulana, about his last day in this mortal world. This is prepared in consultation with those near to him on that day. There must be many significant points for the readers, as every one has to pass through the last moments of his life. For the co-relation of the events we have to consider the last few years of his life in brief.

His friends very well know that the Maulana was not keeping very sound health. Fourteen years back he went through by-pass surgery in Chennai. His admirers from South India, especially from the city of Madras served him day and night in those days, so also in 2004 when he was frequently admitted for treatment of eye-sight in famous Shankar Netralaya of Chennai. Hazrath Maulana Hafiz Qari Qasim Ansari, Imam and Khatib of Masjid Periamet was the prominent figure who always remained very close to Maulana during all those days. Haji Javed Salim, Shaikh Hamid Ali and his brothers, Malik Mohammed Hashim, T. Rafique Babuji, A. M. Ashraf and many citizens of Madras provided all kinds of services ceaselessly day and night. These people are well aware of Maulana’s Duas, prayers and other activities in the hours of crisis. Whenever he was admitted in any hospital, very special Duas by him were heard by those near to him.

It was his habit to raise the index finger of right hand whenever one-ness of The God Supreme was recited by him or the others. Many a times, if possible, on such occasions he used to raise his eyes towards the sky or towards the roof, and would recite a very special supplicate which is the title of this paper also.

Whenever admitted in hospitals, he was always very comfortable with his youngest son Abdul Majid and second grand son Saqib. His wife, when alive, accompanied him every where every time, may it be Mumbai, Madras or Delhi. But since last six years, his daughters and daughters in law used to be in his services regularly in turns. But he never took any physical service from them. Instead, his distant relative Mohammed Haroon along with Mohammed Dawood used to be with him day and night. His sons and grandsons also used to accompany him in the night by their turns.

Usually after taking dinner and finishing the night prayers, he used to go to washroom twice or thrice during the night, while his mornings used to start an hour before Fajr prayers. His sense of washing the body was so strong that he never liked the bed-pans at all.

He used to be served in the wee-hour with tea and snacks. After Fajr prayers and the recitation of the Holy Scripture or its listening, he used to take rest and go to sleep for 2 to 3 hours.

After the by-pass surgery in 1994, by the grace of Allah Almighty, there was no serious problem of any kind relating to his health. In 2001 after he lost his wife he became very eager to go to Umrah in Ramazan of 2003. His first grandson Sajid and his wife Safura accompanied him, so also his very close associate, Mr Shahid Husain of Lucknow who was very close to Hazrat Maulan Ali Miyan Sahib accompanied him for the Umrah.

From the childhood days Maulana Saheb used to study for long hours in late nights also, which resulted in serious problems for his eyes in years to come. Meanwhile he was operated twice for glaucoma in his eyes, so also for cataract. Dr Sudha Sutaria, the famous eye specialist and surgeon of Nagpur was taking care of his eyes since last forty years. She is also an admirer of Maulana and both respected each other as brother and sister.

He was suffering from acute glaucoma since many years and had lost vision in his left eye 15 years back. But he continued his studies with the other eye. During the Umrah of 2003, after 15 Rozas, while he was in Madinah, he complained about loss of sight in his right eye also. Many of his admirers related to medical profession attended to him and due to seriousness of the problem they arranged appointments with eye specialists of Jeddah, the port city of Saudi Arabia. But Maulana was not prepared to leave Madinah. Instead he insisted to go back to Makkah for performing Umrah.

In Makkah also, doctors were insisted upon him to go to Jeddah, but Mualana insisted to remain in Haram Sharif till Eid. Meanwhile with the consultation of eye specialists of Nagpur and Chennai, parallel arrangements were made in Shankar Netralaya Chennai where there were many of his admirers attached with eye hospitals.

After the prayers of Eid, he was rushed to India, but he wished to visit Nagpur for a day and then to go to Chennai. Meanwhile with each passing day the damage to the sight was increasing. He was then rushed to Chennai and many laser operations were performed in the presence of doctors even from Australia, Japan and other countries, but the will of Almighty was otherwise and his sight became totally damaged.

Really it was a great tragedy but he accepted the will of his Lord and managed himself accordingly. He always used to tell us to at least recite the Holy Qur'an before him and would manage to listen to it from all the family members who used to visit him either during day or night. He also would manage to come to office daily before noon.

In office also, he used to listen to the recitation of The Scripture by the staff and the visitors. In these four years he dictated four books in Urdu, out of which two have been published while the other two are in the press, the proof of which was listened by him already.

Due to heart ailment which caused burden on his kidneys and lungs in January 2006, he was admitted in the same Avanti Heart Care Centre. He was under the care of his admirer Dr Uday Mahurkar and a team of doctors. In those days his health worsened and many of his visitors from the city and from far corners of the country had lost hopes. He was put on ventilator for two weeks, which was so long a period that during which time usually recovery becomes very difficult.

Thus the hope was diminishing fast, to the extent that doctors told the family members that matter was only of a few hours. But quite strangely he recovered at the behest of The Lord Supreme and resumed all his activities once again. Meanwhile his admirer and famous cardiologist of the nation, Dr Khalilullah came from Delhi to visit him. He suggested very strongly to insert a pace maker immediately. He took Maulana with him to Delhi. After the installation of the pace maker, Maulana started feeling much comfortable.

During next one and half years, there was no major problem that he faced. The hospital of his friend Dr Fazal is very near to his residence, and Dr Fazal always remained present with him during all his treatments, whether at Nagpur or at any other centre in the country. Dr Fazal is one of the senior most surgeon of the city. He had kept a room for Maulana in his hospital. Whenever Maulana felt to have a change, he used to stay in that room for a day or two. Staff of the hospital knew all types of problems which Maulana had, and would always try to nurse him. Maulana always use to feel comfortable there, and whenever he wished he would return back to his residence also.

This time, a week before the final day when he left this eternal world, he complained about breathing and Dr Fazal admitted him in his hospital and put him on oxygen for an hour which was provided him great relief. Here also his insistence to go to wash-room every time was causing exertion, but all of us were helpless as he never liked bad-pan etc. The only alternative was to increase dose of oxygen and other necessary drugs. Maulana in light moments always use to call Dr Fazal as his Messiah also. For this lovely and affectionate relation, there were two major reasons. Firstly, Dr Fazal is of same age as that of Maulana, and was treating him since last forty years. Secondly, both the families have very cordial relations also. Dr Fazal is not only a family doctor but enjoys elderly respect in Parekh family.

As usual, the duties of his son Abdul Majid and Saqib increased. From Saqib, he used to listen the recitation of The Holy Qur'an very intensely and often they both used to discuss many verses of the Holy Scripture also. On Sunday 9th September evening at about 5, his son A. Ghafoor visited Maulana with his wife. In their presence, the Maulana complained about pain and discomfort in chest. Dr Fazal and the staff attended to him immediately, but the monitors showed normal functioning of heart and other vital organs as well.

He was administered tranquilizers which provided him comfort, and Doctor Fazal remained in the room till he went to sleep after finishing Maghrib prayers. At 9 p.m. Doctor Fazal left the room. At 11 p.m. Maulana woke up had some supper and performed Isha prayers. The night passed comfortably with family members with him during entire night in the room.

It was decided among the Doctor and all the sons to take him to Dr Mahurkar for further check up and to find out the cause. In the morning, schedule of Maulana began as usual with Fajr prayers and listening The Qur'an. At 9 a.m. he took little breakfast and insisted for a bath.

At 11 a.m. doctors attending to him found nothing serious. Still according to the plan, shifting arrangements were in progress. At 1 pm once again he had chest pain and sweating, but by the time the ambulance came, he again started feeling a bit relaxed.

In ambulance A. Majid and Saqib were accompanying him. During all such moments, as usual, he was reciting Tawheed verses and verses related to death. Against other books, death, which is the reality, is intensely discussed in The Qur'an. Dr Fazal and other family members were following the ambulance in other vehicles.

As Saqib and A. Majid narrated, very strangely with full command, Maulana recited a part of verse 2/133 and asked a question to Saqib who was holding his hand. According to Saqib, he never asked such question on any other critical moments ever earlier. Saqib replied to him from the same verse and he was very much satisfied by the reply. Although Saqib and Majid became very anxious and disturbed, there was no time for them to convey the incident to others. Even if it was conveyed, no one could have done anything.

Actually in the said verse, Prophet Yaqoob asks his sons during his last moment that to whom they will worship after his departure from the world. The sons replied that they will worship the One and Only God, God of their forefathers Prophets Ismail, Ishaq and Ibrahim. After hearing the answer from Saqib, Maulana expressed a sigh of relief.

In Avanti Hospital, all the arrangements were made as Dr Fazal had already instructed to them for the same. Even Dr Mahurkar was personally present to receive Maulana, and he was admitted in the ICCU. Once again after all the tests, vital organs were found functioning normally and nothing was found to be serious. All the Sons and other family members along with friends were at his besides in the hospital till 10.30 pm. Maulana was stable, and he had light supper and performed all the prayers on time.

Before 11 pm that day, he asked A. Majid to recite the last Ruku of Chapter 6 and asked Saqib to recite first Ruku of Chapter 7. At 11 pm, Dr Fazal visited the hospital and Maulana had a good talk with him and asked him as to why he came in late hours without driver. After about half an hour, when Dr Fazal wanted to leave, Hazrat Maulana insisted Majid to accompany him up to his residence. Dr Fazal accepted the offer however finally went alone. After spending up to few minutes outside, Majid again returned and did his duty whole night with his elder sister and Haroon. Maulana went to sleep by then after reciting many verses of Holy Scripture and reciting many duas.

After midnight at about 2 am he complained about pains in his back and asked Majid and others to let him sit on the bed and to do light massage on his back. He was feeling uncomfortable with pains, however all the monitors were showing normal heart beats, blood pressure, kidney and lungs functions.

At around 2.30 am, he recite a dua in his mother tongue Kuchchi Gujarati that “O my Lord, I am in trouble and no one else can help me except YOU.” Then he told those present to put him in sleeping position. Once again he recited the verses of Holy Quran.

However due to discomfort he kept moving his hands, and since there were drips in both the hands, Haroon and Majid held his hands lightly. Suddenly with full senses he made an oral will for Haroon not to leave the duty after him and insisted Majid to let him continue after him.

Now he recited loudly with full consciousness the last two verses of chapter 17 which are as under.

Say: “Call Him ALLAH, (The God) or Ar-Rahman - (The Most Gracious): by whichever attribute you invoke HIM, all the beautiful attributions of perfection belong to HIM. And be not too loud in your prayers nor too low a voice, but follow a middle way. And proclaim: All praise is due to ALLAH, who begets no offspring, and has no partner in HIS dominion, and has no weakness and therefore no need of any help, and extol HIS Limitless Glory and Greatness.”

Then in clear voice, three times he extolled the Glory and Greatness of Allah, The Supreme in these words.

Then with full consciousness he recited the last 3 verses of chapter 59

“Almighty GOD is HE, other than HIM there is no deity at all! The ONE who knows all that which is beyond the reach of a created being’s perception. And HE knows all that can be witnessed by a creature’s senses or mind. HE is the Most Gracious, The Dispenser of all kind of Grace.”
“Almighty GOD is HE, other than HIM there is no deity at all! The Sovereign Supreme, The Holy, The Blessed, The Omnipotent, The Invincible, The ONE with whom all salvations rest, The Provider of safety, The ONE who determines what is true and false, The Almighty, the ONE who subdues wrong and restores right, The ONE to whom all Greatness belongs! Utterly remote is ALLAH in HIS Infinite Glory, from anything to which men may ascribe a share in HIS Divinity!”
“HE is ALLAH, the Creator, the Inventor, the Maker who shapes all forms and appearances! HIS Alone are the attributes of perfection. All that is in the heavens and on earth, extols HIS Unique Glory: HE Alone is Almighty, Most Wise, Most Astute, Most Judicious!”

It was 3.30 am when the fateful moment came and his grip on the hands of Haroon and Majid loosened. Majid raised his eyes to the monitors and found that breathing, RR was showing zero.

“Verily, unto The God Supreme do we belong, and verily, unto HIM we shall return.”

Doctor Mahurkar and others rushed and started the usual things they do in such cases like artificial breathing and heart pumping, but nothing was of any use as the Supreme Order was passed on the Maulana. At 4.15, the doctors declared him as no more.