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Muharram Message

“WE inspired you O Muhammad (PBUH) ‘Follow the doctrine of Ibrahim…….” (16/123)

(Chapter 16 Verse 123)Arabic Text

For the followers of Great Prophet Ibrahim’s Doctrine,
First month of lunar calendar has great relevance.
People suffering from tyranny as suffered by Bani-Israel
From Pharaoh and his people, miraculously saved by
The Almighty ALLAH, The One and Only GOD of
Prophets: Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (PBUT)

And the Only GOD of we all and the whole universe.

The directions given to Bani-Israel by The LORD through Prophet Moses
Narrated in verse 128 of chapter 7 of The Final Testament, Holy Qur’an
Has the important message for all the oppressed people of the world

“Moses said to Bani-Israel (when they cried out with the tyranny of oppressors):
Seek help in ALLAH, and have patience in adversity……”

And if followed like that, the same GOD can miraculously destroy their tyrant enemies And relieve them from the bondage (as narrated in 7/137).

“Bani-Israel who had been deemed abysmally low, and treated inhumanly
WE gave them heritage of the east and west of the land which WE blessed.
And thus your LORD’s beautiful promises were bestowed fully
On Bani-Israel in the result of their patience in adversities;
And WE utterly destroyed Pharaoh and his people’s might and their erections.”

(Chapter 7 Verse 137)Arabic Text

Imam Bukhari mentioned a narration from Ab-Muammar in his Saheeh, in chapter of Fastings:

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) asked the Jews for their fast on 10th day of the first month of lunar calendar: “What kind of fast is this”! They replied: “On this day, Almighty GOD rescued Prophet Moses and Bani-Israel from the tyrant Pharaoh and his people, so Prophet Moses used to observe fast on this day.” Allah’s Last Messenger said that I am nearer to Moses than you. Then he also observed fast and told us to keep fast for 2 days on this occasion.