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Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh expired in the wee-hours of 11th September, 2007.

“Verily, unto The God Supreme do we belong, and verily, unto HIM we shall return.”


In December 2006, he dictated a will for his heirs and family members containing gems of useful advices, recommendations and instructions. Maulana had a large family and number of admirers, not only in the country, but around the globe. Strong suggestions poured in that gist of his Will be made public for the benefit of people in general and for his admirers in particular after excluding family, personal and business matters. We hope that the following gist of his will would prove beneficial for his admirers, so also for the society we live in, who will appreciate it. The Gist of the Will reads as under.


I begin with the Glorious Name of Allah Who is The Creator, The Owner, The Designer of the heavens and earth and the whole universe. Who is One and Only One, The Most Eternal, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. I was born in the year 1928 in a village of Kanseoni District Akola in Maharashtra State. My father named me Abdul Karim. Originally we belonged to Memon family of Vertiya village of Jamnagar District of Kathiawad, Gujarat. My father came to Nagpur from Gujarat for livelihood in or about the year 1920. I passed 78 years of my life provided by my Sustainer on this earth under HIS Mercy and Bounty and now wish to dictate this WILL.


Throughout these years, my Lord bestowed on me innumerable bounties. Its counting is impossible, and to put them in writing on paper, even ink of seven oceans will prove insufficient. HIS bounties also include children.

Five years back, my wife Amina expired. May The Lord provide her salvation, and to me also, and make us once again life-partners in the everlasting life in heaven. Our Lord bestowed on us four sons and five daughters. My parents also passed away during my life time, so these nine persons are my only heirs alive till this date.

All my children are matured, married and well settled in their lives. My Sustainer provided me out of His Bounties financial status also. Actually the wealth belongs to the Original Owner Who is The GOD Almighty and all Alone. The Lord is the Owner of all the wealth of the Universe. Out of it He makes His slaves a kind of trustee of that material and wealth according to His wish. And when the slave passes away from this world, the wealth actually goes back to the Original Owner. Now The Lord wants to make new trustees from amongst the family of the deceased. HE wants the material and the wealth to be distributed among them according to HIS Instructions which He has already revealed, in His Last and Final Testament, The Qur'an, very explicitly.


The duty of the distribution of heritage is laid down by The Lord on the heirs, such as the duty of performing the last rites of the deceased executor of Will. If any discrepancy is created in the distribution, the heirs will be held guilty for that, and not the deceased. GOD also authorized the deceased to make will, if he feels fit for those who do not fall in the line of his heirs. Simply, heirs mean the parents, the spouse and the children. In the cases where there is no direct line of heirs, there are instructions in The Qur'an to distribute it in other close relatives. But in my case, I am having children.


It is the duty of the heirs to first of all, comply with the diction of the Will of the deceased. Another important duty of heirs is to repay all the debts and dues of the deceased, if any. Then only, the remaining properties, wealth and valuables should be distributed among the heirs properly as per the instructions in The Qur'an.


Now, I very firmly make Will to my heirs in strong words as under:

Do not associate anyone in the Sovereignty of God Almighty. To associate anyone, or to treat anyone or anything parallel to Him is a great and unpardonable sin. You all know well the Holy Scripture, hence do not invoke, worship, call for help and make duas to any one on the earth or in heaven. Allah is Almighty and All Powerful to provide you all your needs. So do not fear anyone except Him. HE remains well aware of all the needs of all His creatures of heavens and earth and in between the two. HE is very near to all His creatures. There is no need to take the recourse to any source in invoking Him. There is no need for anyone to make any recommendation before Him. HE never needs recommendations. No one of the heaven, nor from earth can harm you. No one can provide you shelter except The Lord, The Eternal and The Most Powerful. HE is The Omnipresent, The Omnipotent, The Omniscient.

In your duties towards your Creator, perform five times prayers, charities, fast of Ramazan and Hajj. Remain ever careful and perform them all on their time.

You have the duties towards your spouse, children, relatives, neighbors, orphans, widows and have-nots of the society you live in. Unfortunately India has multitude of it. Be careful ever and help them monetarily as well as morally, only to seek pleasure of your Lord and His reward in hereafter.

Make best efforts to live an honest life. Try to be away from dishonesty, immorality, obscenity, arrogancy, treachery, disloyalty, pride and all type of such contrary to reason acts. Give priority to the high values laid down by The Holy Book regarding humanity and its high values.

Never forget to recite The Holy Qur'an daily. You have to induct this Divine Book into minds, heart and soul of your coming generation. Whenever you will ignore this Book, you will not get any value in the world, and you will have to face problems before your Lord when you will stand before HIM on the fateful Day.

Do not try to search the guidance any where else then The Qur'an. This is the Book revealed for the guidance of the entire humanity. If you ever ignore it and try to search the guidance elsewhere, then according to one of the sayings of the Prophet (s.a.w.s), GOD will let you go astray.

In my readings, the very first book of Hadis is Mautta Imam Malik. Try to keep it in your studies always.

Distribute among yourselves my left-overs, my heritage according to the directions in the Holy Book which you all know well. No need to ask anyone as this has been stated by The Almighty in His Book. Matters directly related to our eternal life are mentioned explicitly in The Holy Book itself.

Do not make unnecessary delay in distribution. Do not forget poor relatives of near and far, orphans, widows and needies. It is also the injunction of The Qur'an.

My personal belongings like clothes, watches, shoes etc should be distributed among poor people.

Shares of heirs are destined by The Lord Himself in the Qur'an, so follow it.

(From here matters related to family members only hence not mentioned.)

As your mother expired five years back, and may God provide you good and long life, you four brothers and five sisters are my only heirs. According to the Holy Book, there will be 13 shares. Every sister will get one each and every brother two each. By the Grace of my Creator, I am not indebted to anyone.

I don’t have craving for costly items like jewelry, gold and silver, which I never ever used any time.

I have my collection of books as well as my publications. I have already gifted it to my elder son A. Ghafoor as he has more interest in it than other children. I made him responsible to take care of my books. I made him responsible to take care of my compilations whether in the form of books, cassettes, CDs etc. He is entitled for its distribution and reprint as he may find necessary.

I have never accepted any royalty on any of my writings, books, publications and public discourses. I request you also not to earn any monetary gain on its republications ever.

Keep your hearts open for charities and never discriminate the humanity on the ground of gender, cast, color or religion in helping them.

(Personal and private things mentioned here is not reproduced.)

I strongly instruct you not to construct any monument on my grave. It is your duty to prevent any kind of Shirk on it.

It is one of the bounties of my RABB that He provided me the place to worship Him. I call it Musallah, the prayer mat. At this place ladies of my family use to come for joint prayers of Friday, both the Eids and also for Traweeh. You have to take care of the prayers to One and Eternal GOD. It is not necessary to keep that place only. You may change the place according to your convenience but the intention behind it must be taken care of. Ladies of our family may take part in joint prayers, of course, in their separate place respectfully. We have to take care of our ladies, and respectfully arrange for their joint prayers. They do not have such facilities elsewhere.

I have a dream of running an academy on modern lines dedicated for the Simple Heavenly Message of the Holy Book. The continuance of the easy way of learning its language, scientific research on its heavenly verses, is my dream. I don’t know whether it will be realized in my life time. After the loss of eye-sight, it seems a distant dream. I hope you and my friends will do something on the line of such an academy.

There is a burning problem of girl’s education. Now they are talking about sex education in school. I am frightened with such news. It is my wish to move in the direction of girl’s school from KG level to all kind of college education under the administration of ladies only from the beginning till last. I wish there would be a Women’s University in the country. It will be a historic work if it could be achieved. You and my friends may think on this line. In present circumstances this would be a great work, one can hope for reward from Allah.

Now in the conclusion, I don’t know where my last moment will come.

The Qur'an says in 31/34:



“…. No one knows on what land he will die …”


If it is far from Nagpur, try to burry me there only. If it is in my city, try to do it sooner. Unnecessary delay is unhealthy custom. There is no use to wait for the relatives. Be ever polite with relatives, needies, widows and have-nots. Be courteous to my friends, whom I always respected. Pay them the due respect ever. Many a things are there to say but I conclude it here, in December 2006, and wish to state that my earlier will, if any, will become void and replaced by this.



Three days before his heavenly abode, the Maulana talked at length with his nephew and son in law A. Wahab Parekh about his services towards the Book of Allah. Mr A. Wahab enjoyed his love and trust. He told him to take care of the mission of conveying the Holy Qur'an to the masses and to remain in touch with all his colleagues in this work. Mr A. Wahab also delivers Darse Qur'an. His style was very much liked by Maulana.

Lastly Mr A. Wahab delivered a Dars of Chapter 80 in the same Jama Masjid in which Maulana was delivering the Darses since last fifty years. Maulana told him to recite the same chapter and make his own translation. On verse number 23, Maulana became very sentimental and told that he also could not do much in spreading the Message of the Qur'an to the masses. He expressed his dissatisfaction on cold response of the masses to the Holy Qur'an. To Mr A. Wahab also, he told to take care of his friends and colleagues with due respect, and motivate them to spread the message of the Holy Book among the masses.