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Approach - When Hurt By Someone
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May Peace and Blessings of our CREATOR be upon all.

When passions run high, when somebody might use abusive language against us, when someone dear or near to us hurts more, when someone is behaving abnormal with us, what should be our response, our attitude, our approach?

Let us ask our CREATOR Who had provided us clear guidance in HIS Book revealed 14 hundred years ago, originally in Arabic, we are mentioning its English translation here. Let us take first the Verse 34 Chapter 41:

"Since good and evil, positive and negative cannot be equal,
so repel the evil with something that is better - and notice how
someone who is having enmity will become close friend!"

(From Holy Qur'an 41/34)

And Dear Friend, do you think it is an easy job? See what our LORD says further in the very next Verse!

"Yet none is granted this quality except those who use to be
patient in adversity and none is granted this except
the big courageous people".

(From Holy Qur'an 41/35)

So Dear, be patient when someone makes you angry and don't react in the same manner. Forgive those who treated you badly in anticipation of Forgiveness of your LORD to your sins and excesses on The Day of Judgement.