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Now it must be very clear that who deserves the charities and its sequence of preference. By relation and by location, one who is nearer to us physically, emotionally and by blood relations, is of course, more eligible. Now many other questions crop up. For example, we know that at many places in the Holy Qur'an, our RABB commands us to take care of orphans, but the color, cast, creed, gender, family, tribe, nation, religion of orphan is described no where! In my opinion, he/she may be the child of my enemy, but I have to do good to them as they fall in the category of orphans. You know well that The Holy Book in such matters does not discriminate. So where arises the question of religion of the orphan?

It is time to ponder what is our relation with every other person of the world. At the very first instant, he/she is the off-spring of the first Father Adam and Mother Eve. By this relation he is my brother/sister in humanity. Please refer the Qur’an, Chapter 4, Verse 1:

"O mankind, be conscious of your RABB who has created you out of one single living cell and out of it created its pair, and spread by this single pair, multitude of men and women ... be conscious of the blood relations ..."


No other relations, no treaties, no nationalities, no differences of religion can over take Blood Ties. One can understand it very well by an example. If a person embraces Islam, his sister, still being Kafirah, will remain his sister for ever. Nothing can come in between. So religion does not overtake blood relations. I can find more than 10 verses as a proof for this point. All are not mentioned here for the sake of conciseness.

So every next human regardless of caste, creed, color, language, nation, region, tribe, religion etc is my own relative in one way or the other. The Qur'an and The Ahadees do not discriminate the humanity on any such lines. The later day religious bigots reated this division of Muslims and Non-Muslims in matter of charities which had greatly hampered the Da’wah works. Now the Muslims mostly are jealous, partial and prejudiced in their treatment to others. Throughout the globe, Muslims do not perform charitable works for the general people. In plural societies, even though they are multi millionaire, they happen to be at the receiving end. In India, every charitable hospital established by Sindhis, Gujaratis or Marwaris are full of veiled (Burqa-clad) women. We do not find the names of Muslims in the donors list. Many hospitals in south India are run by different Shankar Acharyas and Muslims are benefited without any discrimination. It is today's Muslim, the most acquisitive person on this earth eating upon the resources of others like a parasite, at the same times almost useless for other communities. Then there are religious leaders extracting all the donor's money for the sake of gates of their religious institutions costing hundreds of thousand Rupees or Masjid costing millions of rupees, leaving no room for Muslims to donate in such human institutions or do some charitable works which may present a "humane" picture of Islam to others. Aga Khan and the others like Eidhi are perhaps the only names in the world we find whose charitable institutions are for the humanity at large!

There is one item underlined in the translation of the very first fundamental verse which is mentioned at the beginning: "..... whose hearts are to be won over ...." We make actions by which our religious institutions creat rift and spread hatred among our various religious off shoots of the community! And we do not make hospitals so that other communities may come closer to Islam and we can win their hearts. Then the biased religious leaders restrict us to give charity to Non-Muslims as they do not treat them as humans.

Utilization of Zakah funds and its beneficiaries need to be discussed in the light of Heavenly Revelation. Its collection or distribution may be collective or individual. But it is obligatory (Farz) on a person and he will be also answerable in the (Akhirah) hereafter for its misuse. Lastly, please note that such funds should not go to those people who are liability on the person paying Zakah. Parents, spouses, children have their "rights" on the person who takes care of them. For such relatives, one should do whatever best he can from his own. Zakah and other such funds should go to those who do not have any "right" on the donor.

We should also know one more important thing which is also called charity in the Holy Book. One may see it in Chapter 2, Verse 219:

"... (to forgive and make pardon to people on their faults or) whatever you can spare.."

So one should mind his own business and do charity to the Children of Father Adam and Mother Eve. By this way, our RABB will be pleased with us and may HE grant Maghfirah for all our errors and omissions. Aameen....

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