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Without moral bindings, ethical bonds, social norms are vanishing
Humanity wants to live like unsocial creatures
Want to enjoy the life without accepting social responsibilities
demand to legalize debauchery, marriage less pairs fatherless children

now it is the moral duty of People of Book like, Jews, Christians, Muslims & all
to let human know the heavenly commands of the Owner of universe
Who warns them of heavenly chastisement
That happened with Great civilizations of the past
Although were super powers of their times

The Savior of Humanity,

Jesus Son of Blessed Mary
And the Last Prophet
Mohammed (s.a.w.s)
Warned the immoral sinners of humanity
By The Heavenly Scripture, reminding them of accountability in front of The LORD
On The Final Day of Judgment.

After Six Centuries of Jesus, his Early Disciples acknowledged by
Almighty GOD in these words in the Holy Qur’an

“…. On the same footprints of earlier messengers, WE sent Jesus, The Son of Blessed Mary as OUR Messenger, upon whom WE Bestowed The Gospel; And In the hearts of those who truly followed him, WE engendered compassion and mercy….”
(Holy Qur’an 57/27)

And the Muslims have been given the model to follow in these Words

“O Muslims! Be helpers in The Cause of ALLAH as Jesus, Son of Blessed Mary made a call to The Disciples:
"Who will be my helper in The Cause of GOD Almighty?"
The Disciples responded: "We shall be helpers in The Cause of GOD Almighty…..”
(Holy Qur’an 61/14)


Let us search out ways to save humanity from being

Inhuman unsocial, free from all moral bindings
To avoid the wrath of NATURE The Supreme

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year


A .G. Parekh