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I am indebted to YOU for granting my Nation Independence on this day in 1947
I am grateful to YOU for granting my countrymen wisdom to provide a balanced constitution
I am grateful to YOU for granting me my full civil rights in the Country
I am grateful to YOU for making this Country as my motherland
I am grateful to YOU for feeding, nourishing and sustaining me
From the soil, rivers, air and ambiance of my Nation

I am grateful to YOU for providing me the intellect to value the valuables
O GOD, provide me courage to be grateful, thankful and obliged for

The Nation where YOU gave me birth
And provided sustenance for my survival

I hope I will get the soil of my Country for my grave also
As YOU said in YOUR Final Testament, The Qur'an 20/55

“Out of this earth have WE created you, and into it shall WE return you,
and out of it shall WE bring you forth once again for accounts.”

I also know my LORD, YOUR Messenger, Prophet Mohammed quoted as:.

“One who could not be thankful to mankind, can never be thankful to Allah.”

I take it as to be beneficial to my other fellow-beings
I should keep in my behavior and attitude, tranquility, serenity and peacefulness
To let survive the country and its citizens in harmony and peace
And try for elimination of corruption, lawless-ness, riots, obscenity
and all kind of Sinful activities from my country