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The whole story about tobacco started 15 years back from Saudia. Their grand Mufti declared tobacco as ‘Haraam’. However, centuries ago, Shia Muftis had declared tobacco along with many other things as ‘Haraam’ by their own logics. They treat tobacco as an intoxicant. Let me firstly mention here the logic of Saudi Mufti, which is different than Shia Muftis in regard with declaring tobacco as ‘Haraam’. But very first of all, I should mention here the fundamental Ayat which deals with all kind of Haraam (sinful) and Halaal (lawful).

"Do not use your tongues in declaring by your own discretions “This is Halaal and this is Haraam”. This will be your fabrication of lie on ALLAH. Verily those who attribute their own lying inventions to ALLAH will never attain success.”

The above quoted Ayat strictly warns every one not to use their tongue in declaring anything ‘Haraam or Halaal’ by their own selves. To declare a thing as ‘Haraam or Halaal’ is totally a domain of ALLAH and HIS Rasool (S.A.W.S).

Another Ayat warning about our response on such matters is…

"Ask them: (O Prophet P.B.U.H.) Who is there to make ‘Haraam’ the décor/adornment/beauties/amenities which ALLAH has produced for HIS creatures, and the good things from HIS provisions?........."

Yet another references from The Divine Writ of ALLAH, it is chapter 5, verses 87-88:

"O you who have attained to faith, do not deprive yourselves of the good things of life (‘Haraam’) which ALLAH has made lawful (‘Halaal’) to you, do not transgress the bounds of what is right: Verily ALLAH does not love those who transgress the bounds of what is right. So partake of the lawful good things (‘Halaal’) which ALLAH grants you as sustenance, and be conscious of ALLAH in whom you believe."