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Unhealthy Unusual Habits Against Nature
It is fairly well known that I am neither a scholar nor any religious authority to issue edits. Nor do I represent any ideological group or community. I am here as a member of the human race and would like to present my views as a human being on homosexuality, lesbianism, or any other such practice against the norms of nature.

All of us need to derive inspiration from Nature, the Supreme which has created every living being into pairs, consisting of a male and a female. The Holy Qur'an says: Wa min kulli shayinn khalaqana zaujaini la’allakum tazkarun. “And WE have created everything in pairs of male and female. There are lessons for the mankind in this.”

It is now fairly known that all the living creatures have males and females. Their coming together alone ensures reproduction and carries the guarantee of the continuity of not only human race, but even the production of food. Even flowers, fruit, trees and plants have males and females. All practices in agriculture and horticulture take due cognizance of this aspect. Unless this sexual balance is maintained among plants and crops, the agricultural productivity would decline leading to food scarcity for the humanity on this earth. So the Nature does not brook any interference in this balance. Only a healthy relationship between males and females produces life, promotes it and preserves it for continuation of humanity and other organism.

There should be reasonable perimeters within which the human desires should operate. They cannot have a free reign. One could desire to rob someone, or may even desire to put off his or her clothes. Someone else may demand freedom for corruption and legal status for it. Obviously, such desires cannot be allowed to be fulfilled for the greater interest and safety of the human beings. But when such unreasonable desires demand a social and legal space for themselves, the scholars and the wise men need sit up and step in and explain the pros and cons of pursuit of unbridled desires. They would obviously have the benefit of hindsight of history to inform the people of the consequences of the nations and tribes of the past who were doomed because they acted according to their whims and fancies, those who were drowned, those who were devoured by the earth and those who were blotted out of existence. In the final analysis, those who go against the Nature are destroyed by the Nature. Such people who defy Nature and violate the laws of Nature survive till there are people who counsel them about treading the path of virtues and righteousness. Once these reformers or writers are ignored or rendered ineffective, the Nature administers its own cures. The ruins of doomed dynasties and volcano-singed habitations across the world bear the tell-tale testimony of the Nature’s fury against the violators.

I consider homosexuality and all its variants unnatural and totally violation of the spirit of Nature and therefore condemn all such acts and practices. Some people might like these unnatural acts. I have no authority to restrain them from these. But I do have the freedom to express my opinion to declare it unnatural and condemn it.

Moreover, the back bone of humanity is the family. Any family comes out of a mother and a father. All the human relations like father, mother, grannies, uncles, aunts, in-laws come out of marriage between a male and a female. One who wants to destroy it, I feel him or her foe of the humanity itself.

The gays and lesbians in the West have been talking about right to marriage for all such couples. I wonder why they need such laws when such communions do not result in any biological product such as children. And why unnecessarily risk division of properties in case of ‘dissolution’ of these marriages or inheritance in the event of death of one partner!

Several countries in Europe and America have destigmatised such relationships and few countries of the West have accorded them legal status. Europe has been in the vanguard of civilization for the last three centuries. No doubt, Europe’s contribution to free the world from shibboleths and slavery has been remarkable. But it is one thing to fight for freedom of speech and thought and quite another to allow people to practice unnatural acts and obscenities. Let us admit the fact that Europe has exceeded the limit of decency in bestowing liberties on its people in this regard. Perhaps Europe needs to learn a lot from India which has treaded a path of modesty in public behavior while giving people the reasonable freedom to operate with their beliefs and practices.

I conclude this discussion with the prayer that our Creator may guide us towards the path of righteousness and restrain us from the unnatural acts.

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