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Study Tour of Mrs. Shaheena Khatib
May/June 2005



Ironically religion since ages has been a point of conflict and confrontation among communities and nations in the world. Much blood has been shed in the name of ‘holy wars’. However, in the modern era we observe that although only a few religions thrive in the world but they are subdivided into numerous faiths often having bitter differences. The Final Testament, the Holy Qur’an guides the humanity how to develop an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence in spite of all such differences and co-operate one another for the common good of the society.

“….. And co-operate one another in virtue and piety based activities and do not cooperate in evil, enmity and envy based activities…”

(From Holy Qur'an 5/2)

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If this golden formula is adopted by all, there will be a prosperous, peaceful, hatred free and terror free world where-in every body will be treated first as the son or daughter of Adam, the father of humanity. It is no use to say that others do not follow this ideal code of conduct. For, it is binding on me to be just in all my dealings and act according to the Command of the Lord of the Universe and the directions given by Prophet Mohammed. A saying of the Prophet, quoted in Al-Tarmazi under the title ‘The Piety’ narrated by Huzaifa’ is mentioned here:

“As narrated by Huzaifa, he said, “Prophet of Allah said, O my people, don’t go to the extreme that you think, if people will do good to us, we will also do good to them, and if people do wrong to us, we will also do wrong to them. Instead you prepare yourselves to do good with all human beings irrespective of what they do with you, good or bad.”

Confirming to the tradition, the following verse of the Qur’an also warns the believers.

“O Muslims! Be persistently standing firm on just and fair for the sake of ALLAH, and never let enmity of any community or nation lead you to the extent of sinning to be unjust and biased. To be just is near to piety and GOD consciousness …”

(From Holy Qur'an 5/8)

Want to see or listen the original text please click hereOriginal Text from QUR'AN

Therefore I wish, we all should follow the above Commandments in letter and spirit. It will go long way in creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and peace on the earth. And more so, in Muslim world where various groups or sects are having big gulf, can be narrowed.