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Study Tour of Mrs. Shaheena Khatib
May/June 2005


‘Muslim’ is a Qur’anic term which stands for total submission to the will of the Creator. It has nothing to do with the nationality, caste, creed, color or gender of a person. The Holy Qur’an describes the basic qualities of a Muslim in the following terms:

“And who could be better in religion than one who submits his whole being to The One and Only GOD, and acts kindly, and follows the doctrine of Abraham! And ALLAH took Abraham as a friend.”

(From Holy Qur'an 5/48)

According to the Holy Qur’an, a person, no matter whether he is born to Muslim parents or not should prove his fidelity by his conscious submission to the One and Only GOD, by leading a virtuous life, with positive attitude and his appreciation of all that is good. He should strive for the upliftment of the society socially, economically and politically against all odds. He must not be a hypocrite in his public or private life. He must be cautions enough to pay what he receives from others.

As regards theology, he must adhere to the doctrine of Abraham, the monotheist as narrated in the Heavenly Scriptures. He must act in according with the laws of the Testaments in the light of the traditions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Holy Qur’an clearly spells out the primary bond of relationship between man and man based on common parentage of Adam and Eve.

I wish to quote here a verse from the Holy Qur’an often repeated in Friday sermon through out the world. This verse contains a fundamental message. A Muslim should pass his coming week under these injunctions and refresh it every week.

“Almighty GOD enjoins you to be just and impartial, and to do benevolence and kindness to all, and to fulfill the duties towards all fellow-men. And ALLAH forbids you all that is shameful, and all that runs counter to reason, as well as envy. HE exhorts you repeatedly, so that you might bear all this in mind.”

(From Holy Qur'an 2/177)

So it is obvious that all the Muslims throughout the world, must bring themselves close to this ultimate guidelines provided in the Holy Qur’an and follow it in its true spirit, so that they can contribute to the welfare of the humanity as they did in the past.